NFL star Tom Brady warns against fluoride and EMFs

photo credit: Fluoride Action Network

The Buccaneer’s quarterback Tom Brady knows what it takes to win…he should know as a now 7-time Super Bowl winner! At age 43, his achievements are unprecedented.

He states in chapter seven of his 2019 NYT Bestselling book (The TB12 Method: How to Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, he shares he maintains peak physical and mental health after younger athletes have faded. Brady credits his longevity and success to his strict health and wellness regimen, the TB12 Method, which he co-created with his longtime trainer Alex Guerrero. The book is a reminder that what we allow into or body and mind has serious impacts on our performance.

#1: Stay hydrated with pure water, NO fluoride!

“Tap water is water that comes from a municipal source. Depending on where you live, most sources of tap water contain fluoride, chlorine, and, in some cases, lead. Excessive amounts of both fluoride and chlorine have now been linked to a number of health risks. Drink tap water only if you filter it first, which gets rid of many impurities. Even when you use tap water for steaming vegetables, it’s better to filter it first.” [page 208]  

#2: avoid toxins in food – buy organic

“Our bodies become toxic when we ingest toxic chemicals.” [page 224] 

“I chose to eat organic foods.” [page 218] 

#3: heal through discipline in eating real food

“Whenever the media claims any of the dietary methods that I pursue are new age or even quackery, I tell them that some of the biggest advertisers on television and in the stadiums I played in are marketing all the wrong things.” [page 224] 

“Let food be thy medicine.” [page 219] 

His whole diet is based on reducing and preventing inflammation in the body, and Brady’s personal chef, Allen Campbell, makes sure that foods which are not anti-inflammatory rarely make it on to Brady’s plate.

My philosophy starts in my own life, and with my own lifestyle and eating habits. I make conscious decisions to buy local and organic, and to stay away from GMOs…” [Source]

#4: go to bed early and at the same time each day

he sticks to a 9 p.m. bedtime and he wakes up at 6 a.m. (for nine hours of sleep). – source.

#5: no eating before bedtime

Brady makes sure he doesn’t eat anything too late in order to give his food time digest before he goes to sleep. He also avoids alcohol and caffeine, which research has linked to sleep disruption.

“The last thing I eat at night is dinner—and if I ever eat dessert, I try to do it after lunch, so the excess sugar won’t keep me up at night,” Brady said in his book. – source.

#6: avoid EMFs and blue light – no cells phones or electronics in the bedroom

Brady said he turns off all his electronic devices a half hour before bedtime to avoid distractions. His wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, doesn’t even allow cell phones near the bed when they sleep, according to the book, and their bedroom has no TV. – source.

“…turn off all your electronic devices a half hour before you go to sleep. If there’s a TV in your bedroom, consider putting it somewhere else. It’s a bedroom, not a tech cave. My wife doesn’t even allow cellphones near the bed.” [Source]

#7: keep the bedroom cool and as dark as possible

For Brady, the ideal sleeping temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. “I like my room cool, dark, and as quiet as possible to make sure I get a great night’s sleep,” – source.

#8: keep a plant in the bedroom

Additionally, though he did not say whether he uses it himself, Brady said in his book that “[c]ontaminants like animal dander and dust can interfere with proper breathing and sleep,” and suggested putting a plant in the bedroom to filter out carbon monoxide and pump more oxygen into the room. – source.

#9: get far-infrared wavelengths into the body

I personally don’t agree with bio ceramic fabrics, as it requires mining of aluminum and all fibers break down and I don’t agree with the resulting aluminum dust, but…

In 2017, Brady and his trainer Guerrero partnered with Under Armour to launch a line of bioceramic recovery sleepwear utilizing far infrared rays, which the TB12Sports website claims restore muscles faster, and which Brady said he wears to increase oxygen flow.

Studies show that [far infrared rays] help relieve chronic pain, increase rates of muscle repair and cell oxygeneration, and—not least—reduce muscle inflammation, as well an increase overall energy,” according to Brady’s book.

You can get far-infrared and near-infrared wavelengths through a sauna as well, like the zero-EMF saunas sold by Saunaspace, but I do agree that any way to generate an effect more passively, via bioceramic fabrics, or BEING IN THE SUN, would be preferable to a sauna.

More information about fluoride from the Fluoride Action Network’s recent bulletin by Stuart Cooper & Chris Neurath:

“The advice to avoid fluoridated water has a sound scientific backing, for those who are trying keep their bodies from the aches and stiffness that often accompanies aging.  A 2006 report from the prestigious National Academies of Sciences NRC committee on fluoride found that there is evidence that excessive fluoride intake may cause the pre-clinical stages of skeletal fluorosis.  

Fluoride builds up in the bones over a lifetime of intake, and may lead to the early symptoms of skeletal fluorosis, which are stiffness and pain in muscles, joints, and bones.  These symptoms mimic arthritis, but no adequate studies have been done to determine how much a lifetime of drinking fluoridated water may be contributing to this widespread disease in many older people. The NRC 2006 report did conclude, however, that there was sufficient scientific evidence for there to be a concern for increased risk of bone fractures from the weakening effect of fluoride on bone.  The NRC even recommended that EPA reduce its allowable standard for fluoride in drinking water because of this risk, yet even 14 years later the EPA has failed to even consider that recommendation.

In the years since the NRC 2006 report, the adverse health effect of developmental neurotoxicity from prenatal and early infancy exposure to fluoride has overshadowed the risks of harm to the musculoskeletal system.  Recent rapidly emerging science has provided strong evidence that fluoride harms the developing brain leading to effects like reduced IQ.  The National Toxicology Program (NTP) is wrapping up a 5-year long systematic review of fluoride’s developmental neurotoxicity and has concluded the evidence is clear that fluoride reduces IQ in children.  FAN has addressed the lingering debate about whether doses from drinking fluoridated water cause neurotoxic harm.  FAN has shown the scientific evidence for developmental neurotoxicity is as strong at lower doses as it is at higher doses.

Few people have the athlete genes and astounding discipline to come close to Tom Brady’s accomplishments, but everyone, at all ages, can benefit from his practice of avoiding fluoridated water.  Pregnant mothers should avoid it.  Infants should never have formula made up with fluoridated water.  Older people should avoid it because it probably puts them at higher risk of weakened bones and arthritis-like symptoms.  All ages should avoid it because it builds up over a lifetime in the bones.

Brady does not mention that many types of filters will not remove fluoride, but for those avoiding fluoride it is important to use filters demonstrated to remove fluoride.”

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