Bathrobes – Old Fashioned Sexy

Growing up, I really never saw anyone wear bathrobes.  I might have seen a glamorous 1940s movie star slip on a silken robe in one of those black and whites, but I never observed them in use as a practical garment.  In early adulthood, I considered button down pajamas and bathrobes to be extremely frumpy, and pointless.  Why not just wear a t-shirt? sweats?    Bathrobes? who needs them?  a towel wrapped around my body will do just fine thanks!  — except when the towel repeatedly comes undone while brushing my teeth.

Once I experienced a bathrobe, I could no longer deny their practicality and glamour!  🙂

I love undressing in the bedroom, rather than the bathroom, and slipping the robe on — leaving my clothes  in my bedroom that would normally be strewn all over the bathroom floor in a mess – and I no longer have to pick them up after my shower!   Remember those times when you find yourself staring at your roommate’s forgotten underwear and socks on the floor next to you, while using the toilet?  I know,  I know — it’s not the worst thing in the world…but it’s all avoidable.  The donning of the bathrobe before approaching the bathroom enhances the relaxing ritual of bathing.  You also don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving that pair of worn underwear behind – increasing the overall relaxation of bathing – any stressors that can be eliminated should be, no matter how inconsequential they may seem.

Another benefit of the bathrobe is the opportunity one has to completely air dry – I hate putting on clothes before I’m really dry!

Yet another benefit is observed when applying deodorant.  When applying something with an oily consistency, or a powder, I find that it is best to wear the bathrobe during and after application, which allows easy access to the armpit area, and also gives your body time to absorb the deodorant substance.  The largeness of the bathrobe combined with its dropped armpits means that the fabric is really not touching your armpits at all.  Thus, you are avoiding any potential stains on your regular clothing, and you’re probably not getting any stains on your bathrobe either!

Wearing a bathrobe also provides an easy way to maintain modesty, especially when living with others in a community house, or even within your single family house!   I believe in women’s rights and I believe in wearing swim suits and looking sexy and all that – but timing and context is everything.  I believe women, and men! have a responsibility to be kind to those around them by adhering to modest practices in daily life.  I never felt quite right walking around the house in a wrapped towel – yet I felt stubborn about putting on my clothes before I was really dry.

I often feel cold, and the bathrobe which fall all the way to my ankles or the floor, keeps me warmer.

At the end of the day, although bathrobes help me cover me up modestly, I still think they are incredibly sexy.  Maybe old-fashioned sexy?  I don’t know…but I like em’!

Now that you’re fully up to speed on the incredible benefits of the humble bathrobe, here are some companies that make the long ones!

Brand: Coyuchi. Item: Mediterranean Robe

If you try the Coyuchi Mediterranean robe, size up, and then adjust the waistband guides up, and shorten the sleeves, if needed.  Bathrobes should be comfortable and generous — that is of course the essence of their sexy charm.


Brand: Coyuchi. Item: Air Weight Unisex Robe

Click here for the Coyuchi Air Weight Robe.


If you do not want or need a bathrobe with ankle or floor lengths, The Company Store makes three longish robes that are 100% natural cotton.  The lavender one pictured below is even made with organic cotton.  Synthetic fibers should be avoided at all costs, as they shed thousands of fibers (micro plastics) into our water every time they are laundered.  These robes appear to be MUCH thicker than the one I have, and even though they are incredibly cozy and thick (I have tried one of the three below at a friend’s house), sometimes they feel a bit too bulky in my opinion.



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