Identifying Actual Optimum Levels – Blood Tests

Throughout my health journey I've had a lot of blood drawn in an attempt to find the root cause of my dis-ease or to find way to remedy my symptoms.  One of the first things I realized is that an optimum healthy range for any substance in the body differs from person to person, but … Continue reading Identifying Actual Optimum Levels – Blood Tests

Vaccine Information Resources

Vaccines are incredibly complex, in their composition, mechanism, and behavior once injected into the body.  Did you know that vaccines contain ingredients like peanuts (another peanut link), soy, casein, and latex (can you think of anyone that has allergies to these?  I can!!)  Did you know that vaccines also have ingredients like aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde? … Continue reading Vaccine Information Resources

Light Can Help Us and Hinder Us – Learn the Difference

Light, Circadian Rhythm, Melatonin, Eyes, Blue Light.  What does all this mean for our health? Our bodies are inescapably intertwined with nature's cycles - the seasons, the months, the moon, and the 24 hour cycle of day and night.  Light - specifically, the light from the sun is incredibly important in the biological processes which take place … Continue reading Light Can Help Us and Hinder Us – Learn the Difference

9 Ways to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Right Now

We’ve all heard it — “you are exposed to radiation just by walking outside,  why worry about it?”  They are partially right – there are cell and other antennas everywhere:, but do you want to expose yourself to even higher levels of radiation in your home, especially when your body is trying to repair … Continue reading 9 Ways to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Right Now

Bathrobes – Old Fashioned Sexy

Growing up, I really never saw anyone wear bathrobes.  I might have seen a glamorous 1940s movie star slip on a silken robe in one of those black and whites, but I never observed them in use as a practical garment.  In early adulthood, I considered button down pajamas and bathrobes to be extremely frumpy, and … Continue reading Bathrobes – Old Fashioned Sexy

Deodorant – Recipes & Application

To learn about deodorant myths vs. truth, read this post.  This post focuses on deodorant recipes and the nuance of applying these non-toxic alternatives. P.S. never apply anything to skin that has just been shaved! PREPARATION FOR SUCCESS & EXPERIMENTATION First, a note on diet.  Through my own experimentation, I've found that depending on what … Continue reading Deodorant – Recipes & Application


Moisturizer This recipe makes approx. 1/2 cup, or about a 4 ounce jelly jar's worth. Ingredients 3.5 ounces beef tallow***  (1/2 cup melted) - you can purchase beef tallow at -- they also sell their products through Amazon.  If you'd like to make your own tallow, it can certainly be done!  Mommypotamus has a wonderful tutorial on rendering - it can … Continue reading Moisturizer