Crazed Technology

Technology can mean a lot of different things.  Here are some examples of technology that is insane and awful.  I think it is important that we fully understand the technologies we are facilitating, creating, and using.


Cannablism under the guise of “Medical Advancement” and “Biotech”

In 2004, “the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) approved the first license for cloning human embryos in the UK. Media reports at the time alleged the legal changes would result in the use of cloned human embryos to create “spare body parts.”

In an article published in 2000 titled, “Biotech Cannabalism,”[ii] C. Ben Mitchell, PhD reflects on the pro-cloning movement by quoting a proponent’s justification: “If you could use tissue from human embryos to save hundreds of lives, there must be a moral imperative to do it.” Mitchell disagrees, countering: “[C]reating a human being for the purposes of killing that person for another human being’s health, sounds an awfully lot like cannibalism, only worse.”

Also, this article lists a number of GMO-food technologies being worked on in which our food would be growing human proteins within itself! weird?!!?!??!?!?!?!??! cannabalism, as the article says…


Animal torture under the guise of “Insect Drones”