Supplements & Exercise

I list things in the order I think they should be implemented in someone’s life who is struggling with any health issue, and for anyone who wants to maintain good health. Pregnant or Nursing mothers will need different amounts of the things listed below.

In my experience, in today’s world in which we’re bombarded with pollution in our food, water, air, and now also from increased strength and types of electro magnetic fields, supplements don’t work unless you REMOVE THE TOXIN or POSION.  Here is a short list of how to do this quickly, so that your supplements and diet will be able to create a huge effect on your health:

  1. Water – I use a Berkey water filter, made by New Millennium Concepts, sold through distributors.  Get the activated carbon filters, skip the PF-2 filters – they don’t work unless you have a certain pH level in your water, and most water from treatment plants are above the threshold.  Plus, the PF-2 fitters are made with aluminum as the filtering media….you don’t want this filter to leach aluminum into your water.
  2. Food – remove poisons like glyphosate and literally thousands of other poisons  – buy organic food.  Find a farm who practices Alan Savory grazing methods or modifications of this method from which to buy your meat, animal fat, offal, and raw dairy products.
  3. EMFs – remove EMFs from the home and your lifestyle – stop using wireless devices.  Hard-wire your computer to the modem.  Use a corded home phone.  Avoid devices with smart technology.  Buy meters to measure the levels of wireless radiation (Radio Frequency and Microwave), magnetic fields, electric fields, and electromagnetic interference in your home.  If you measure unsafe levels, hire a specialist to remediate the home.
  4. Air
    • remodel your home with materials that do not off-gas.  Almost all ‘Zero-VOC’ paints are extremely toxic.  Solicit help from The Green Design Center to choose truly non-toxic paint, flooring, countertops, etc. See Product Guides on this blog to introduce yourself to these topics.  If you can’t do these things, you need to have an air purifier that can filter out formaldehyde and other hazardous air pollutants  – I used the Austin Air Healthmate+
  5. Dust –
    • remove furniture, mattresses, baby furniture and carriers that have synthetic foam.   Replace with safe alternatives.  See Product Guides.
    • consider purchasing a sealed-system Miele vacuum with a HEPA filter.
  6. Skin Absorption of posions
    • replace synthetic textiles, such as clothing, bedding and blankets with natural fiber versions.  Bamboo and other cellulose pulp-derived threads are just as toxic as petroleum-based threads.  Read more here.
  7. Poisons via vaccines  –  say no to all vaccines, as they are currently not safe.  Read more here.
  8. Poisons via pharma drugs – say no to antibiotics, over the counter drugs, and prescription drugs unless your life is mortally threatened.  Work with acupuncturists, herbalists, holistic ALF-literate dentists, and naturopaths or functional doctors who are familiar with detox protocols such as coffee enemas, juicing, chelators from Boyd Haley, and cellular detox enhancer from Chris Shade, Dr. Klinghardt, etc.  If you change your diet and do all of the other things from this list, you will see that you won’t need any drugs unless there is a very serious issue.  If you have high blood pressure and think its life threatening, in most cases it’s only life-threatening because people refuse to change their diet, so, they instead choose the pharma poisons, such as statin drugs.



Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil – the Weston A. Price Foundation recommends 2 tsp spaced out throughout the day, for conceiving or pregnant women and a slightly lesser amount for others.  The taste can be difficult for many people – try mixing it in a little bit of raw milk to mask the taste.  If you were to take capsules, you’d have to take 20 capsules to reach an equivalent dose of 2 tsp.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Cod liver oil contains substantial levels of omega-3 EPA, which can cause numerous health problems, such as hemorrhaging during the birth process, if not balanced by arachidonic acid (ARA), an omega-6 fatty acid found in liver, egg yolks and meat fats.  Please do not add cod liver oil to a diet that is deficient in these important animal foods.  For pregnant mothers and really anyone, it is important to follow the whole Weston A. Price diet, not just selected parts of it.


Animal Fat – Oily fish or lard, etc daily, for vitamin D, with a little fresh beef or lamb


Grass-Fed Butter – 2 – 3 Tablespoons per day for adults – 4 T for pregnant and nursing mothers.  If you can’t get access to this, there is a supplement you can purchase called High Vitamin Butter Oil. 


Fermented Foods – a diversity of homemade vegetables ferments, like carrots/ginger, green beans, cabbage (sauerkraut).  You can add other fermented foods as well, like yogurt, miso, kimchi, kombucha, and kefir.  The best cheap method I’ve found for fermenting involves

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 10.56.45 PM
Glass weight – Pickle Pebbles brand

The picture below (left) shows the newest version of the Saladmaster.  The picture on the right is the second-to newest version.  The newest version comes with stainless steel cones/blades, but the older versions are not stainless steel.  You could buy stainless steel replacement cones, or any parts you need at



Cellulose – from lots of plants in our diet.


Soluble fiber – fibers that turn to a gel and dissolve in liquids.  Pectins from fruit like apples or berries, chia seed.  Resistant starches, which are in a lot of ‘wild foods.’


Plant Diversity In Our Surrounding Environment –  this is a natural allergy-reliever.  Sounds counterintuitive, but studies have shown that those who live in more plant-diverse environments fare better.  If you didn’t grow up with the diversity, there may be a transition period.  Take medicinal mushrooms for 100 – 1,000 days straight to support your body during this transition – like reishi, chaga, etc.  Hemlock Varnish Shelf is a mushroom that grows all over the USA and Asia.  Chaga likewise can be found in many places, but can be hard to process due to its extremely hard texture.


Mushrooms – reishi, chaga, ischnoderma, maitakes, turkeytails, pholiota, porias, etc.  In Eastern Europe it is common for people to eat over 300 types of mushrooms per year.  Setting fresh picked mushrooms in the sun for a little while increases the vitamin D2 in the mushrooms, which our bodies then convert to vitamin D3.  Join your local mycology club to start learning.


Prebiotics from the right foods – All summer-long, eat dandelion leaves.  Dandelion leaves have PREbiotic called inulin, which is food for the good bacteria that we WANT in our microbiome.  If you eat these leaves all spring and summer (hopefully every day), and if you eat burdock root, chicory root, dandelion roots & leaves, and sunchokes in fall, your immune system will have a huge population of good bacteria, as you’ve nourished them every day.  Other prebiotics foods:

  • Jicama
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Leeks
  • Asparagus
  • Bananas
  • Cocoa
  • and Apples


Herbal Teas 

  • adaptogenic herbs like Ashwaganda are a wonderful morning and nightly ritual.  Herbs to support the energy of the body include Japanese Knotweed, Ho Shou Wu, etc.  Nutritive herbs like Raspberry Leaf and Chaste Leaf is great for women, and pine needle tea is great for increasing testosterone in men.
  • Tonifying herbs like Oat Straw, Nettle, Alfalfa, Red Clover, etc are great herbs for everyone.
  • Look for wild flowers around you – like goldenrod, yarrow, monarda, creeping charlie (Glechoma hederacea), etc and drink them as teas!  It is important to get to know and start communicating with the plants that grow near you.


Additional Weston A. Price Diet Foods

  • 1 – 1.5 pints whole raw milk daily, from pasture-fed cows (learn more about raw milk on website A Campaign for Real Milk,
  • raw egg yolks daily, added to smoothies, salad dressings, preferably from pastured chickens
  • 3-4 ounces fresh liver, once or twice per week (If you have been told to avoid liver for fear of getting “too much Vitamin A,” be sure to read Vitamin A Saga)
  • Fresh seafood, 2-4 times per week, particularly wild salmon, shellfish and fish eggs
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons coconut oil daily, used in cooking or smoothies, etc.
  • Bone broths used in soups, stews and sauces
  • Soaked whole grains


  • Trans fatty acids (e.g., hydrogenated oils)
  • Junk foods
  • Commercial fried foods
  • Sugar
  • White flour
  • Soft drinks
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Drugs (even prescription drugs)
  • regular table salt (only consume real salt like himalayan, etc)

The beauty of the Wise Traditions or Weston A. Price diet is that it does not dictate specific percentages of fats, carbohydrates or protein, as the USDA Dietary Guidelines do.  

Everyone needs to adjust the amounts of these macronutrients to conform with the characteristics of his or her metabolism, while still following the basic principles of the diet.


Rebounder (trampoline) is another great way to improve health, as it stimulates the lymph.  The ReboundAir is the only rebounder with a Lifetime All Parts Warranty.  They make three models: the Standard rebounder, the Half-Fold, and the Quarter-Fold, which you can travel with.




Blender – if you find you’re not consuming enough fruits and vegetables each day, get a good blender such as the Nutri Bullet, vacuum DynaPro or a Vitamix to make ‘green smoothies.’  Coffee enemas are a good thing to pair with this for those with chronic disease or anyone who wants to detoxify.  Check out Green Smoothie Girl online for ideas about what to put in these smoothies.


Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro – juicing vegetables can be a great first line of defense, especially when one is struggling with chronic disease.  For those suffering from chronic disease, this paired with coffee enemas is critical.


MagnesiumEase spray is a great way to get more magnesium into your body.  Chemicals in our environment like Glyphosate bind minerals like magnesium in the soil, not allowing us to consume enough magnesium in our diets.


Infrared Sauna – brands such as Sunlighten are much safer in regards to electro magnetic fields than other brands.  Therasage sauna is another option, but is not made of wood.  These types of saunas work differently than a regular sauna, in which heat is the  main mechanism to cause detoxification.  I’ve also recently heard of another low-emf brand called Radiant Health and SaunaRay (Canada). Questions that should be asked and answered before purchasing include: is every sauna tested?  when they are tested, how are they tested?  are the electrical components tested by the themselves, or is the entire unit tested as it would be used in real life?  has the inside of the unit been tested for Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) when the unit is on and heated?  HAPs is what should be tested, using a FRAT device, not VOCs.  Visit Andy Pace and the Green Design Center to learn more about why.


Restore –  when taken over time, people see good improvements in their health.  The purpose is to increase the intracellular communication in the body.


Biome Medic –  in trials, this product was found to aid the body in excreting glyphosate (The active ingredient in weedkillers like RoundUp) through the urine.


CBD juice  – if you have a juicer and source for CBD plants (which are just marijuana or cannabis plants that have been bred to have a lower level of THC), this is a GREAT NRF-2 activator.


RSO, FECO, etc – cannabis oil.  Use this to heal your body, wether its from daily pollution, or diseases like cancer, COPD, ALS, or whatever!   Watch the simple method to make it here:  We have perfect ‘lock-in-key’ receptors for endocannabinoids.  Our bodies actually make these, but getting in via cannabis paste is a legitimate and dramatic way to heal yourself.  For those with serious illnesses, you may need to do the 60g of paste in 90 days, or an even more intense program.


Some say that molecular hydrogen tablets may be another answer for activating NRF-2.


Repair DNA breaks due to EMF exposure.  Niacin – David Sinclair at Harvard has been doing research regarding DNA repair.  He found that the PARP family of enzymes bind to DNA breaks.  PARP needs to consume NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).  So, some people are honing in on yet the next level, which is – ‘what feeds the NAD’?  Apparently, B3 or niacin does.  Some recommend taking niacin, starting with 50 – 100g.  The goal is to repair DNA which is damaged from EMFs, both ionizing and non-ionizing (same mechanism in reality, though most believe don’t know this!).  The amino acid tryptophan can be converted into niacin in your body, so make sure you are eating ORGANIC FOOD!  Conventionally grown food is grown with very high levels of glyphosate, which block the plants from making this amino acid.  So, if you’re eating conventional food, you’re not getting this and many other essential amino acids your body needs.  Dietary sources of niacin vary – liver being one of the highest.


Treadmill– Woodway’s curved treadmills are not powered by a motor – rather, they are powered by the user – so they are MUCH safe from an electro magnetic perspective.  The electronic display can be turned off.  The curved treadmills range from $3,500 – $5,500.  You might be able to get an even cheaper one that is used or refurbished.


Additional Notes

Shoes – don’t exercise in anything but ‘barefoot shoes.  Proprioception largely comes through our feet – we need to be able to feel the ground.  Also, running in anything but flat shoes encourages injuries.  Merrill offers some good shoes – look a the Trail Glove and the Vapor Glove.  Strive for minimalistic shoes in all activities, not just running.

Jeans – while I appreciate the vintage denim trend that is making a comeback, as these jeans are often 100% cotton, women need to be really careful here.  Tight fitting high wasted jeans or shorts can actually change your posture, and prevent you from correct ‘stack sitting’ as the term has been coined by the Gokhale Institute.  No fashion is worth improper posture.