Product Guide – Clothing

It can be difficult to find clothing that is natural fiber AND organic fiber.  To start, try focusing on simply natural fiber.   As I am a woman, this list is woman-focused; however, there are some fantastic options for men in the list as well.  Men’s clothing is noted with caps (MEN’S).  Children’s options are at the end.

Why are natural fibers the only real choice?  Read the answer here.

(You can also search for PFAS-free products, by visiting a list maintained by The Green Science Policy Institute:


  • WoolOvers
    • Womens Cashmere and Merino Crew Neck Knitted Sweater $75

  • Filson
  • Finisterre – Men’s


T-shirts and Polos


  • Fruit of the Loom, $3-$5: crew t-shirt: Ladies Heavy Cotton HD153 L3930.  Beware of the heathered colors – but the solid colors are ok – 100% cotton.  My bust is 35.5″; I take Medium.
  • Fruit of the Loom, $3-$5: v-neck t-shirt: Ladies 5 oz. HD Cotton L39VR.  Beware of the heathered colors – but the solid colors are ok – 100% cotton.  My bust is 35.5″; I take Medium.
  • Thousand Mile
  • Arbor Collective
  • Brooks Brothers
  • American Giant, $24-28 t-shirt.  Skip the Premium, Classic is best, if any.  They are too stretchy and thin in my opinion.
  • Patagonia, $24: crew neck t-shirt.  My bust is 35.5″ – I take XS
  • Dharma – scoop-neck
  • Dharma – MATERNITY



Tank Tops

  • try checking Levi’s, Urban Outfitters, and Patagonia


Long Sleeve Shirt


Button-Down Shirt


Sweatshirt – Pullover

  • Filson
  • Tommy Hilfiger – for women
  • Thousand Mile  – MEN’s
  • American Giant, MEN’s classic pullover (kanga hoodie) – this is THE WARMEST hoodie ever.  They don’t make any nice ones for women.
  • J.Crew & J.Crew Factory – their men’s hoodies will fit pretty well on women, compared with Cotton Mills’ hoodies (below) which are way too large for most women.
  • Tom Cridland
  • Stussy
  • Levi
  • Mother
  • try vintage on eBay
  • American Apparel – hit or miss
  • H&M – hit or miss and not the best quality
  • Goodfellow at Target – MEN’s
  • Best Made – MEN’s


Sweatshirt – Zipped

  • Filson
  • American Giant – MEN’s & WOMEN’s the best
  • Pact, MEN’S & WOMEN’S most affordable



In my opinion, the Cotton Mill sweatpants are hands down the best quality, which you can see and feel immediately when compared to American Giant.  I can’t recommend American Giant for women — their waistbands are made in such a way that they are really unflattering.  For men, they might be ok….but I’ve never seen them on a man, in person.

Medium weight

Heavier weight

  • Cotton Mill, Women’s 20oz sweatpants $71 – my true hip is 37″/waist 27″; I wear size S
  • Cotton Mill, MEN’S 20oz sweatpants $71
  • try vintage on eBay

Others to try









  • Urban Outfitters – I recommend this company to find casual women’s jean denim shorts.  They take old vintage levi jeans (which are almost always 100% cotton), and revamp them.  Look for the Cuffed Cutoff (aka Turn Up Hem).
  • Cotton Mill – MEN’s jogger shorts


Denim Skirt

  • Tommy Hilfiger





  • Hanes Hi-Cut or Jockey French Cut – both of these brands offer 100% cotton underwear for women.  The Hanes come in 5-packs with mostly awful colors, and the waistband is not covered.  Write to Hanes asking them to allow customers to choose their own colors instead of having to buy pre-selected varieties in 5-packs.  The Hanes 5-pack always has at least one pair that is not 100% cotton, because it is ‘heathered.’  The Jockey French Cuts are awesome, and the elastic is completely covered with cotton material.  They also last a lot longer through wash and dry cycles.



  • Woolovers – Cashmere and Merino Socks $25




Winter Hats


Winter Scarves

  • Filson – wool
  • Faribault Mills – wool
  • Eileen Fisher – alpaca, or other



  • Danish Woolen Delight – A website offering organic woolen underlayers and hats for baby and child.
  • Dharma Trading – cotton fabric AND cotton thread!
  • Hanna Andersson
  • Mini Boden
  • Fleece Farm
  • Mango Kids
  • Zara Kids
  • JCP, Arizona Jeans Brand
  • Andy & Evan
  • Woolrich
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Gap
  • Search for these brands above and below, used, on eBay.


Almost all natural fiber:

  • Simply Vera Wang – this brand through Kohl’s offers leggings that are 95% cotton.  These are the highest natural fiber legging I’ve found that are comfortable.
  • – they offer one sports bra that has a higher content of cotton, but it is only 95% in the navy, and 86% in the athletic grey.  This is still way higher than any other brand I was able to find in the true sports bra cut/style. does offer a 100% cotton sports bra, but you can’t return items once taken out of the packaging.


Companies Making a Serious Effort

Winter Boots

Some boots at least have leather uppers, and some even have wool insulation, like Ugg.

  • Han Wag, like the Aotea Lady GTX or Saisa.  Many of their boots are made with NO fluorochemicals!
  • Ugg, like the Adirondack.  at least some leather and wool parts


Earth Runners are a MINIMALIST SHOE!



Natural rubber-based Neoprene – Yulex

  • Patagonia.  Neoprene-free Yulex® wetsuits lighter and stretchier, and now Fair Trade Certified™ too. They blend 85% natural rubber with 15% synthetic rubber, reducing CO2 emissions in manufacturing by up to 80%.

Limestone-based Neoprene – Geoprene

  • NP Surf.  Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene.  Made from limestone extracted from Mt. Kurohime at Niigata prefecture in Japan, it is a non-petroleum based material.We are the only brand to include Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene in all our wetsuits, no matter the price level. This premium material is typically only used in high-end products.
  • Matuse.  Limestone Neoprene is 98% water impermeable. Petroluem-based neoprene is 65% water ipermeable. Geoprene suits don’t absorb water like a sponge.


Unfortunately there are things I haven’t been able to find in all natural fiber, such as:

  • women’s jeans that are 100% cotton that are loose enough to facilitate sitting without cutting off circulation.
  • leggings
  • sweat shorts for women
  • sweatshirt hoodies for women
  • sports bras or regular bras
  • winter and spring coats
  • swimsuit
  • shoes


Fabric for Sewing Your Own Items

100% cotton fleece:


Mechanical Hand-wound watches (no batteries!!)

  • Nomos
  • Jughans

There are some vintage watches that have great mechanisms, but most are sized for men.

  • Poljot
  • Luch
  • Vostok