Young woman escaped from North Korea: her wisdom and requests

Yeonmi Park is a young woman, 26, who explains with grace and wisdom what North Korea is really like, despite the fact that North Korea regime still terrorizes her though she is in America. This is not the sugar-coated version – it is unbelievable, and painful.

Have you wondered what America can, and should, do to resolve the problems of poverty and oppression around the world? Have you wondered what America should do in regards to China? Yeonmi Park lays out the plan we should follow. Force China to cut off not the food aid, but the oil supply, to North Korea.

She explains that although she criticized Trump for meeting with the dictator of North Korea, that she appreciates what he is doing with China, but yet, asks Trump to specifically call out China’s human rights abuses, such as imprisoning, torturing, and killing or organ-harvesting followers of Falun Gong, Islam, and for implementing human rights abuse policies, such as the one-child policies, which has resulted in increased human trafficking as women from other impoverished countries are then sold to Chinese farmers as ‘wives’.

Learn about what children in North Korea learn in school, and what they don’t! She tells us that the North Korea regime deleted words like ‘depression’, ‘trauma’, and ‘love’ from the dictionary. Learn about how the books ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ allowed her to start making sense of what happened to her. She escaped from North Korea through a Chinese broker, who sold her into sexual slavery in China.

This is a mind-blowing interview. She also wrote a book called ‘In Order To Live’ in 2016. She made a previous speech on social media in 2014 which garnered millions of views.

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