This is the first time I am writing a post in full support of any brand of cotton athletic clothing. This is a big deal.

I’ve tried many kinds of all-cotton sweatpants, and none were cut correctly, and none had the quality fabric of yesteryear…until now.

If you have a hankering for some cotton sweatpants and zip-up hoodies, kangaroo hoodies, or crewneck sweatshirts, check out the TNA brand sold by Aritzia. While they are not 100% cotton, they are THE closest thing that exists that meets the other criteria. They are 93% cotton. They are also more affordable than any other brand I’ve come across that has this kind of cotton fiber content.

TNA also offers many other items of clothing in 100% cotton, such as plaid button-downs and the “Alpha” long sleeve. I really encourage you to check out their brand…sorry guys, it’s just for women!

Also, make sure to focus the “Extra Fleece” items, they have them in 3 different fits: Mega, Boyfriend, and Perfect. My favorite is “Boyfriend”. The “Cozy Fleece” items have a lower cotton fiber content. The “Extra Fleece” items are available in fall and winter only.

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