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Vaccines are incredibly complex, in their composition, mechanism, and behavior once injected into the body.  Did you know that vaccines contain ingredients like peanuts (another peanut link), soy, casein, and latex (can you think of anyone that has allergies to these?  I can!!)  Did you know that vaccines also have ingredients like aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde?  The history of vaccines is incredibly complex and not well known or understood.  The costs vs. ‘benefits’ of vaccines are also not commonly understood.  I’ve written this post explaining why I think we need to decline vaccination, even when we’re scared or feeling ill-equipped.

If you absolutely cannot take the time to read any of the resources listed below, at least read this one post from the National Vaccine Information Center to teach you how to keep the right records and how to recognize vaccine reactions, especially if you have decided to vaccinate.  But ask yourself, do I really need to vaccinate this week ? This month?  I personally believe no one should be vaccinated until they can fully speak and communicate, if at all.  I believe we need to respect the bodily autonomy of our children, and also wait until that communication pathway is established so that the child can tell us with adequate words, if something is going wrong in their body after they receive a vaccine.  If we vaccinate them as infants, all they can do is cry, and well, we tend to dismiss crying, even if they cry for three days straight – I’ve heard parents say their doctor said crying for three days straight is ‘normal’.

Freedom: Bodily Autonomy, Informed Consent
Intro Information
Be Empowered
‘Peer-Reviewed Studies’ (the phrase which we’ve made our God) / Scientific & Medical Databases
Vaccine Ingredients
  • Aluminum – it has ALWAYS been in vaccines?!  Merck’s Dirty Little Secret
  •  CDC list of ingredients besides viruses and bacteria (antigens).  The list continues at this page – scroll down to “Additional Facts”
    • this site also offers a vaccine lot search tool.  The FDA defines a vaccine lot number as a code “from which the complete history of the manufacture, processing, packing, holding, and distribution of a batch or lot of drug product or other material can be determined.”  Every vaccine comes with a lot number.  Even though it is required by Federal Law, don’t assume that the doctor or nurse is going to keep accurate vaccination records for you.  You should always record the lot number in your records and store them in a safe place.

      As the FDA points out: “Most drugs consist of pure chemical substances and their structures are known. Most biologics, however, are complex mixtures that are not easily identified or characterized.”  Vaccines are chemically treated biologics; it is impossible to guarantee that different lots are the same.  Lot numbers help manage the safety risks presented by this uncertainty.

      If you’re going to vaccinate, right before you or your child is vaccinated, use Vaccine Lot Search to check US Gov’t data for vaccine reaction reports associated with the lot number.

Vaccine Adverse Effects
  • Vaccine injury stories told by doctors, nurses, parents and children, categorized by vaccine or health injury type, from all over the world, collected by the staff of the film Vaxxed over the course of two years of traveling on the Vaxxed bus.  These interviews are incredible and tell the most honest truth you will ever hear.
  • Searchable U.S. Government’s VAERS Data  –  people self-report vaccine adverse effects in this database, which was established in its current consolidated format in 1986 as part of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act.  The CDC and FDA estimate that less than 10% of adverse events are actually reported. This database represents the range of possible adverse effects associated with vaccines. Some serious adverse effects are also disclosed on inserts that come with each vaccine.
  • Vaccine Victim Memorial Video Collection
  • SIDs
  • Adverse Effects of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines, report published by the Institute of Medicine (1991) for the U.S. Congress under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. A review of the medical literature that documents evidence for and against a causal relationship between pertussis and rubella vaccines and brain and immune system dysfunction.
  • Adverse Events Associated with Childhood Vaccinespublished by the Institute of Medicine (1994) for the U.S. Congress under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. A review of the medical literature that documents evidence for and against a causal relationship between tetanus, diphtheria, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, HIB and hepatitis B vaccines and brain and immune system dysfunction.
Truth Tellers & Powerhouse Fundamental Information
Ground-Breaking Recent Research and Truth
Infant Immunity Education
Pro-Vaccine Information (also known as propaganda)
Rebuttals to Popular Propoganda / common pro-vaccine arguments
Recent Documentaries
Articles & Books
What Are Children Taught about Vaccines?
Follow the Money (am just starting to work on this section)
  • Ask your doctor, does their insurance company provide quality incentive bonuses if your doctor ‘fully vaccinates’ a certain percentage of their patients?  Ask them how much $ the insurance company pays per child if the doctor reaches the percentage.  In the screen shot below, which is taken from , you can see that Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a $400 bonus per child (patient) if the doctor fully vaccinates at least 63% of all of their patents.  For a typical doctor, that translates to $40,000 at the low end of the scale .  i learned how to access the Quality Incentives handbook (page 4, page 15, etc) through the Wellness and Equality website, but heard about it from other sources as well.  Remember, if the doctor doesn’t reach the 63% minimum of fully vaccinated patient, Blue Cross Blue Shield won’t provide ANY bonus!


  • Pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas explains that he has lost over a million dollars in his practice of 13,000 patients, just in administration fees, because his practice vaccinates about 50% less than other practices.  Every time a nurse administers a vaccine, there’s an average insurance reimbursement of $12-$14 dollars.  Dr. Paul Thomas says that most pediatricians don’t like to acknowledge it, but many pediatricians/practices wouldn’t survive without this extra financial boost to combat the 80% overhead that most practices have.
  • Look at Australia’s “No Jab, No Pay” policy: only parents of children less than 20 years who are fully ‘immunized’ or on a recognized catch-up schedule can receive child care benefit or rebate, and the Family Tax Benefit part A.  …objections on non-medical grounds will no longer be considered a valid exemption from these requirements.
  • Health & Human Services profit from vaccine patents by offering vaccine manufacturers expedited approval for a new vaccine in exchange for large fees paid to Health & Human Services.   They now say that 60% of drug vaccine reviews are paid for by the fast tracking fees.  The staff job are being funded by the drug companies.  The FDA should have only one goal – safety – not speed.  These are competing goals and these laws must be reformed.  This is a public private financial partnership between the federal governemtn and the pharmaceutical industry.  
  • I’ve read but I’m not 100% yet that the Vaccine Injury Fund, used to compensate those injured or killed by vaccines, is funded through a $.0.75 tax on each vaccine patients purchase.  Here are the reports showing the balance of the account from 2001 to 2017.  This doesn’t implicate any corporation, but it is still interesting to note – and who is benefitting from the interest of this pool of money is my question.  United States Department of Treasury Bureau of the Public Debt Office of Public Debt Accounting Vaccine Injury Fund Reports



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