One of the biggest demonstrations in German history – Berlin 8/29/20

Watch the amazing video of one million or more in Germany protesting government Covi-19 corruption and medical tyranny. The German people will not tolerate this any longer and are showing up. Let’s learn from them!

Arial footage:

Mainstream media has lied to us, saying that the protest was organized by Islamophobic and Nazi groups, that only 18,000 – 38,000 people were there, and that the police had to arrest people and break up the protest.  Ummm, did they watch the video?  The police even took off their hats.

Daily Kos, an American web newspaper, one of the few to mention Kennedy’s presence, even headlined “The anti-vaccine Robert Kennedy, Jr. joined the neo-Nazis in Berlin,” claiming that he had joined an event organized by far-right organizations and anti-Semitic groups.

Kennedy immediately reacted with a letter demanding a retraction of the article and a public apology for the damages incurred. The letter reminds us that you only have to listen to his speech and look at the images of the crowd with portraits of Ghandi, flags for peace, love and democracy to know that the protest was quite the opposite of the publication’s portrayal.

Government officials and mainstream media revelled in an “unacceptable incident” described as a violent assault on the Reichstag (parliament). It shows only a few dozen activists rushing up the steps of the building and waving flags, but the images show no form of violence. And keen observers have detailed the incident which appears to have been set up to obtain “scandalous” images in order to harshly condemn the protesters.

What actually happened? Some witnesses reported seeing teams of journalists coming straight out of police stations, while acolytes placed on nearby rooftops orchestrated the maneuver. A few minutes earlier, several sovereignist activists had excited the crowd and urged the public to occupy the steps of parliament by shouting in megaphones phrases including: “Trump is here!” “He has just signed an end-of-occupation treaty.” “The police took off their helmets, they stopped guarding the parliament.” “Let’s sit on the steps of parliament to celebrate and show Trump that our people are finally free.” This false news then provoked a brief crowd movement on the steps of the Reichstag, which reflected a demonstration of joy (unjustified), not an attack from neo-Nazi groups.

Trump was not in Berlin that day and the incident was pure invention. To understand the context of this scene, which may seem surreal, it is necessary to know that Germany is officially still under the control of the Allies, and especially the Americans, and that many German citizens feel that it is time to get rid of this arrangement. According to them, the German constitution would not be legitimate, since it is not the result of the will of the people, but the result of an external authority, that of the Allies. This reflection, which is not only symbolic, arises in particular in the context of a legal controversy between Germany and Europe over the role of central banks and the independence of nations in the European institutional framework.

As expected, the Berlin authorities tried to ban the August 29 demonstration just before the event. However, as Germany has been scarcely affected by the epidemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to impose a general health emergency. Unable to “ban” any demonstration, they withdrew the specific authorization for that event. The response from the organizers was swift. Always anxious to respect the rule of law, they asked their members to make new requests for demonstrations individually. Within hours, more than 6,000 people filled out and submitted the necessary documents. Police stations were flooded with requests from the legal team, while YouTubers relayed the maneuver live to hundreds of thousands of amused spectators. At the same time, the movement was appealing the decision to a federal court. Excitement was high when an influencer dropped the scoop of Kennedy’s arrival on social media. The next morning, it was announced that the federal court had ruled in favour of the protesters and that the event would move forward.

As soon as Berlin’s ban on the demonstration was announced, the media attempted to dissuade the public from reaching the capital. Many buses planned from abroad cancelled scheduled trips. But the announcement of Kennedy’s arrival reinforced more than ever the will of the German public to join an event that promised to be historic. Protesters poured in early in the day and more than 3,000 police were deployed in the city. They carried out numerous roadblocks and pushed back several dozen buses arriving in the city to prevent the various processions from making it to the protest. In several streets, protesters were surrounded and “confined” for hours without being allowed to move.

Fortunately, things remained peaceful, and many attendees, including some of Ghandi’s followers, began to sing ‘Liebe polizei macht die strasse frei’ or “dear policemen free the street,” and some began to meditate while patiently accepting the situation.

Querdenken or “think differently” is the name of the organization behind the protest. It’s a non-partisan movement that brings together citizens shocked by the deprivations of freedoms imposed on German citizens with the onset of the coronavirus crisis. The movement challenges the legitimacy of containment and the imposition of mask-wearing, as well as the testing or tracking measures associated with the pandemic agenda, believing that these are disproportionate and do not justify the infringement of individual freedoms. It also contests the way in which these regulations are made, their lack of transparency, the lack of respect for the debate, and the absence of a vote.

Markus Hainz, a lawyer firmly committed to defending the rule of the law

Created on the initiative of Michael Ballweg, a computer scientist from Stuttgart, the Querdenken initiative quickly spread to many cities, leading to the development of a resistance network across Germany, with demonstrations in several major cities. The association was organized in a partnership between some fifty lawyers, several hundred doctors led by Dr. Heiko Schoning and the network “ACU2020,” which demands independence from the medical and scientific communities and independent media and influencers of social networks. Coming from all social and political backgrounds, their common goal is to provide a strong, reasoned, but also resolutely peaceful and democratic response by using all legitimate means under the law, which they feel is threatened.

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