Chemical imbalance?

I came across some interesting info lately, and am glad to find that the ‘chemical imbalance’ notion as a cause for one’s depression, is a myth, as I always knew it was.  

Some people claim that antidepressants help them, and I can’t deny their testimony, but my theory is that it numbs the recipient, and they have less positive — and less negative — and less feelings in general.  Maybe that’s what they need to survive at a certain point in time. 

Many have become suddenly violent or suicidal while taking the drugs.

I want to share an excerpt from a book, which says that the chemical imbalance notion, and the notion that depression has a relationship to serotonin or other neurotransmitters, is bogus.  

Some people have low to zero markers for serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine as measured in the blood, yet they feel no depression.

BOGUS you guys….there is no ‘chemical imbalance’.  …just wanted you to know.  Depression has a CAUSE, and that cause is not an IMBALANCE IN YOUR BRAIN.

“…no clear relationship of depression to serotonin or other neurotransmitters were ever established.  No chemical imbalance or other biological process that might explain drug action in a disease centered way has been substantiated for any psychiatric disorder.  Most authorities now admit that there is no evidence that depression is associated the abnormalities of serotonin or adrenaline, as used to be believed.  There is also little empirical support for the dpoamine hypothesis of schizophrenia.  The chemical imablance notion was always a kind of urban legend, never a theory propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.  It was a myth.  Despite this concensus nearly everyone believes this message and parrots the message: 1) your brain is damaged  2) the drugs fix something…”

Dr. Robert Yoho MD (ret), writes brilliantly on the role of SSRIs in the mass shootings; SSRI antidepressants are insidious, poisonous, often lethal, and are promoted by mobster Pharma companies.

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