COVID update – what is the truth?

Over the years, neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD, has been a truth teller. Early on the covid the pandemic, Dr Blaylock spoke our critically about the detrimental effects of masking - oxygen deprivation and excessive carbon dioxide intake. He warned about the detrimental brain effects of that, especially to the development of a child's brain. Now, … Continue reading COVID update – what is the truth?

The funniest thing I’ve seen on the internet this year

It is not immediately clear what this is about. You have to read the article. I promise, you will laugh. This is the epitome of fake news in this country, and representative of how the people really feel. I don't support profanity. This, gets around it, while still expressing the sentiment of frustration.

Does your floss have teflon in it?

Have you checked the ingredients of your floss? Chances are that if it "glides" it has an ingredient called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon. Teflon exposure has been linked to: hormone imbalances, thyroid disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurtoxicity and Alzheimer's. To learn about all of the horror and history of Teflon since the 1960s, … Continue reading Does your floss have teflon in it?

More happiness through word choice?

When I was introduced to Non-Violent Compassionate (NVC) communication methodology several years ago, I became aware that the words we use have a huge effect. Unfortunately, over the years, I forgot most of what I learned through NVC. I want to revisit it because Covid-19 put a spotlight on the fact that instead of growing … Continue reading More happiness through word choice?

Ways to get things done, avoiding evil tech companies

As we know from The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, book written with the same name by Harvard professor Shashana Zuboff, and insights from Catherine Fitts, tech companies are mining US to make a profit...everything from our emotions, to our movement. Do you want to exit this serfdom? Let us not complain about our monarchs, but … Continue reading Ways to get things done, avoiding evil tech companies

In midst of info overload; quick bits not featured on CNN or Fox

Quick updates: covid vaccine, vaccine injuries/deaths, Washington D.C. protest on January 6, and new group of nurses telling us the truth about Covid.If you believe that masks or vaccines were intended as steps to 'get back to normal''ve been fleeced: MD dies after covid vaccine, says his spouse on Facebook and reported in news: More … Continue reading In midst of info overload; quick bits not featured on CNN or Fox

Trump tells us what’s in the Covid relief bill – wow!

The Covid-19 relief bill (900 billion)....reportedly it is 5,500 pages long, and due to the length, none of our representatives have been able to read and process it. Only these 6 republican senators voted against it, demanding that the wasteful spending be removed. Rick Scott, FloridaRand Paul, Kentucky - who writes annual 'Festivus' report on … Continue reading Trump tells us what’s in the Covid relief bill – wow!

Ironing, starching, healthy and wise

Tough words first -- convenience is awesome, and easy things are awesome, but they cost. Dry cleaning is convenient, other than being unaffordable, but the cost is that you bring toxic chemicals home and bury your wife's and kid's heads in them every day when you come home from work and hug them. Let's consider … Continue reading Ironing, starching, healthy and wise