Other Wonders

The fourth phase of water.  Think you know water?  Think again!  It’s not just liquid, gas and solid!  There is a fourth phase…

As explained by Dr. Gerald Pollack, of University of Washington and the Pollack Laboratory!

Leaving some space to allow a shift in perspective in how you see the world is one of the most important things in life.


Photographs of water crystals from different water sources all over the world.  Also photographs of the water crystals that form after music is played in the vicinity of the water.


Organisms — like slime mold — remember, reason, and learn without a brain or nervous system.


The electromagnetic field of the heart is much greater than that of the brain, and our fields affect each other!
The HeartMath Institute measures the electromagnetic fields of humans’ (and animals’!) brains, and especially hearts, and how the electromagnetic fields change when two humans interact, for example.


How are trees and humans energetically interconnected?
HeartMath Institute scientists are exploring how people and trees may be energetically interconnected. Our next step is to establish a global network of 50 alpha-test tree-monitoring sites around the world and a beta website to collect and display the live data.”


“Human-Earth Connectivity/Interconnectivity
HeartMath Institute’s ongoing studies show Earth’s magnetic field as well as how solar activity affect human heart rhythms, nervous-system functioning and our health and behaviors. We’re examining new ways in which all living things are interconnected, through biofield interactions and the exchange of information between our personal and global magnetic field environments.”


The Heartbeat of the Earthhttps://www.visualcapitalist.com/animation-the-heartbeat-of-natures-productivity/?fbclid=IwAR2XPHzkK9mZOQ1yNHLPC3givn9iUAfNI7Vr1UlnUmfwngU6briekWTylvI