Are you filtering your water? Fluoride causes IQ loss

The water from the tap is not safe. It contains lead, and fluoride, and other dangerous substances. Please consider using filtered water for all of your drinking and cooking needs.

CDC’s Response To Our Letter And Fluoride Action Network’s (FAN) Reply Back To The CDC Director

Dr. Karen Hacker, Director of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at the CDC responded to the letter sent to CDC Director, Dr. Walensky.  Dr. Hacker’s response can be accessed here.

FAN’s response to Dr. Hacker was sent yesterday, June 13, with input from many of the 112 professionals who had written the original letter to Dr. Walensky.  It can be accessed here.

The two key planks of FAN’s response were:

1) A request for a meeting between Dr. Karen Hacker and her advisors and Drs. Linda Birnbaum, Philippe Grandjean, Bruce Lanphear, Chrisitne Till and Chris Neurath.

2) Correcting the disinformation that the human studies on neurotoxicity were somehow weaker at levels of fluoride in water below 1.5 ppm than those studies conducted above 1.5 ppm. This is a convenient fiction for those who promote fluoridation, but it is simply false. To underline this we provided details on Grandjean’s BMD analysis (published on JUne 8th) which found that a level of 0.2 ppm fluoride in a pregnant’s woman’s urine would be enough to lower the IQ of her offspring by one I Q point. The average level of fluoride in pregnant women’s urine in fluoridated communities in USA and Canada is four to five times higher than this and would thus predict an average 4 to 5 IQ point loss.  The five experts who have agreed to participate in this meeting, if Hacker accepts, have a combined knowledge on fluoride’s neurotoxicity (and other neurotoxic substances) greater than anyone in our regulatory agencies.

These two letters promise to become milestones in the 75 year debate between science and politics on this issue

Thank you,

Paul Connett, PhD
Fluoride Action Network

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