5G Call to Action

On August 24th, U.S. Congressman Tom Suozzi of New York’s 3rd District, wrote a scathing letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, citing the “devastating impact” 5G deployments are having on local communities in his jurisdiction. 

  1. Find your federal, state and local legislators: https://myreps.datamade.us
  2. Ask them to write a letter to Ajit Pai, similar to Congressman Suozzi’s 
Sample Email/Caller Script to Your Elected Officials
“To whom it may concern:
I wanted to let you know that on August 24th, 2020, U.S. Congressman Tom Suozzi sent FCC Chairman Ajit Pai a letter expressing great frustration about the Commission’s handling of the 5G rollout and stonewall approach to “legitimate concerns” related to wireless antennas being deployed near homes and schools.

Issues cited in the letter range from property devaluation issues to health risks to blatant disregard of local interests by the FCC and telecommunications companies.

I urge you to send a similar letter to Mr. Pai to voice the opinions of many of your constituents on this urgent matter.

Thank you.”

You can also include a link to bills introduced all over America: https://sites.google.com/site/understandingemfs/massachusetts-emf-bills-2019-20
More advocacy tools
Note: These links are USA-based. While much of this influences the movement in other countries, we’re looking to expand our international coverage and support. To contribute updates from Australia, UK, Canada, Europe, or other regions, please email us.
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is Determined You Will Have 5G Telecom Technology
by Gary Null, Global Research

ALEC is an extension of industry. They’ve been writing laws. These laws can and must be repealed.

REPORT: Reclaiming Local Control Over Cellular Wireless Facilities in CO
by Dr. Timothy Schoechle, NISLAPP

This 20-page report outlines precisely how a group in Colorado are resolving the fundamental problem — including the ALEC laws! This is useful to share with your elected reps.

Updated 5G Municipal Legislative Code Template
by Americans for Responsible Technology

Our friends at Americans for Responsible Technology have also recently updated and released this sample 5G municipal code that they recommend for communities to bring to their elected reps across the country. Scroll then click the “Sample 5G Code”.

…Indicative of what we the people are ready to demand: accountability from elected officials. People are waking up, with feelings like this:

“Elected reps, we’ve had enough. We are going to educate you on the problem, and invite you to be part of the solution. You will need to find your courage, just like us. We can do it together. But if you choose not to show up, we will hold you accountable for being complicit with the crimes that are stealing our lives.”

Here’s the article, fyi:

Entire county board arrested following citizens arrest by 2 military veterans


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