We are not evolving, we are malnourished

Some people claim that humans are ‘evolving away from wisdom teeth’ because we ‘don’t need them anymore’. This is WRONG.


This wonderful interview with dentist Dr. Lin reviews key concepts related to cranial-facial development, and lack, thereof. Mainly….we are DEvolving due to malnourishment. Our jaws aren’t growing anymore.

What did Marilyn Monroe eat? Monroe did not eat take-out, but rather, she would go to the store, get her own cuts of meat (and who knows….maybe liver?), cook it herself and eat lots of butter and eggs.

It’s going to take a lot of work to reshape our grandchildren’s jaws and health. It’s going to take lots of animal fats, lots of liver, spleen, sweetbreads, kidney, and other organ meats, and lots of broth, to heal generationally. To read more about this diet guidance, read this post from Dr. Cowan who summarizes it well.

Some people argue that we shouldn’t ‘eat like our ancestors’ because they “had a short life expectancy. That is also WRONG. Listen to James Clement, Harvard centenarian researcher, who explains “squaring the mortality curve” which has skewed the truth. Listen at minute 11:40 in his interview with Paul Saladino in the Fundamental Health podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/show/fundamental-health-with-paul-saladino-md/episode/will-eating-an-animal-based-diet-over-activate-mtor-with-james-clement-66543342

And get familiar with Weston Price’s research and the current doctors who are building on his work, like Dr. Lin of The Dental Diet.

For more information about cranial facial development, read this post.

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