Before delving into any treatment, it is important to understand how simple vitamin C protocol can provide a foundation for healing.  We have been told various myths about Vitamin C, causing us to not take enough of it to get the benefits we are looking for, and as a result we think that vitamin C is simply a “vitamin” and cannot be used as a viable medicine.  Please read the post on vitamin C to find out how to appropriately dose to get the benefits we need and hopefully heal and avoid pharmaceutical drugs with negative side effects!!!

Another proactive prevention during cold and flu season should be bi-weekly doses of elderberry syrup.  Perhaps 1-2 T per dose for an adult.  I like Wellness Mama’s recipe, but would use up to twice the amount of elderberries if I made it again.

Of course the first line of defense is our diet and lifestyle.  Half the plate filled with fresh organic vegetables is the place to start.  As much fruit as one wants.  I believe in also eating Weston A Price foods like daily fermented cod liver oil (I use capsules), grass-fed butter and animal fats, and lots of bone and meat stocks.  We need to change our paradigm about consuming processed sugar. Finally, anytime we ingest mold, it could be hindering the healing processes of our body, so it is a good idea to stay away from all processed grain products unless baked fresh at home.

There are so many ways we can care for and heal ourselves and our loved ones at home, but if hospitalization is ever needed, be prepared!  Read my post on how to best prepare and handle these situations. 

Conditions (and their remedies) listed in Alphabetical Order


I don’t know too much about homeopathy, but I’d like to explore these materia medical in the future:

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