For some time now, our Dr. Pierre Kory has been writing about the global disinformation campaign against ivermectin on his never-to-be-missed Substack, “Medical Musings”.

Friends, his latest Substack series is one that reads like a crime thriller novel…except this is no work of fiction. It is tragically real. Dr. Kory takes you deep inside “The Fix”—the inner workings of a global crime against humanity, for which he had — and sadly continues to have — a front row seat.

While we believe that one day in the not-too-distant-future, Dr. Kory’s essays will be turned into a true crime television series on 60 Minutes, 20/20, Dateline, or another similar program, YOU can read them here right now, pretty much in real time, as these crimes continue to be perpetrated upon all of humankind. Click “read it for free first” if you don’t have a Substack account.

“Invest the time to educate yourself as to how it all happened. I think it is extremely important that more of society understand how the Science of Medicine has been corrupted and is being corrupted to this day. The time investment, in my mind, will be world-changing in perspective. But I will let you be the judge.” —Dr. Pierre Kory

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