Product Guide: Cleaning – Air, Dishes, Dust, Laundry

Air & Dust

Unfortunately today we even have to clean the air!  The indoor air of our home is full of toxins – from formaldehyde being released from adhesive man-made woods like plywood or MDF cabinetry or furniture, to formaldehyde and other chemicals off gassing from carpeting, area rugs, paint, etc.  And toxic dust particles from flame-retardants applied to electronics and in furniture and mattress foams floating around in the air, etc.

Air Purifier

The Austin HealthMate+ filters out 10% more formaldehyde than the regular Healthmate.
  • Healthmate: $600
  • Healthmate+: $715

They both have carbon/zeolite and true med HEPA filters, but the HealthMate+ is different in that the carbon/zeolite is impregnated with potassium iodide, which provides the additional formaldehyde filtering action.

  1. Both recommended for those with allergies, asthma, odors, gases & chemicals
  2. 5 year guarantee
  3. both units can cover 1,500 square feet

Vacuum – HEPA filtered, sealed system

A legit vacuum will be designed so that the canister or barrel, is sealed with a gasket.  The gasket ensures that nothing is escaping the canister (releasing the dust back into your air), and any air being sucked into the canister is being forced to go through the filters.


Find more information about recommended items here.




There are some DIY options for laundry soap, such as liquid soap made from horse chestnuts, as well as a powdered laundry wash made with castile soap and washing soda.

To brighten white and colors: sodium percarbonate with a little sodium carbonate (soda ash).  Presoak garments or bedding in ROOM TEMPERATURE water for up to 24 hours — 2 T sodium percarbonate per gallon of water.  Mix in a little washing soda (soda ash aka sodium carbonate).  I already had these two ingredients around for use as brighteners for porcelain sinks, tubs and toilets. You will find the cheapest prices for sodium carbonate at Walmart, Blaine’s Farm and Fleet, Ace Hardware, and Walgreens.

For oil stains, keep a container of diatomaceous earth, cornstarch or arrowroot powder to  soak up the oil on the garment.  Lemon essential oil also works really well – dab on a drop, toss in the wash, and see what happens.


I like the following idea for parents with kids…Hey, maybe even for myself! 😉

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