MMR vaccine trial – now we know why kids & people are sick

The fate of all the children in the entire world for generations was decided by three studies, involving a total of 342 children. Yes, you read that number correctly.

Cliff notes version of these 3 studies:

  • Children sustained numerous injuries (avg 45% upper respiratory illness; avg 37% gastrointestinal illness, and more)
  • Monitored children for a whopping 42 days
  • No placebo/saline used – the “control group” received other vaccines: rubella, or measles and rubella. Why? Because if the control group receives poison too, the difference in injuries between groups will be ‘insignificant’, therefore, vaccine is ‘safe’!
  • Documented limited, pre-determined set of “clinical complaints.”  They didn’t look for or record MMR vaccine-associated injuries like pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus, encephalitis and encephalopathy, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)…i could go on…
  • Trial done in late 1970s
  • A FOIA, lawsuit AND appeal was required to get a copy of these trials from FDA in 2019. I wonder why…

The title of this post is somewhat facetious — of course mothers, fathers, doctors, and people of all walks of life in every country have always known, since smallpox (2nd reference) that vaccines are one of the main environmental causes of death and chronic suffering in this world…but, these documents that were hidden by USA government health agencies for decades…reveal that government ‘officials’ (and of course the pharma company!) knew it too, and still injected us.

Whenever you have a vaccine discussion, there are 3 aspects you have to deal with, one-by-one, because there is so much complex information. 1) risk 2) efficacy 3) unintended consequences. This post focuses only on the the first: risk. The topic of efficacy is about if the vaccine prevents the ‘disease’ (infection) it’s supposed to. Unintended consequences can be a broad topic…in the case of MMR, the vaccine has caused the age window of infection to shift from the safest years (1- 15), to the most dangerous years (infancy and post-puberty) where the greatest complications and deaths result.

Bigtree, an Emmy-Award winning producer, director of the documentary “Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe,” and founder of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) says the reason for increased vaccine hesitancy is not unreasonable fear, but a growth in awareness of the corruption, secrecy and obvious overt propaganda surrounding vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry. 

“Thanks to the laws in this country that for now at least permit access to various government records, we now know the MMR vaccine was licensed using an irresponsibly small and limited group of children,” says Bigtree. 

“But what’s even more alarming is learning about the serious adverse events that were known and acknowledged, yet ignored in order to license the MMR vaccine,” Bigtree adds, noting “This was after only tracking adverse events for 42 days after injection – imagine what they might have found had they tracked safety for three years against an appropriate control, like they do for drugs.”

Questioning the MMR vaccine immediately conjures the specter of Andrew Wakefield who has been used for decades by much of the media to vilify anyone who questions any vaccine for whatever reason.

Yet it is interesting to note that the ‘debunked’ work of Wakefield (and his 12 co-authors the media slams) was centered around normal children who all exhibited “gastrointestinal symptoms” and regressive developmental disorder [autism] shortly after their MMR vaccination. The now infamous study showed patchy chronic inflammation in the colon in 11 of the 12 children. The 1998 study is categorically ignored as continual ‘new’ discoveries over the past two decades make front page headlines showing links between the gut and brain function. 

In sharp contrast to the MMR vaccine I’m waxing about in this post, most drugs have pre-licensure safety review periods which last years. For example, the drugs EnbrelLipitor, and Botox had safety review periods of 6.6 years, 4.8 years and 51 weeks, respectively, and each had an actual placebo control group. And these drugs are typically for adults, not infants and children. 

See the details and documents

Out of the 8 studies included in the documents obtained from FDA, only 3 of them can be considered. Why? These 3 actually compared the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine to a different vaccine…i.e rubella or measles, by itself. It would be great to have compared it against a PLACEBO, but, pharma doesn’t do that. They just make you think they do. If you compare one MMR vaccine to another MMR as they do in the remaining 5 studies of the total 8, then all you’re comparing is the differences between ‘lots’ of the same vaccine — not measuring the effects of the vaccine itself.

Let’s look at the 3 studies

You can view them yourself here:

#1: MMR vs. MR (measles/rubella) or R (rubella)
Children in study: 199 —–> is that some kind of joke?
Study length: 42 days ——> another joke? I wish.

  • 22 children had gastrointestinal illness – 10%
  • 23 children had upper respiratory illness – 10%

How many times are we told ‘well, even if the vaccine doesn’t work, it “helps with upper respiratory health”. I think you can see for yourself that is a blatant lie.

We hear that vaccine injuries are “one in a million” …..ummm…..

#2: MMR vs. R (rubella)
Children in study: 102 —-> !!!
Study length: 42 days

  • 64 children had gastrointestinal illness – 63%
  • 43 children had upper respiratory illness – 42%.

In case you think I’m reading the graph wrong, let’s read it in their own words…in their report they wrote: “upper respiratory and gastrointestinal infections were reported in about 55% and 40% of vaccinees, respectively

This is the ‘misinformation’ that they don’t want you to see.

#3: MMR vs. R (rubella by itself) or M (measles by itself) or Mumps
Children in study: 41 —–> !!!!!!
Study length: 42 days

  • 26 children had gastrointestinal illness – 63%
  • 24 children had upper respiratory illness – 59%

The other 5 studies compare MMR to…MMR. Regardless, the children sustained the same % of injuries on average , and some kids still GOT THE MEASLES (but they called it “measles-like rash” and “non-specific rash”). Even if you take ALL 8 studies into account, 30% of the 800 children acquired “upper respiratory illnesses” and 21% percent had “gastrointestinal illness.”

So, why did the FDA approve and license this vaccine? And how did it get put on the “childhood vaccine schedule” by ACIP committee at the CDC? The same way vaccines do now. CORRUPT PEOPLE WHO SACRIFICE YOU FOR MONEY. And by the way, once ACIP ‘puts’ a vaccine on the childhood schedule, you can’t sue the pharmaceutical company that makes that vaccine when you get injured or a loved one dies. Because, you know, that would hurt their profits (signed into law, 1986: Vaccine Injury Compensation Act).

Those kids from the early 1980s on, are now adults. They are a lot of sick people folks…60% of the population has a chronic disease. 54% of our CHILDREN today have a chronic disease….they get about 10-14 times more shots that those 1980s kids did.

In addition, the MMR vaccine is made using the cells from an aborted baby. …which means that that aborted baby’s DNA is being injected into you as well, via the vaccine. Don’t believe it? Ask the scientist that discovered the use of the adult stem cell, which is now used in every laboratory in the world.

Some excerpts taken from:


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