Shopping Guide – Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs)

Protecting yourself and your family from radiation from home wiring errors as well as radiation from wireless technology is critical in maintaining good health, and avoiding diseases like cancer.

  1. Use Cat7 shielded ethernet cables to hardwire your computers to a modem.  If you need to use a router in order to have more ports, make sure you turn OFF the wireless inside of the modem.  And make sure the wireless is turned off in your computer.
  2. Get rid of your cell phone as your main phone, and instead buy a corded phone that does not have DECT technology, like the 29586ge1 so you can receive voicemail, and for other phones within the house consider completely analog phones which can be found on eBay or sometimes at Goodwill.
  3. Purchase a socket tester to test your receptacles for any wiring errors that could be causing harmful electro magnetic fields
  4. Purchase additional meters to assess the rest of the home.
    • Electric Fields: ME3851A (Gigahertz Solutions)
    • Magnetic Fields: UHS2 (3-axis, Guass)
    • Wireless – Radio Frequency / Microwaves: Acoustimeter.  If money is not an issue, get the HF59B and the UBB27 isotropic antenna to detect the radio towers 90MHz to 110MHz.
    • Electro Magnetic Interference: Line Noise Meter 51 (Alpha Labs)
  5. If your state and utility allows your to opt-out of smart meters, you can purchase an analog meter if they won’t provide one.
  6. Purchase materials to shield your smart meter.  Rather than shielding the entire home, it is best to shield the sources of EMFs directly.  Shielding an entire room or home requires the advanced knowledge and expertise of a highly certified Building Biologist.
    1. one strategy is to wrap the sides of the meter with aluminum foil, and secure that with aluminum window screening.  With these two materials, you can actually funnel and direct the waves and radiation in a specific direction.
    2. If you want a pre-fab solution, look online for a smart meter ‘cage’
    3. If you need to shield on the inside, consider a sheet of metal, or EMF-shielding mesh to go inside of the walls if your are building the home or remodeling.
    4. If you need to shield a window, purchase EMF-shielding fabric to make a curtain, or apply an EMF-shielding film on the inside glass.
  7. If purchasing a new vehicle, consider buying a vehicle that is 2005 or older.  2006 was the year they began putting wireless technology in vehicles.
  8. Reduce electric fields in the bedrooms.
    1. Identify the  breakers for each circuit/bedroom/wall.  Do this by turning off all breakers, and then turning them on one by one.
    2. Once you find the circuits that surround the bedroom, which might be 3 – 4 circuits, try turning them on in every combination.  With each combination take measurements of the sleeping area with the Electric Fields meter ME3851A.  To do this, place the meter in 3 different directions and write down the measurements for each direction.  Then sum all three measurements, and find the square root of the sum.  You want the final answer to be below .3.  Less than 5 is hard, but below .3 is what you want.  Remember – hands off!  You must not be touching the meter when taking measurements – the electricity from the human body will influence the measurement!
    3.  Once you know which circuits need to be turned off to get the lowest electric fields, install one of the two following remote contactors to make sure that these circuits will be turned off every night.
      1. Remote Cut Off Switch + 24 Amp 12VDC Contactor.  If you need to turn off more than one circuit, you might find the following product helpful: 4 Circuit Contactor – 12VDC, 40Amp – For RCS4
      2. On Demand Remote Contractor
      3. Cheap Option – buy heavy duty breakers — but then you have to manually shut these off every night and turn them on the next morning!