How to Have “Clean” Dust

By Carol Kwiatkowski from The Green Science Policy Institute Read why swapping out foam or furniture can lead to a healthier homeMore than 45 years ago, California enacted TB117, a flammability standard that led to large quantities of toxic flame retardants being added to upholstered furniture and children’s products throughout the US and Canada. Since then, … Continue reading How to Have “Clean” Dust

More happiness through word choice?

When I was introduced to Non-Violent Compassionate (NVC) communication methodology several years ago, I became aware that the words we use have a huge effect. Unfortunately, over the years, I forgot most of what I learned through NVC. I want to revisit it because Covid-19 put a spotlight on the fact that instead of growing … Continue reading More happiness through word choice?

Mattress – healthy & sustainable

Skip the hours of research on the internet - get the salient info quickly below and go straight to the sources who have already done the work. Step 1: FOCUS ON companies who ARE certified The two most meaningful certifications for mattresses are GOTS and GOLS. Other certifications like OCS 100, Okeo-Tex Standard 100, Eco-INSTITUT, … Continue reading Mattress – healthy & sustainable

Fluoride EPA lawsuit update

A message from the attorney representing the Fluoride Action Network in the federal TSCA case against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Michael Connett:  "Our case continues against the EPA for its ongoing failure to protect the public from the neurologic risks posed by the fluoridation chemicals added to public drinking water. At the close of trial this … Continue reading Fluoride EPA lawsuit update

Ironing, starching, healthy and wise

Tough words first -- convenience is awesome, and easy things are awesome, but they cost. Dry cleaning is convenient, other than being unaffordable, but the cost is that you bring toxic chemicals home and bury your wife's and kid's heads in them every day when you come home from work and hug them. Let's consider … Continue reading Ironing, starching, healthy and wise

Diet and history, reduced to a simple sauce

This is the simplest explanation of diet history I've ever read.  If you don't have time to read Weston Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, this is the next best thing. September 03, 2020 THE HEALTHIEST PEOPLE ATE FATS, ORGANS AND BONES By Tom Cowan, M.D. I get asked a lot whether it is important … Continue reading Diet and history, reduced to a simple sauce

Trump raised incandescents from the dead

"The President did away with a ridiculous Obama-era rule that would have banned the incandescent lightbulb, restoring freedom for Americans to choose how they light their homes." I never bought into the CFL, or the LED. A few years after not buying into them, I obtained the knowledge that justified my suspicions about both CFLs … Continue reading Trump raised incandescents from the dead

Enjoy a flat-screen TV – but ditch the radiation! How to remove a wireless antenna.

Do you want to have a TV in your home to watch movies with your loved ones?  I was on the fence a little bit, as I've never owned a TV as an adult...for 14 years.  During those years I didn't want a TV because I wanted to focus on doing other things in my … Continue reading Enjoy a flat-screen TV – but ditch the radiation! How to remove a wireless antenna.

Surprising sources of magnetic EMFs that harm your body

In the USA we have an electrical code book -- mine is thicker than my bible!   While electricians say they follow the code correctly, the reality is that they don't.  Every home has 2 - 3+ wiring errors, typically.  These wiring errors create intense, harmful magnetic fields, that can be even stronger than the … Continue reading Surprising sources of magnetic EMFs that harm your body

Surprising sources of RF EMFs that harm your body

As 'smart' technology has taken hold in the appliance industry, we now have to own EMF meters to see not only if our tech devices and appliances are emitting wireless radiation, but also, to assess whether or not they have internal wiring errors causing magnetic fields.  Many meters only measure one type of EMF, for … Continue reading Surprising sources of RF EMFs that harm your body