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Avoid Expensive Windshield Replacement – you can potentially avoid this cost of $350!  Learn how here.

Effectively Haggle a Fair Price for a New Used Car, avoiding Sexism and Male Condescension – you could be losing out on fair negotiation if you are female – learn how to minimize this when buying a new used car.

Windshield wipers that work well and cause less hassle in winter – after trying out the Trico Onyx Beam windshield wiper blades, I will never go back to a cheaper brand or model if I can afford it.  The Trico Onyx wipers work so much better, get way less ice stuck inside of them in the winter, and you can get a 20% discount if you order them through the Advanced Auto Parts store, if you subscribe – you can pick them up 30 minutes later at your nearest store.

Car Mats that actually do what they’re supposed to do – If you buy rubber mats from an auto parts store, they are not going to fit well, and in my experience, the snow/water and salt in the winter will run over the edges and soak and stain your carpet anyway.  You will pay the same price, but have perfect coverage if you buy Floor Liners from Weather Tech.  My car came devoid of carpets or mats, so I had to buy something, and I didn’t want to buy both.  The Floor Liners works perfectly, as they’re cut exactly to fit the make and model you have.

Car Insurance / Triple A (AAA) – what questions to ask and how to save money and still get the roadside assistance you need – especially if you don’t have a partner who will rescue you when you’re in a bind.  I’ve found Progressive insurance to be the most expensive, but I know that for some, Progressive is the cheapest!  I think it changes for everyone, so you have to shop around.  I shopped at State Farm, Progressive, and Geico.  State Farm was the cheapest option for me, but only slightly, after taking into account that Geico offered me roadside assistance with my policy (I have liability and comprehensive).  I pay $80 each year for Triple A roadside assistance.

If you are getting a roadside assistance program through your car insurance policy, be sure to ask how many miles they cover, and if you get to choose where your car is towed should you have an accident or breakdown.  Geico didn’t appear to have a cap on how many miles they will tow, whereas the cheapest Triple A policy will only tow so many miles for free, and then they start charging you extra per mile.  Geico has a rule that they tow to the closest dealership for your make, but if you want them to tow to specific repair shop, they might charge you extra if the location is far away.

Prepare Yourself for Car Breakdowns or Winter Crises – if you don’t have roadside assistance, or if you max out your three free events per year with Triple A, there are a few things you might want to have on hand.