Canadian pastor who lived through communist Poland, feeding the homeless, imprisoned

Listen to the details of this incredible story unfolding in Canada, which we all perceive to be a “free” nation. The video is linked below. At the end of this post, I have included a link to a video where ANOTHER Canadian pastor describes his arrest and imprisonment.

A Canadian man, with obviously high integrity and principle, has been feeding the homeless for 22 years in Alberta, Canada. He has saved taxpayers and the government enormous sums of money by doing so. And most importantly, he has cared for those who others do not want to care for, or do not know how to care for.

He also has been ministering to the people of Alberta, praying with them, giving them hope and guidance through the gospel of Jesus Christ, as written in the New testament as well as the Old testament bible.

The government has written hundreds of tickets to the pastor and parishioners, myriads of police and SWAT teams have visited his church over the course of 2021, sometimes outnumbering the number of parishioners! They have harassed him and the parishioners, intimidated them, and threatened his family. The government leader of Alberta went on national television saying that he will “crush the [pastor and his family].”

Police and other government-guided staff followed his wife and children around the community, taking photographs of them, presumably to intimidate the pastor.

Some nefarious group has vandalized the church and parking lots, from dumping feces, to strewing nails in the parking lot, and his home was set fire by an unknown arsonist while he and his children were inside. Luckily, a neighbor noticed the fire before it got out of hand.

Finally, he was arrested on his way home after a church service by the police, along with his brother…who apparently was guilty for riding in a car with the pastor. He and his brother were tortured and mocked for being Christian by the police, while in prison. They were denied a phone call to an attorney or anyone. No one knew where they had gone.

2 days after their release from prison, with any legitimate charges dropped, there was a gathering of more than 2,000 Muslims at an Alberta mosque, to protest activities in Israel. No police were present at the protest, and no tickets were issued to the Imam or anyone who attended the protest.

I find this story horrifying, and the pastor rightly describes these activities as identical to tactics utilized by the gestapo in Nazi Germany, and communistic governments, like the one he lived under in communist Poland.

It is very strange indeed that this has occurred at all, but the story becomes even stranger upon knowing that the 2,000+ Islamic protest in Alberta was left alone by government officials and police. Do they have something against the freedom to worship or protest at religious gatherings? Or do they simply hate Christians in particular?

A second Canadian pastor imprisoned:

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