Journey to a new dream.

When you dream, what are your desires?  Do you ever look at the world and the systems we have created to support our ‘modern dream’ and wonder…is this really what we want?  Or do we need to change the modern dream?  This blog is my journey to discover my desires and my dreams, recognizing that I am not simply human, but rather, a holobiont, thriving only because of my symbiosis with, and dependency on the trillions of microflora that live inside my body.

90% of the cells in our body are foreign….they are microbes…they are not “us”…they outnumber us 10 to 1!!

The bacteria, viruses, etc, are communicators!  They can turn our genes on and off.  For every message the brain sends to the gut, the ‘gut’ (bacteria) sends 9-10 messages back to the  brain.  Even our mitochondria contain ancient bacteria-like structures!

“The relatively recent discovery of the microbiome is not only completely redefining what it means to be human, to have a body, to live on this earth, but is overturning belief systems and institutions that have enjoyed global penetrance for centuries.

A paradigm shift has occurred, so immense in implication, that the entire frame of reference for our species’ self-definition, as well as how we relate fundamentally to concepts like “germs,” have been transformed beyond recognition. This shift is underway and yet, despite popular interest in our gut ecology, the true implications remain unacknowledged.

It started with the discovery of the microbiome, a deceptively diminutive term, referring to an unfathomably complex array of microscopic microorganisms together weighing only 3-4 lbs. in the average human, represents a Copernican revolution when it comes to forming the new center, genetically and epigenetically, of what it means in biological terms to be human.

Considering the sheer density of genetic information contained within these commensals, as well as their immense contribution towards sustaining basic functions like digestion, immunity, and brain function, the “microbiome” could just as well be relabeled the “macrobiome”; that is, if we are focusing on the size of its importance rather than physical dimensionality.

For instance, if you take away the trillions of viruses, bacteria and fungi that coexist with our human cells (the so-called holobiont), only 1% of the genetic material that keeps us ticking, and has for hundreds of millions of years, remains. One percent isn’t that much for the ego to work with, especially considering it now has to thank what were formerly believed to be mostly “infectious agents” for the fact that it exists. Even more perplexing, the remaining 1% of our contributed DNA to the collective gene pool of the holobiont is at least 8% retroviral (yes, the same category as HIV) in origin!” – Sayer Ji

To demonstrate one aspect of modern living in which we ignore our microbes and holobiont status: we eat food every day that messes up our gut bacteria, like GMOs, conventionally-grown non-GMO crops drenched in glyphosate, etc, and these toxins kill, preferentially, the beneficial bacteria, and let the ‘pathogenic’ organisms overgrow (the diversity and populations of organamisms become unbalanced).

“we have not adapted fully to the lifestyles we have felt entitled to over the past 100 years. We live from our egos with total disregard for nature, each other, and our own bodily vessels. And we are sicker than we have ever been, from cradle to grave.  It seems that we are not “meant” to adapt to this way of living and we are reminded of this through the signals of illness. We are called back to the Continuum through our anxiety, depression, and illness. We are reminded that we haven’t figured it out, that science is not and cannot be used merely as a tool for control, and that consciousness as an emergent property of our physiologic web, is a gift.” – Dr. Kelly Brogan

The denial of the interconnectedness of life has resulted in the destruction and pollution of our world, which is causing disease and suffering, and this denial is exacerbated by the false believe that our health or disease is  – pre-determined by our ‘family genes.’

As a woman soon to enter her thirties, I share the way I navigate….journeying toward a new dream, whatever that may  be….  I hope this journey includes physical healing, nurturing a family, and dedicating my life to “perfecting the expression of life itself…and evolve by assisting life forms in fully expressing themselves” – as my hero, Geoff Lawton says so well.  

I am never merry when I hear sweet music.

The reason is, your spirits are attentive…for the touches of sweet harmony that stir your passions also bring them to the tranquility of order.”




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