Chicken Pox – The Real Story of the Varicella Vaccine

Chicken Pox

Chickenpox is caused by the varicella zoster virus, which is a member of the herpesvirus family and is associated with herpes zoster (shingles) –

Approximately 100 people “died of the chicken pox” each year, before the chicken pox vaccine was created.  Half of these people were children, and half were adults.  However, all of these 100 people could have died from any infection, because they were already suffering from disease and immune dysfunction, on steroids or chemotherapy.  

Between March 1995 and July 1998, the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) received 6, 574 reports of health problems after chickenpox vaccination.  About four percent of cases (about 1 in 33,000 doses) were serious including shock, encephalitis, thrombocytopenia (blood disorder) and 14 deaths.  –

This equals about 88 serious health issues per year, which may have caused permanent life-long damage, and about 5 deaths per year in children considered to be healthy (it was standard protocol back then to not administer vaccines to a sick child).  Beyond this rudimentary comparison, or cost/benefit, you will see why the chicken pox vaccine is not only ineffective, but is causing more disease in our communities, and costing us incredibly more in health costs. Their marketing sounded good, but has been completely disproven by reality.

The chicken pox vaccine was actually not marketed as a life-saving vaccine.  It was marketed as a money-saver – the marketing campaign argued that if children were vaccinated, and continued to receive their chicken pox booster shots, that they would not contract chicken pox, and save parents and companies money, as the parents would not have to miss work to stay home caring for a sick child.  I find it very interesting that it was not marketed as a life-saving vaccine, don’t you?  First, that is because all people knew that chicken pox was not a fatal illness, so if they had attempted to market the vaccine as life-saving, it would have made no sense to the public and the chicken pox vaccine uptake would have been very low.  Working doctors used to laugh at the marketing campaign saying “this vaccine will never take off nor be mandated.”  So how did it become standard practice to vaccinate children for chicken pox?

Gary Goldman, is a research scientist, was employed in 1995 by the Los Angelos County Department of Health Services, for a cooperative project with the CDC.  He and his team surveyed the effects of the chicken pox vaccine in the Antelope Valley population of roughly 300,000 people.  This was one of a three ‘sites’ where the vaccine was being ‘trialed’ at that time.  

“We actively obtained reports of chicken pox from schools, hospitals, etc.  At first we were only monitoring chicken pox, but school nurses began saying that they were seeing cases of shingles in the schoolchildren.  Just before our grant was renewed in 2000 (5 yeras later) – we adjusted our proposal to add both shingles and chicken pox to the monitoring.  I found abnormal rates of shingles in children who weren’t vaccinated and adult reports of shingles were increasing significantly as well.  We should have been monitoring both diseases from the beginning.” – Gary Goldman

Shingles is a secondary disease.  A body can reactiveate the same virus as shingles, normally on one side of the body.  Normally, older adults get shingles many many years after their chicken pox they experienced as children.  Adults continue to be “boosted” year by year by cases of child chicken pox in their community/family and friends.  The booster, or exposure to the virus, reminds the body/immune system that the adult that they’ve had chicken pox and the body fortifies the immunity to chicken pox (and shingles) again.  When immunity in adults wanes – from decrease in exposure to chidlren with chicken pox, they may experience the secondary disease – shingles.  

As the vaccine became more widespread, and 50% of people younger than 10 years old had been vaccinated – the immune boosting/fortification resulting from natural chicken pox exposure from children in the community decreased becuase of the vaccination, so the children who’d had chicken pox were no longer receiving exogenous or outside exposures, so some were ‘reactivatin’g with the secondary disease – shingles.  Vaccinated children also reactivated with shingles, but less than those who didn’t receive the vaccine.  When one is vaccinated, they’ve received a recent boost/exposure, so they’re less likely to reactive with shingles.  Children who have received the chicken pox vaccine also sometimes contract chicken pox anyway, even when they received all of the booster shots!  The vaccine doesn’t work, as this mother describes (minute 11:00).   

When it came to shingles rates, the CDC and my local supervisors did not want me to investigate the shingles aspect, becuase it was considered a negative effect of vaccines.  I wanted to be an honest resaercher and look into all avenues, so i heard what they said, but i still kept an ative study of the data coming to try to explain why shingles was increasing, and i found a study from 1965 from Hope Simpson, where he sugggested that rates of shingles in different age groups were due to associations with children with chicken pox.  Adults with children had lower rates of shingles compared with adults who weren’t around children with chicken pox. ” – Gary Goldman

Shingles costs far more for medical costs of chicken pox, and when you eliminate natural chicken pox, you eliminate any cost benefit you set out achieve.  The vaccine manufacturer had analyzed the costs associated with parents staying at home to care for sick children at $63 million dollars per year.  But the increased costs to treat shingles exceeds these cost savings.  Additionally, the cost of the chicken pox cost was initially $35; it now costs $70, and remember…booster shots are needed to maintain the immunity – they are now developing a vaccine for shingles!!!!

The irony is that if one experiences natural chicken pox, they retain their immunity for life, as long as there are ‘reminders’ from exposure to children in their community circle.  And guess what?  This process is ALLLLLL FREE!!  The importance of recieving ‘reminders’ from children in the community circle makes another great case for not allowing the elderly to be isolated in nursing homes, but rather, visited frequently by children, or even, living with their children and grandchildren as they age.

Not only is natural immunity free, but if no vaccines are used, that prevents the 88 seriously injured children per year, and the 4 deaths per year resulting from the vaccine.  Finally, the vaccine may not be preventing the deaths of those 100 people per year we mentioned in the beginning, because if they’re not “dying from chicken pox” in their immune-compromised condition, they are most likely “dying of” a different infection.  Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are instructed to not even eat fruit, because there could be bacteria on the fruit that could cause an infection.

I am in no way meaning to decrease the significance of these 100 deaths per year.  These deaths are tragic, and their underlying diseases such as cancer are tragic.  However, let us look at all of the aspects of this story, and see with clarity which approach helps us, and which approach harms us.

At this particular time it would take a large effort to actually stop and reclaim the same protection/immunity naturally, and for free, from outstide boosting – going back to children with regular chicken pox.  No boosters would be needed, as chicken pox is a mild disease, and is a free booster to provide immunity from shingles in adults.  This freee immunity has now been largely lost.  Interestingly, it has been reported that indivuals that get fast growing brain tumours (gliamoa) – have never had chicken pox.  It is believed the virus has an outer structure similar to other viruses…so by getting the chicken pox virus, one actually protects against other viruses that appear similar in their antigens.” – Gary Goldman

Gary Goldman resigned from his position in Los Angelos in 2002 because he didn’t want to be a part of the research fraud taking place – his research analysis regarding chicken pox AND shingles was being suppressed, as the advocates for the chicken pox vaccine did not want to report anything that shed negative light on the vaccine.

“The paper I wrote for the department and CDC was published – accepted word for word, except the verbiage related to shingles and its incidence rate in Antelope Valley was deleted with no explanation.  

I wasn’t allowed to call 10 individuals who were reported as having shingles – TWICE! but we had called 20,000 people who ha had chicken pox.  All I wanted to know was if these 10 people had some pre-existing condition like cancer, or something that might have triggerd the second round of shingles.  

Without being able to conduct research in an objective way, I resigned.  For ethical purpose, I thought I would publish the entire story regarding the chicken pox vaccine, including the shingles aspect.  I prepared to submit the three papers which had been suppressed when I was employed.  I contacted the CDC and L.A. County Department of Health, telling them that I was purusing the publication, inviting them to claim author credit or to collaborate.  

After no response I proceeded to submit them to the Vaccine Journal in the U.K., and then a letter arrived from the L.A. County legal department…a very senior attorney demanded that I cease and desist on publication.  They told me that the papers and data were considered proprietary to the L.A. Department of Health.  I responded saying that through free access to public information, anyone can access this data.  I responded saying that it’s not uncommon for researchers to have differences in conclusion, and why not let the editors and peer reviewers of the journal decide?  I secured an attorney who wrote a letter on my behalf stating that I would pursue legal action based on federal false claims — and then, the legal cease and desist effort was simply dropped by the county.  

I feel that the CDC was behind this effort to suppress my publication, because I did a cost analysis of the chicken pox vaccine, taking into account the shingles aspect.  With one call from the CDC to Life Science Director who handled the vaccine journal publication, my papers were put on hold for a year.  It was not until I pursued legal action regarding the delay in publication that it was finally published.  I viewed this attempt to suppress as a stall tactic, to give the vaccine more exposure in communities before any negative data was published.  The CDC simply wanted to promote vaccination.

I know other projects – such as HIV/AIDS projects funded by CDC —- if the chiefs of the project didn’t cooperate with the CDC’s wishes, the chiefs or organizations could lose millions of dollars of fuding in other projects…some of the chiefs on our project were speakers for Merck, and received some outside compensation for supporting Merck’s agenda (Merck developed the chicken pox vaccine).”