Fluoride’s Days are Numbered!

Fluoride is not a nutrient -it is not a medicine – and it does not prevent tooth decay.  Proponents of fluoridation admit that fluoride is a substance used to medicate the public, allegedly to shrink the epidemic of cavities.  But medication of the public via the water supply is banned by federal law.  How then, is it still allowed?  Great question!!!

Fluoridation’s days are clearly numbered — the New Zealand Supreme Court has ruled that fluoridation is “medical treatment” without consent (yes!), and with the mounting evidence that it is ineffective and carries significant health risks, it is now time for this to stop.

Read more about this momentous ruling here: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1806/S00336/fluoridation-is-mass-medication-nz-supreme-court-rules.htm

In the United States, the Fluoride Action Network has made impressive progress in their lawsuit against the EPA in an attempt to end fluoridation.  Read the details here: http://fluoridealert.org/articles/newsbud-interviews-paul-michael-connett-on-tsca-fluoride-case/.

Make a donation to the Fluoride Action Network so that they can continue this critical work and have even more support as they prepare for their momentous court hearing in their lawsuit next August, 2019.


You can read previous posts about fluoride here:

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