Bathrobes – Old Fashioned Sexy

Growing up, I really never saw anyone wear bathrobes.  I might have seen a glamorous 1940s movie star slip on a silken robe in one of those black and whites, but I never observed them in use as a practical garment.  In early adulthood, I considered button down pajamas and bathrobes to be extremely frumpy, and … Continue reading Bathrobes – Old Fashioned Sexy

Toilet Paper, & All Things Wiped (Poop, Pee & Menstruation)

Sometimes I feel like the father in the original film, Cheaper By the Dozen, asking myself, what is the most efficient way to get the job done?  But it's not just about how fast I can get something done.  It's about, Care of the Earth. Care of People. and Return of surplus to Earth.  No aspect … Continue reading Toilet Paper, & All Things Wiped (Poop, Pee & Menstruation)