Cleaning – Air, Dishes, Dust, Laundry

Air & Dust

Unfortunately today we even have to clean the air!  The indoor air of our home is full of toxins – from formaldehyde being released from adhesive man-made woods like plywood or MDF cabinetry or furniture, to formaldehyde and other chemicals off gassing from carpeting, area rugs, paint, etc.  And toxic dust particles from flame-retardants applied to electronics and in furniture and mattress foams floating around in the air, etc.

Air Purifier

The Austin HealthMate+ filters out 10% more formaldehyde than the regular Healthmate.
  • Healthmate: $600
  • Healthmate+: $715

They both have carbon/zeolite and true med HEPA filters, but the HealthMate+ is different in that the carbon/zeolite is impregnated with potassium iodide, which provides the additional formaldehyde filtering action.

  1. Both recommended for those with allergies, asthma, odors, gases & chemicals
  2. 5 year guarantee
  3. both units can cover 1,500 square feet


Vacuum – HEPA filtered, sealed system

A legit sealed system vacuum will suck the toxins in, making your home less dusty, while also filtering out that dust, so that the vacuum doesn’t re-release them into the air. That’s where the sealed system and HEPA filter come in.



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Laundry Wash from of 50 loads-worth costs $12.95 to start, and $18 for refill packet.

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I like the following idea for parents with kids…Hey, maybe even for myself! 😉

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