This recipe makes approx. 1/2 cup, or about a 4 ounce jelly jar’s worth.



Melt the tallow gently and patiently, then mix with the olive oil.  After the combination cools for an hour or so, whip it until it is fluffy.

To whip, use a hand mixer — I have used tallow moisturizer made by others, but I haven’t yet tried it myself.  However, I would like to try whipping this with the following tools – and I will be trying this soon, as my current jar is almost empty!

  • Manual, non-electric hand mixer from 😉  – I haven’t yet tried this, as my friend has been borrowing it for a while, but it does work amazingly well for whipping cream, egg whites, or making mayonnaise.  I’m not promoting the buying of more fanciful metallic gadgets, even if they are a level 2 (non-electric).  The question is – do I really need whipped cream, egg white frosting, or mayonnaise?  I now don’t consider these three things to be essential in any way.  One has to carefully discern what they really ‘need.’
  • Wooden egg beater or perhaps a metal egg whisk.
  • If those fail, I would try the regular ol’ electric hand mixer (I don’t have one of these, so I’m hoping one of the other two work!)


***I would like to try making this with bison tallow as well, which Fatworks also sells. 

I would also like to try using this moisturizer as a base to make deodorant paste containing magnesium oil.

Many people have a knee-jerk reaction to tallow moisturizer — they feel certain that they will smell like a cattle barn.  However, I find the aroma to be almost sweet, and very pleasant.  I could almost mistake it for lavender – truly!

The reason I choose tallow over coconut oil as the base, is because I live in the United States Midwest – our current climate would never support the production of coconuts!  However – with climate change in our future, the Midwest could turn out to be quite a hot region — I’m not saying I want that to occur….I can only imagine the chaos that would accompany the opportunity to grow coconuts on Lake Michigan.  Anyway, for now, I like to use inregredients from my region.

If you can’t make your own moisturizer right now, consider purchasing from these companies which use either organic or grass-fed beef tallow.  Although many people like all of their products to be scented with essential oils, I prefer all of my products to be unscented.  That way, I can apply and change up my perfume separate from the basic products I use.  Natural perfumery is a rich artisanal craft, that goes way beyond the scope of essential oils – meaning, I wouldn’t limit myself to essential oils, nor to the one scent of my moisturizer.

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