How to Have “Clean” Dust

By Carol Kwiatkowski from The Green Science Policy Institute Read why swapping out foam or furniture can lead to a healthier homeMore than 45 years ago, California enacted TB117, a flammability standard that led to large quantities of toxic flame retardants being added to upholstered furniture and children’s products throughout the US and Canada. Since then, … Continue reading How to Have “Clean” Dust

More happiness through word choice?

When I was introduced to Non-Violent Compassionate (NVC) communication methodology several years ago, I became aware that the words we use have a huge effect. Unfortunately, over the years, I forgot most of what I learned through NVC. I want to revisit it because Covid-19 put a spotlight on the fact that instead of growing … Continue reading More happiness through word choice?

We are not evolving, we are malnourished

Some people claim that humans are 'evolving away from wisdom teeth' because we 'don't need them anymore'. This is WRONG. This wonderful interview with dentist Dr. Lin reviews key concepts related to cranial-facial development, and lack, thereof. Mainly....we are DEvolving due to malnourishment. Our jaws aren't growing anymore. What did Marilyn Monroe eat? Monroe … Continue reading We are not evolving, we are malnourished

One site to rule them all – Covid-19 medicine

A lot happening today! I found this bombshell website and had to share!!! In an essentially bulleted list, you can view ALL Covid-19 studies for our covid contenders: HCQhigh-dose vitamin C via IVZincand more..... Please notice the clickable medicines listed horizontally across the top: ...and carefully read any text toward the top of each of … Continue reading One site to rule them all – Covid-19 medicine

Homemade fermented vegetables – mold guide.

Do you ferment vegetables at home, Sandor Katz style? Homemade fermented vegetables are the most superior probiotic 'supplements' available to us, and they are extremely cheap and easy to make! However, some of us end up throwing away these nutrition-packed science experiments due to...mold. Becky Plotner of Nourishing Plot has written an EXCELLENT guide on … Continue reading Homemade fermented vegetables – mold guide.

Thousands of doctors and nurses say “No lockdowns”

Doctors, nurses, and public health experts from every continent are speaking to us, and our governments, saying "no" to lockdowns. Some of the most notable groups of doctors include: The Great Barrington Declaration - global. 43,000 medical professionals signedAmerica's Frontline Doctors - united States. 40 professionals represented - read recent op-ed in Washington Times. Founder … Continue reading Thousands of doctors and nurses say “No lockdowns”

NIH limits early treatment for COVID patients – Trump would have been denied treatment if in place

October 22, 2020 The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently announced that the federal agency would take the radical step of prohibiting early treatments nationwide for COVID-infected patients, except those already hospitalized and requiring oxygen.  America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) founder Dr. Simone Gold, M.D., J.D., FABEM released the following statement in response to the decision. “The … Continue reading NIH limits early treatment for COVID patients – Trump would have been denied treatment if in place

Diet and history, reduced to a simple sauce

This is the simplest explanation of diet history I've ever read.  If you don't have time to read Weston Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, this is the next best thing. September 03, 2020 THE HEALTHIEST PEOPLE ATE FATS, ORGANS AND BONES By Tom Cowan, M.D. I get asked a lot whether it is important … Continue reading Diet and history, reduced to a simple sauce

Your rights at the hospital

Information shared from This post focuses on rights and exercising your rights to receive intravenous vitamin C in the hospital, but the same principles should be applied to receive hydroxychloroquine and zinc if any covid-19 hypoxic illness is suspected. Read American’s front line doctors’ white paper on hydroxychloroquine. If a doctor tries to object to intravenous … Continue reading Your rights at the hospital