The proof is in the dust of the home

By Carol Kwiatkowski In a recently published study, researchers at Harvard University compared the dust of 12 indoor spaces containing conventional furnishings to 12 similar spaces with “healthier” carpets and furniture (reportedly PFAS-free). Dust is a major route for human exposure to PFAS, especially for children who are closer to the ground and have more hand-to-mouth behavior. … Continue reading The proof is in the dust of the home

Purchasing Fire-Safe & Healthier Furniture

Information obtained from The Green Science Policy Institute. "Along with the Center for Environmental Health and Health Care without Harm, we recently co-hosted a webinar to educate furniture purchasers on current fire standards and concerns for the future. For nearly 40 years, furniture in the U.S. and Canada contained harmful flame retardant chemicals to meet an ineffective … Continue reading Purchasing Fire-Safe & Healthier Furniture

Update on flame retardant chemicals in furniture, cars

Information published by The Green Science Policy Institute. "First chlorinated tris was found in children’s pajamas, then removed because it was a mutagen that changed DNA. Then it was used in furniture and children’s products; and removed due to its cancer-causing properties. Frustratingly, it is still used in cars and other vehicles. The carcinogenic and … Continue reading Update on flame retardant chemicals in furniture, cars

Does your floss have teflon in it?

Have you checked the ingredients of your floss? Chances are that if it "glides" it has an ingredient called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon. Teflon exposure has been linked to: hormone imbalances, thyroid disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurtoxicity and Alzheimer's. To learn about all of the horror and history of Teflon since the 1960s, … Continue reading Does your floss have teflon in it?

Are u drinking tap water? u r drinking drugs, LIQUID PLASTIC, and more…

Meliora's Cleaning Products founder, and resident Environmental Engineer (with a focus on wastewater management), Kate explained what is, and what is not filtered out of our tap water in a recent post: "Waste Water Treatment Plants in the United States of America work based on a 'priority list' of pollutants that are set by the … Continue reading Are u drinking tap water? u r drinking drugs, LIQUID PLASTIC, and more…

How to Have “Clean” Dust

By Carol Kwiatkowski from The Green Science Policy Institute Read why swapping out foam or furniture can lead to a healthier homeMore than 45 years ago, California enacted TB117, a flammability standard that led to large quantities of toxic flame retardants being added to upholstered furniture and children’s products throughout the US and Canada. Since then, … Continue reading How to Have “Clean” Dust

More happiness through word choice?

When I was introduced to Non-Violent Compassionate (NVC) communication methodology several years ago, I became aware that the words we use have a huge effect. Unfortunately, over the years, I forgot most of what I learned through NVC. I want to revisit it because Covid-19 put a spotlight on the fact that instead of growing … Continue reading More happiness through word choice?

Mattress – healthy & sustainable

Skip the hours of research on the internet - get the salient info quickly below and go straight to the sources who have already done the work. Step 1: FOCUS ON companies who ARE certified The two most meaningful certifications for mattresses are GOTS and GOLS. Other certifications like OCS 100, Okeo-Tex Standard 100, Eco-INSTITUT, … Continue reading Mattress – healthy & sustainable