Before delving into any treatment, it is important to understand how simple vitamin C protocol can provide a foundation for healing.  We have been told various myths about Vitamin C, causing us to not take enough of it to get the benefits we are looking for, and as a result we think that vitamin C is simply a “vitamin” and cannot be used as a viable medicine.  Please read the post on vitamin C to find out how to appropriately dose to get the benefits we need and hopefully heal and avoid pharmaceutical drugs with negative side effects!!!

Another proactive prevention during cold and flu season should be bi-weekly doses of elderberry syrup.  Perhaps 1-2 T per dose for an adult.  I like Wellness Mama’s recipe, but would use up to twice the amount of elderberries if I made it again.

Of course the first line of defense is our diet and lifestyle.  Half the plate filled with fresh organic vegetables is the place to start.  As much fruit as one wants.  I believe in also eating Weston A Price foods like daily fermented cod liver oil (I use capsules), grass-fed butter and animal fats, and lots of bone and meat stocks.  We need to change our paradigm about consuming processed sugar and stop consuming it.   Finally, anytime we ingest mold, it could be hindering the healing processes of our body, so it is a good idea to stay away from all processed grain products, nut butters, and syrups that can grow mold, unless they are made fresh at home.

There are so many ways we can care for and heal ourselves and our loved ones at home, but if hospitalization is ever needed, be prepared!  Read my post on how to best prepare and handle these situations. 

Conditions (and their remedies) listed in Alphabetical Order
  • Acne or Other Skin Problems – mix 1 tsp powdered sodium ascorbate vitamin c (NOT ascorbic acid) into 100mL of water (make fresh every day).  Make a paste and put it on before you go to sleep.  Use a pillowcase that is not white as it can turn the white fabric orange.  Try eliminating seed oils from your diet, such as canola, sunflower, etc.  These oils are damaged, and have gone through deodorization processes to eliminate odors or tastes that would normally alert you to the fact that they are damaged or rancid.  The deodorization and other processes also cause them to contain the dreaded trans fat.
  • Autism (“encephalopathy” – medical term for brain damage or a change in brain functioning) –  according to Dr. Klinghardt, the treatment for autism is the same as for Lyme disease, and other retro-virus diseases, such as ME, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, autoimmune disease, MS, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   Dr. Klinghardt says that lyme disease is not a bacterial illness it is an activation of retroviruses caused by the bacterial infection.  Dr. Klinghardt says that currently the priorities should be:
    • EMFs – remove them from environment, then
    • Detox aluminum using 1) high-silica rich water like Starky, 2) liposomal silica like Biosil, 3) ionic footbath which increases aluminum excretion over 600% by day three, 4) homeopathic aluminum, and 5) use ideal binders like Ecklonia Cava to extract aluminum from the gut, and it is also an ideal retroviral agent, which has been used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine.  Dr. Klinghardt says this is the ultimate binder which on its own has fantastic anti-virus effects.  it binds to mercury, aluminum, and glyphosate in the gut
    • MMS – Keri Rivera’s work with this still stands, though everyone that used it has been severely prosecuted by medical boards and others.
    • Probiotics like Bravo yogurt, and Thrive.  To get glyphosate out of the body, he uses Restore (which is a peet extract with humid and fulvic acid), or a more concentrated version called Matrix Minerals by Biopure.  He says another option for glyphosate is high doses of glycine, which competes with glyphosate in the body. Bone broth is high in proline and glycine.
    • Broccoli sprouts have resulted in great improvements in autistic young men in one study, and that these sprouts are also an effective anti-retrovirus agent.  heaping Tablespoon of chopped sprouts, twice a day is the adult dose.  children take a little less. when sprouts are 2″ tall, they have the optimum amount of all the precursrs of all the empty autism agents that need to be in there.
    • Cistus incanus (Ci) (Mediterranian Rockrose) tea, found in Italy, Greece and Turkey.  It is the only brush that has not only survived years of drought in Sardinia but prospered.  6 cups a day of this tea, there is a transformation in autistic children in a few weeks. this is also a strong anti-lyme agent. when they gave to HIV patients that failed convetional patients, they all recovered, just with the tea.  the sistos tea must come from keysines, whcih is the only truly organic sistus.  you can also grind up and put in food if you don’t drink tea.  Dr. Klinghardt says there is a study done in Germany, showing that dogs that drink this tea have less ticks.  The ticks seem to be repelled when this tea is ingested internally.
    • Sold on the Sophia Institute shop page, Marco Ruggiero developed a cream that has all the bio-active molecules to silence the human andogenous retroviruses: which can be found at sophia nutrition.  Could see changes after 6 weeks of use (neck)
    • Bicholine extract form skullcap  by KiScience – Judy Mikovitz looked into plain derived compounds that treat retroviruses, and found this to be effective.
    • St. john’s wort is completely capable of treating HIV and other rtreoviruses.
    • Green tea, reishi mushrooms, stinging nettle, olive leaf, bitter melon are put together in retro-V from KiScience.
    • Suramin is a way to treat autism, but parents need to band together and get the legislators to approve the use.  Dr. Klinghardt uses Suramin in injection form, usually twice, each one 6 weeks apart.  After that the B-5 and choline are used.
    • Cannabis oil (like the kind Rick Simpson makes) is also an excellent anti-retroviral tool.
    • Pantethine is fat-soluble form of B-5 which is the only vitamin consistently used on all autistic children that is shutting down the retroviruses.
    • Luteolin (Dr. Antonucci) mixed with PEA – powerful retroviral agent and PEA increases anandamide – corrects the end-cannaboid system.  His glial-centered products are helpful to some after 6 weeks.   PEA is simple safe tool that does something we’ve looked for for 30 years.
    •  Licorice is the most meaningful intravenous item.  Ozone has strong antiviral effect, but licorice is effective.  Klinghardt only recommends IVs for adults.
    • Selenium in amino-acid bound form, selenocysteine.
    • Vagal nerve stimulation is an anti-inflammatory strategy / 5 day treatment with headphones.
    • Finally, Klinghardt uses anti-viral drugs (like truvada) in autism and if kids are obstructing treatment and one can’t do the other things.
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  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrom – 
    • read this full article:
    • can consult with Judy Mikovitz:
    • Judy’s resources page:
    • like autism, CFS has a high association with retroviruses, so follow treatments for autism.
  • Constipation – Many people struggle when their children have constipation.  They try prunes, and oil and other things which the children hate.  Try adding vitamin C, 1g for every year of age, and see what effect it has on the constipation.  As Suzanne Humphries teaches, this should be given in installments, over the course of a day, perhaps every 2-4 hours.  When the child begins to feel or hear rumbling in their stomach or experience diarrhea, decrease the total daily amount to 50-90% of what it was.
  • Flu – at the onset take:
    • homeopathic remedies Aconitum 200 mixed with Bryonia 30.  I don’t know how frequent this needs to be used….every 15 min?  every 3 hours?
    • High-Dose vitamin C
    • elderberry syrup – Wellness Mama has a great recipe.  Should decrease period with symptoms, shown in peer-reviewed studies.
    • if patient has sever body aches and pains, Rhus tox 30, or perhaps Eupatorium 30, could also be useful if fever.
  • Headaches/Migraine/Sinus/Mucus Issues – try snorting powdered sodium ascorbate vitamin c (NOT ascorbic acid); this is safe to do 1 or 2 times a day for a couple days….not indefinitely.  Don’t use this route if you have a nasal erosion.   Pinch a little bit between your fingers, lie down, and sniff into the nose.  After a minute the thinned mucus will begin to run.  Try to hold as long as possible, and then blow your nose.  You will experience a gentle burning sensation, especially if your mucus membranes are inflamed.  People say that it works better than a Netti Pot.  I’m happy to have an alternative to Sudafed!
  • Head Trauma / Bleeding / Childbirth – Pain, Bruising, Bleeding – Arnica montana 200.  It can be used during labor to not only aid in pain management, but to protect against bleeding and bruising.  Taken at the onset of labor and continued every 3-5 hours.  Many homeopaths recommend giving the baby a dose twice daily for a week while the mother can take it every few hours for a few days for any soreness and overall well being.”  
  • Pneumonia & Bronchitis – Intravenous vitamin C:, and oral doses.  As always, one needs to find the dose specific to their body needs:
  • Measles
  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
    • read this full article:
    • can consult with Judy Mikovitz:
    • Judy’s resources page:
    • like autism, ME has a high association with retroviruses, so follow treatments for autism.
  • Spinal Cord Injury – stem cell therapy:
  • Sore Throat – you can take powdered sodium ascorbate vitamin c (NOT ascorbic acid) orally, or gargle with it – hold it as long as you can and then swallow.
  • Staph infection – apply powdered sodium ascorbate vitamin c (NOT ascorbic acid) topically by making a paste with water.
  • Tetanus, prevention, wound care and vitamin C – Suzanne Humpries, M.D.
  • Transverse Myelitis, also known as polio, enterovirus, viral or “aseptic” meningitis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), Chinese Paralytic syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, epidemic cholera, cholera morbus, spinal meningitis, spinal apoplexy, inhibitory palsy, intermittent fever, famine fever, worm fever, bilious remittent fever, ergotism, post-polio syndrome, acute flaccid paralysis(AFP): Dr. Klenner’s high-dose vitamin C.
  • Traveling – we all know that traveling stresses the body.  Personally, I almost always get a sinus infection after flying – hopefully that will change now that I have vitamin C in my back pocket!  Suzanne says that she has taken up to 30 grams of sodium ascorbate vitamin c when traveling with no diarrhea or ill effect.
  • Vision Issues treated with stem cell therapy at MD Stem Cells
  • Whooping Cough (Pertussis) – Suzanne Humphries, M.D.’s protocol, and success stories. Suzanne points out that whooping cough occurs whether one is vaccinated or not.  86% of whooping cough cases occur in fully vaccinated children.  Suzanne also points out that antibiotics make the cough worse as it impairs the immune system.  Suzanne has treated whooping cough successfully in those of all ages – from infants as young as 2 weeks of age, to the elderly, with no secondary infections occurring.
  • Wounds – make a paste with powdered sodium ascorbate vitamin c (NOT ascorbic acid) and use topically


I don’t know too much about homeopathy, but I’d like to explore these materia medical in the future:

  • free: James Tyler Kent:
  • $57: Joette Calabrese: