The FBI used at least 12 confidential informants to entrap six patsies in a manufactured kidnapping plot that was used to sway the October 2020 election. Buzzfeed News reported that the FBI “had a hand in nearly every aspect” of the alleged plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer. This raises doubt that there would have been a conspiracy without the FBI to engineer it. The alleged “mastermind,” Adam Fox, was a homeless drunkard with mental problems who was temporarily given shelter in a friend’s shop basement. Several of the defendants plan to officially accuse the government of entrapment, arguing that the FBI assembled the key plotters, encouraged the group’s anti-government feelings, and even gave its members military-style training. The FBI appears to have once again entrapped struggling homeless, low IQ people with mental problems for political gain, which has been their pattern for over a decade.

Last March, the FBI burned one of their own informants, Stephan Robeson, by indicting him on a gun charge. Robeson is accused of being the driving force behind the alleged kidnapping plot. In a separate incident, one of the lead FBI agents in the case, Richard J. Trask, was charged in state court in Michigan with assault with intent to do great bodily harm to his wife. He allegedly smashed her head against a nightstand several times and tried to choke her after an argument following their attendance at a swingers party.

Read the article at Need to Know News and Information Liberation.

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