Vaccines – Effectiveness, History, Ingredients & Adverse Health Effects

Doubt.  What does doubt do?  It keeps well-meaning people at bay.  Doubt distracts research.   But don’t let doubt keep you from doing your research, or asking for the ingredients list and list of side effects and vaccine lot number, and educating yourself to recognize vaccine reactions, should you decide to vaccinate.

If you ask your pediatrician if they’ve seen any vaccine reactions, they will most likely say ‘no.”  If vaccines are really causing problems, how can this be?  Either there are no reactions, or we don’t know what to look for.  A child has redness or even a rash around the injection site. “Oh…that’s normal.”  A child has ‘febrile seizures’ after the injection.  Doctors are taught that these are normal….are they?  SIDs….”we don’t know what causes it (even if it occurs within 22 days of the injection), but it’s “considered normal.”  To know if seizures, SIDs, and a laundry list of other reactions and adverse health effects (including brain damage, aka autism) are normal, we’d have to compare vaccinated children to unvaccinated children.  Pro-vaccination advocates could have shut down this debate a long time if they had conducted this study/comparison….but they haven’t conducted a large scale study, because they know that it will end the debate, but not in their favor.  A bill (H.R. 3615) was introduced to launch a study to review this very thing, but last time I checked, no action has been taken to pass or review this bill since August 2017.   Neurological problems, autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, diabetes type 1, autoimmune disease, food allergies, eczema, asthma….in order to know vaccines aren’t causing these chronic diseases, this study/comparison needs to be done on a large scale.  We already have two smaller studies of this type that damn vaccines:

Many people believe that vaccines are safe because their doctor assures them that vaccines are safe.  In that video I just linked, Jimmy Kimmel says that he expects us to take medical advice from ‘almost every doctor in the world.’  I’m going to move past his inaccuracy (see doctors that are anti-vaccination) and hypocrisy, and focus on the next thing he says — “doctors didn’t learn about the human body from a friend’s facebook page….they learned about the human body in medical school.”

I have to agree.  Doctors do learn about the human body and the imbalances which we call disease, infection.   In this statement, we know that Jimmy is implying that doctors also learn about vaccines in medical school, but that is completely false.  Doctors do not study the composition of vaccines in medical school.

In medical school, doctors are taught to identify the disease process, but no matter how much we’d like to believe, doctors are not scientists or Ph.Ds.  Individuals with Ph.Ds or masters degrees are taught to critique studies and analyze data.  Doctors might read and review some studies in medical school, but they do not learn to analyze them in terms of identifying bias, analyzing the study design, etc, as Ph.Ds do.  Doctors most often read synopses of studies, rather than the actual studies – why?  I don’t know, I guess doctors are busy seeing patients, looking in our ear, doing an incredible amount of paperwork, and doing what the rest of us our trying to do after hours – make dinner, take care of the kids, take a bath, think!   The majority of doctors with the regular pressures of life with the pressures of insurmountable school debt don’t have the emotional, mental and physical bandwidth to do additional research in their personal time (but see interviews with doctors who HAVE had time to look into the issue and are not anti-vaccination).  Perhaps when these doctors become a bit older and the kids leave the nest they will have more time…. Even if doctors were to read the actual study vs. the synopsis, they may not be able to tell you what the study means any more than I can.

Why does this matter?  Because doctors continue to authoritatively say that ‘science’ has settled the vaccine debate (via studies); however, they don’t realize that the studies have not been done, or that the one alleged study didn’t even employ a placebo, or that data was manipulated or omitted by the CDC, because the doctors haven’t read the studies nor analyzed them.  It is clear that they are not personally nor academically familiar with the ‘science’ which they vehemently rely upon to legitimize their religious philosophical belief in vaccines, as demonstrated in this amazing interaction with JB Handley on “The Doctors” in which JB Handley points out that vaccines have not been studied – yet, doctor Travis continues to say that vaccines have been studied.  Doctor Travis says he ‘just wants an open debate,’ yet he doesn’t debate any of JB Handley’s points.  Dr. Miller grew tired of hearing other doctors say “there are no studies showing that vaccines are a problem,” and compiled an entire book of recent studies which show that vaccines are indeed a problem — they are unsafe: Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers.

When Laura Hayes asked her pediatrician why she felt so confident that vaccines were safe, the pediatrician’s answer was “because the pharmaceutical reps tell me their safe.”  Doctors say they are reading the studies, but clearly, they are not, because there really are no legitimate studies.  Often, the studies that have been done are not studied against a placebo, but against another experimental vaccine or adjuvent ingredient.  Watch an amazing presentation by Laura Hayes here.  Laura Haye’s child has brain damage and immune system damage, and makes antibodies to his myelin basic proteins.  As Laura Hayes says, some people call this “autism,” but that is a term that is used to obfuscate the fact that these children are suffering from a a very clear problem – brain damage.

Dr. Paul Thomas shares with us that pediatricians read what they call “throw-away journal”, such as The Journal of Infectious Disease.  He says that it is full of ads which clearly show that the journal is supported by the pharmaceutical companies.  He said that the journal comes across their desks weekly, and it is glossy, and appears well-written.  Dr. Paul states that almost every copy includes print stating that vaccines are safe and effective, and also stating that there is no connection between vaccines and autism, and consistently derides vaccine truth tellers such as Andrew Wakefield.  Dr. Paul Thomas says that after you read a thing so many times, you just accept it and believe it – “vaccines are safe.”  “Andrew Wakefield is evil.”

Doctors also rely on the Academy of Pediatrics for their information, however, as we see with many regulatory or advisory agencies and organizations, habits die hard, even when new information or understanding is brought the the table, and we often see evolution of thought, innovation, and truth gasping in a quagmire of deep financial or biased philosophical conflicts of interest.  In addition, individuals in power have spent their careers sustaining public acceptance of vaccine safety and efficacy.  I imagine it would be hard to pivot.

Dr. Paul tells us, as can many other medical doctors who were practicing prior to the 1990s, that we’re not “getting better at diagnosing autism.”  Autism rates used to be 1 in 10,000, and then increased to 1 in 150.  Today, the rate is potentially 1 in 30-40.

I think what it boils down to is this – it’s scary when we get sick – and it’s especially scary when babies or young children get sick.  The question is – do vaccines actually prevent babies or children from getting sick (when I say sick, I mean contracting infections for which we vaccinate)?  My second question is – do the risks of vaccines outwiegh any potential benefits?  

With so many people stating that vaccines are completely safe, it can feel like swimming upstream, merely committing to reading articles or books from a contradictory perspective.  But consider how much time we spend researching a car to purchase, or selecting paint colors for the home….  Do we devote even half as much time researching what is being injected into our bloodstream or our baby’s bloodstream?  Not all children immediately experience the extreme end of the spectrum of adverse effects from vaccines (autism, death, etc), but we know that the risks are so great that all children are at risk.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 11.45.49 AM.png

The problem is – we don’t currently know how to determine which children will be greatly harmed (learning disability, autism, death), and which ones will be less harmed (eczema, ADHD, allergies – although these things can be extremely mortally dangerous – especially fatal food allergies!  How many kids do you know with a severe, life threatening peanut allergy?)


To begin the research, one can read the spiel for each individual vaccine by visiting the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website, as well as visiting the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).  You can also read the typical ingredients in each individual vaccine at; however, you cannot be 100% certain of the ingredients unless you ask to see the vaccine insert at the doctor’s office. Even then, are ALL of the ingredients listed?  

The internet was overwhelming when I began looking for answers regarding vaccines, but my search became easier as I began to identify the underlying concepts of the vaccine debate.  (For a list of all my favorite vaccine-related resources, including online libraries of peer-reviewed studies, click here).

  1. anti-vaccine, focused on damaged brains/body systems and chronic disease appearing after vaccinations, autoimmune disease, toxic vaccine ingredients, natural immunity vs. artificial immunity, the lack of vaccine effectiveness (measles outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations, etc), debunking herd immunity, historical data showing that vaccines were introduced after disease mortality had already reached almost zero (polio is the only infection for which the graphs are not completely obvious and which requires a deeper review), and comparing vaccination schedules against disease and mortality rates in western developed countries, which reveals that although the United States leads the way with the most vaccines, we are actually the least healthy. Many factors need to be considered when meauring health, but the argument for vaccination really weakens when one looks at the numbers here.
  2. pro-vaccine, focused on the necessity of herd immunity, belief that unvaccinated children will cause vaccinated individuals to contract disease, the alleged success of the polio and measles vaccine, and repeatedly stating the studies have shown that vaccine are safe.  I’ve also seen arguments stating that because vaccines today contain less antigens than vaccines contained in the past, they are more safe than they used to be.  I’ve seen arguments that a third mumps vaccine needs to to be added to the schedule becuase the first two are not sufficient to prevent outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations.  But, my question is – if the first two mumps shots aren’t preventing disease, how will a third do so?  Maybe, just maybe, the vaccine DOESNT WORK.  no matter how many shots of the thing you give, it still isn’t going to work…..however, it will make the company and the state department more money.

You can clearly see my bias, and that is ok with me.  I blog so I can share my opinion!   After reading blogs and articles and books about vaccines, I believe that vaccines are not effective, and that they decrease public health by preventing natural exposure and natural immunity and eliciting incomplete immune responses.  I believe they were developed after disease mortailty rates had already decreased to almost zero, and that vaccines contain toxic ingredients that have not been studied or proven safe, and that these toxic ingredients cause death and various manifestations of damage in children and adults, including autism in children, especially in those who are immune-compromised or nutrient deficient at the time of vaccination.

Part of my bias stems from my own injury from the Hepatitus B (HepB) vaccine, which I received two years ago at age 27.  The HepB vaccine is delivered over the course of one year, in three separate doses.  After each dose, my health deteriorated.  Despite my own experience, I did not allow myself to truly consider the association between my deteriorating health and the HepB vaccine shots, until a year and half later, because I was taught, as we all are, that vaccines are safe and could not possibly adversely affect health.  I only recently became aware that the government has paid just shy of $4 billion dollars since 1986 to those killed and injured by vaccines (and the courts reject two-thirds of the petitions heard!).  That money paid to vaccine-injured individuals comes not from the vaccine manufacturer (as they are completely protected from any liability by law since 1986), and it does not come from the government agencies who are responsible for making sure vaccines are safe – the money actually comes from the tax that individuals pay for each vaccine they purchase/receive.  What other product carries a labeled risk of injury and death, and is forced to be used by every person born (in some states like CA), and the manufacturer has complete legal immunity?  Crazy!

Another interesting question — how is it possible that no one knows about the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and the compensation “courts” that award those who’ve been injured and killed?  It  is because Congress made a decision to NOT publicize the Act, saying that it would conflict with the promotion of the vaccine program! (this information comes from Robert J. Krakow, who is a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney).  It’s not just you and me who are in the dark…ask your pediatrician  if they know about any of these things, and if they know where to find a list of vaccine reactions that they should be able to recognize, and if they even know that they are to report adverse effects from vaccines on the VAERS system, should they see one.  Do they even know what VAERS is?  Ask the emergency room pediatrician the same question, since they are the ones who see the more serious adverse effects —- many of them consider it routine that vaccines are causing these events, but they don’t even know they are supposed to report it to VAERS.  There are more than 200 types of adverse effects reported/documented on VAERS thus far.

In 2008, information from the Hannah Poling court case decision and information was leaked.  The Vaccine Injury Compensation program awarded the Poling family 1.5 million dollars, conceding that the vaccines Hannah received caused a constellation of systems, or autism.  Hannah’s father is a Harvard trained medical doctor, and prior to the vaccine injury at 18 months, Hannah had been a part of a study of normally-developing children, and therefore had received advanced brain imaging, which her father was able to use in the case to prove her vaccine injury.  The government’s concession that vaccines had caused symptoms (autism), was kept secret until the documents were leaked.

Up until 2011, one could still sue a vaccine manufacturer if one could show that the manufacturer could have made a safer vaccine, but this ‘loophole’ was closed in 2011 in the Supreme Court Case Bruesewtiz vs. Wyeth — the Supreme Court legally classified vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe” and said that there would be no more lawsuits.  No one can be held accountable in a court of law – not the maker of the vaccine, not the regulator of the vaccine, not the one who votes to mandate the vaccine, and not the one who administers the vaccine.  The vaccine “courts” established through the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act are not actually real courts included in our system of law….and the judges are not real judges, rather they are called “special masters.”  I don’t believe in conspiracy per say, but I believe that we have set up a system that prevents us from getting at the truth – a cultural, societal and political policy problem.


When babies are born, their brains are not fully developed…they have more brain cells than they need. It is though life experience, that the tracks are laid down to create the proper sequencing of the following areas of development:

  • muscular
  • speech
  • cognitive
  • emotional

Something is interfering with the proper sequence of those steps….something is getting in the way of the brain developing properly, and the question is why are so many kids experiencing interference with this sequence?  Why do 1 in 20 children under age of 5 have a seizure disorder as of the beginning of 2017?

Although I acutely feel the consequences of the HepB vaccine, I now see as I review my medical records from birth to the present, how vaccines have affected my health during my entire life, by looking at the dates of the vaccinations and the infections or other health issues I experienced afterward – I received vaccinations during infancy, early childhood, my teenage years, early adulthood, and of course two years ago.  I now realize that the common “normal” ailments, such as numerous childhood ear infections, eczema, asthma, food allergies, etc, are not normal per se, at least they weren’t as normal in years past – they are the new normal, and vaccinations are a cause of this new normal.  My family member, who has severe asthma for which they must be continuously medicated, actually had seizures when as a young child during a few periods of asthma flare-up (the asthma flare-ups were caused by a cold).  I actually saw them have a seizure – the time I remember most vividly was during a family vacation.  I don’t remember many things from my childhood, but the completely blank stare was unforgettable… ‘awake’ and eyes completely open, but not conscious or responsive.  This memory replayed in my mind when I heard this mother describe the seizures she witnessed in her baby following vaccination, and not too long before the baby died of SIDs.

Every child and person is different, as is demonstrated in families with several siblings, such as the family in this video, where one son is autistic, whereas the older sibling ‘escaped’ autism, but was instead left with asthma and a few other health issues.  Because the older sibling doesn’t have autism, one might describe him as super healthy, except for a case of asthma.  This is The DISCONNECT.  If someone has asthma, they are not healthy!!!

It may be easy for someone to watch these two videos and say “these parents are simply blaming their children’s unexplained health issues, be they ‘minor’ (asthma, eczema, fevers, ear infections) or severe (paralysis requiring breathing machines, or a laundry list of challenges including schizophrenia), on vaccines in order to make themselves feel better,” but if you take some time to watch more than one or two videos, you can see the undeniable pattern of vaccine and lack of health, in its various forms.  Some of the stories of vaccine damage are so straightforward and severe that it truly makes you wonder how on Earth we hadn’t heard them on the evening news or 60 minutes.

Many first time parents are simply strung along for years until they realize what has really happened to their child.  Think of how many years parents ‘lose while simply trying to grasp what is going on with their regressing child, and then the years these parents spend just trying to get through each day assisting their injured children, as described in this heart-breaking story.  While parents are in the thick of it (and some parents never get out of the thick of it, unless the child dies or recovers), they don’t have time to speak out, write blogs or books or start a movement in their community – their efforts are focused on caring for their children.  So when the media reports that these ex-vaccination parents are deranged and anti-science, and the parents themselves seldom have time or a platform to share their experience and wisdom, what will the public believe?  We all know the answer, as these parents describe the incredible challenges they have faced in the medical, government, and educational systems, as well as in their own social circles.

Corporations, organizations and journalists and media consistently attack the people who have dedicated their lives to healing their children, and to spreading the truth, as is shown in this video which begins with Vaxxed producer Polly defending herself against a recent media attack.  You can read even more bizarre attacks if you google Sarah Jane Cox or Polly Tommey.  If you find any of these attack blogs or articles, think back to the compassionate voice of Polly Tommey on all of the Vaxxed bus interviews I have linked in the paragraphs above and ask: who is telling the truth, and what have they sacrificed to do so?  Sometimes the attackers present themselves in a more credible way, like this blogger, but the ridiculous inaccuracies and deceptions are quickly revealed in Suzanne Humphrie’s rebuttal (I love the video toward the beginning).

Although most of the Vaxxed interviews focus on child vaccine injuries, there are various interviews focused on adult injury.  I fully resonate with this excerpt from Sayer Ji’s post on GreenMed Info.  I also have every single symptom, in addition to others.

“Adults who [are] injured from vaccines are not usually stuck in developmental prison in the same way as children [referring to autism]. Their confinement is caused by chronic disease and disability.  Adults experience fatigue, depression, brain fog, various types of pain syndromes, inability to digest food, high sensitivity to environmental toxins, high sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, and numerous other factors. They often find it necessary to seal themselves in a protective bubble of social isolation in order to maintain a partial level of normal functioning. Survival is about avoiding the next toxic exposure that could come from any direction – contaminated food, contaminated air, contaminated water, contaminated clothing, contaminated housing, etc.”

I believe that we should all avoid toxins, (and stop CREATING toxins!), but what he is saying is so true for me.  If I wear earrings my ears are bleeding by the end of the workday, and these are the precious metal hypoallergenic type!  If I eat a few cookies or something with processed sugar, I break out in multiple acne lumps on both cheeks the next day – and the lumps decrease in size but never go away – I have lumps now from over a years ago that are still visible and still red on both of my cheeks, and this continues to get worse.  I least I don’t have scabs forming on my cheeks like my family member who suffers from severe asthma, styes on their eyes, and many things.  If I drink  any alcohol I break out in hives and cough incessantly for hours.  If I am in a room where someone is using bleach or new paint, my chest starts hurting and I have trouble breathing.  If someone is wearing perfume, cologne, lotion, or strong hair products or has shampoo or conditioner residues, etc, it can cause extremely painful headaches and pain behind my eyes for the entire time they are present and for a few hours after they leave.  These are just some of the things that I experience that are above or in addition to the constant health issues I face and that never go away, even for a second, since I received the vaccine.

I wish I had never gotten the HepB vaccine.  I got the vaccine so I could shadow and work in the hospital, as I was studying to be nurse.  I knew I’d have to get the vaccine sooner or later, so why wait?  There are many people who are forced to recieve vaccinations, such as medical personnel, military personnel, etc.  But there are a few states requiring vaccination, and they no longer allow individuals to op-out for philosophical or religious resons.  We all know we are all so different – is it right that we force everyone to vaccinate?  Or should it be a choice?  If vaccines are effective, why are those who are vaccinated worried that they will contract disease from the unnvaccinated?  Is herd immunity actually a legitimate concept?  I’m worried when a baby becomes sick,; what if vaccination could prevent their sickness – what if a baby dies of one of these infections?  These are all fascinating questions.  If I had a baby spiking a fever above 105, and they had whooping cough, I know I would be scared, but I believe that in order to find the truth, we have to ackonwledge that infections in infants is scary.  Then we must separately assess the truth regarding vaccine history, safety, and effectiveness.

When I feel desperate, even when I have a bad head cold that won’t go away, the temptation to ask the doctor for antibiotics or take over-the counter pharmaceuticals is super high, but that doesn’t mean that the antibiotics will help – as its more likely that my cold is the result of a viral infection rather bacterial.  But I still want the antibiotics, thinking — “MAAAYBE it will help?”  That’s what I’ve told myself in the past when I felt really sick and miserable – I just wanted to take action, any kind of action.  But are antibiotics really just “benign insurance?”  Or are they actually hindering my body’s ability to heal from my viral infection by messing with my microbiome?  I think of vaccinations in a similar way.  We are scared of battling illnesses whose symptoms appear more threatening than the common cold, and we want to take action…any action that might help – enter vaccines!

Regardless of wether vaccines protect us from infection, are they even safe to inject?  The aluminum adjuvents used in vaccines have never been tested by themselves against inert placebos, and barely at all in any capacity.  The HepB vaccine contains quite a bit of aluminum hydroxide – 500mcg in each dose, and some vaccines contain larger amounts.  Find the ingredients in your vaccine by reading the vaccine insert, or try

Susan Humphries says on her blog: “There is a paucity of studies comparing never vaccinated children, with partially or fully vaccinated children. In terms of safety studies, a major issue is that most vaccine studies use another vaccine as the control placebo, or use the background substance of the vaccine.  There is only one recent study (Cowling 2012) where a true saline placebo was used, rather than another vaccine or the carrier fluid containing everything except the main antigen.That study showed no difference in influenza viral infection between groups but astonishingly it revealed a 5-6 times higher rate of non-influenza viral infections in the vaccinated. It is no small wonder more true placebos are not used in vaccine research.”

As is the case with many industries, manufacturers are often not required to list EVERYTHING in the ingredients list – can we even trust that the ingredients list is accurate?  As Suzanne Humphries points out in her deeply researched and referenced expose, Merck has been mislabeling the adjuvent used in their DPT, DTAP, and HepB vaccines for decades.

With all of the toxic ingredients and harm they cause, the question must be asked….do vaccines even prevent disease?  In this video interview, around 1 hour in, the mother with the curly hair explains how her un-vaccinated daughter contracted whooping cough in grade school along with many other children who were vaccinated.  She describes how her daughter bounced back after about a week, but that some of the other vaccinated children were hospitalized.  She uses this to demonstrate that although we are told that the immunity vaccinations give us prevent us from contracting a full-blown case of infectious whooping cough or mumps, this is simply misinformation in her experience.

What does it mean when we vaccinate against mumps and measles, but we get the mumps and measles anyway?  This actually happens – these outbreaks occur in highly vaccinated populations.

“Did you know that a controlled study published in BMJ in school age children showed that of all the whooping cough that was diagnosed, over 86% of the children were fully vaccinated and up to date for the whooping cough vaccine? There are similar studies showing that mumps and measles breakouts often affect the vaccinated. People who are vaccinated can have their immune systems altered in a manner that leads to susceptibility to other infectious diseases, and can also leave them vulnerable to the disease they were vaccinated for due to a phenomenon called “original antigenic sin”.  What is “original antigenic sin”?  This is where an injected vaccine antigen programs the body to react in a manner that is incomplete, and different to the natural response to infection .  When the vaccinated contact that disease again, they are unable to mount an effective response to the pathogen because vital first steps are missing.  The whooping cough vaccine is an example of this.” – Suzanne Humphries, MD

As Suzanne Humphries says: “Here are things to consider when you hear of an outbreak of an infectious disease: “How many of the affected were fully vaccinated and how many people died or were hospitalized? Were the cases verified with laboratory tests or are the reports based on community doctor reports?”

Another question to bear in mind is, “Were the people hospitalized because the disease was really serious, or because the family didn’t know how to deal with it, and responded to a medical profession hard-wired to believe everyone with that disease can die?”  In other words, “Was the admission to hospital really necessary?”

The grandfather, who is named Dr. Godfrey I believe, explains how vaccines actually increase the risk of infection for babies.  He explains that because many mothers currently have not contracted whooping cough or mumps or other childhood infectious diseases as girls, they don’t have any natural immunity or antibodies to pass on to their babies during breastfeeding.

He said that by design, the antibodies/breast milk would protect babies during their most vulnerable two years of life (assuming they would be breastfed for at least two years).  But what to do now?  I’ve been vaccinated.  I don’t want my baby to have whooping cough – there is nothing more heartbreaking than listening to a baby sniffle, much less cough or vomit, but is there truly a way to prevent it through vaccination?  What is the cost/benefit?  When I really consider this, I realize how unprepared I would be to nurse my child through the whooping cough, or mumps, let along a high fever!  I learned about bringing dangerously high fevers down through tepid wter sponge baths on the internet.  I’ve never seen it done in real life.  I think we forgot to how to nurse each other back to health in a flurry of vaccine-induced false security 😦  Susan Humphries leads the charge to nurse our babies and children through these infectious diseases anyway:

“Parents must learn the ways to take care of their children when they get the common childhood illnesses, whether they vaccinate or not, since vaccinated children can still get the diseases they were vaccinated against.  In the case of unvaccinated children, who experience childhood maladies, effective home-nursing most often allows children to recover naturally, and in most cases, the child will have long-term immunity.”

In fact, Suzanne Humphries shares detailed information on how to treat whooping cough in babies, children, and even infants – and she says she has had and seen 100% success!  Maybe we can still get through this!  Besides,

I’ma little jealous of those motherly ancestors of mine from the past – who I imagine knew how to bring their patients/children through these illnesses through home-nursing techniques and local herbs.  In my daydreaming, I’m probably romanticizing a little bit, but I know that they truly did have herbal knowledge and traditions which we lost somewhere.  I’d like to think, although I don’t know from any experience, that a sponge bath would be just as effective and safer in terms of immunology and the microbiome, than bringing down the fever with tylenol.  I guess I can make ‘stupid’ claims like this in the blogosphere.  But, interestingly, a doctor would not give a child a sponge bath; rather they would administer tylenol.  Who then will give the sponge bath as the first line of defense?  Or should we believe in the ‘benign insurance’ concept again when it comes to pharmaceuticals?  Or should we operate with a precautionary, tiered approach?   A precautionary, tiered approach certainly takes education, skill, and more time – and all three of these are a bit scarce these days in terms of home-nursing.  I feel this keenly on a personal level.  However, I can strive and attempt to increase my knowledge and skill.  Unfortunately, I recognize that not everyone has the time of the access to do so.


All of this creates a big question in my mind – if vaccines really aren’t effective, as shown by the outbreaks we see in highly vaccinated populations, are these people actually saying that the vaccines sort of work, sometimes (as shown by the lack of natural immunity to pass through breastmilk when the mother did not contract infectious diseases during childhood, due to being vaccinated?)  I don’t know the answer to this.  Maybe they mean that the infectious diseases we vaccinate against already became less common before the vaccines were distributed, and philosophically he is saying that we should be encouraging childhood infections, rather than discouraging them, since they are generally not fatal?  I don’t know.  And then there’s that other question – aren’t these infections potentially fatal?

I always wondered what really happened – were people dying in the streets before the public health was turned around by vaccine innovation?  Or did people simply learn how important it was to wash hands?  Was it the installment of sewage systems that did the trick?  Or maybe the end of mercury and arsenic medical prescription (did you know arsenic was injected into patients with syphilis into the 1940s)?  Was it the availability of more vitamin C in the diet or in prescription, administered in the form of supplements, IV, etc?  Humphries cites accounts of measles being avoided or modulated by vitamin C or cinnamon oil protocols in the early 1900s.

When I read Susan Humphries book ‘Dissolving Illusions’, I was shocked when I saw the data she presented.  The data included a graph showing the mortality rates from diseases such as scarlet fever, pertussis, diptheria, smallpox, measles, etc.  For example — on the graph, I saw that the death rate for pertussis (whooping cough) and measles had declined to virtually zero before the pertussis vaccine was invented.

“An additional important point to notice is that when looking at the graph you can clearly see that each year the trend was that of a decrease in deaths from whooping cough. At the point the vaccine was introduced there was no apparent effect in the downward trend.”

“In 1979 Sweden withdrew use of the DTP (P stands for pertussis) vaccine on the basis that it was not effective and possibly unsafe. The fear, of course, would be that with lower vaccination rates, the death rate would increase. So what happened in this case?

A 1995 letter from Victoria Romanus at the Swedish Institute of Infectious Disease Control indicated that deaths from whooping cough remained near zero. Sweden’s population was 8,294,000 in 1979 and 8,831,000 by 1995. From 1981 to 1993, eight children were recorded as dying, with the cause of death listed as pertussis. This averaged to be about 0.6 children per year possibly dying from whooping cough. These numbers show that the odds of dying from pertussis in Sweden were about 1 in 13,000,000 even when there was no national vaccination program. [6]

In another case, DTP vaccination coverage in England dropped from about 78 percent to 30 or 40 percent because of concerns over safety. The assumption was that there would be an increase in deaths due to the decreased coverage. The years from 1976 to 1980 were the ones when vaccination rates were at their lowest. Using official statistics, the number of deaths in those years totaled 35. The deaths from the previous five years (1971 to 1975), while vaccination rates were higher, totaled 55, or about 1.5 times greater than when vaccination rates were lower. [7] This was directly opposite what is generally believed should have happened.” – Bystrianyk and Suzanna Humphries

In the graph, we see death rates for other diseases for which we never developed vaccines decreasing at the same rate at which the diseases for which we vaccinated declined.

The vaccine debate is difficult and confusing because only some generalities can be used.  Each vaccine has an incredibly unique story – which includes its unique composition, marketing approach, effectiveness stats, adverse health effects, and impact on public health.  Consequently, each vaccine must be reviewed individually.

The pertussis story is easily explained, however, the measles story is more complex.  I read the details of the story in an article written by Humphries and Bystrianyk.

The graph and its accompanying details provided by Suzanne Humphries showed me that stories we tell in modern society are often missing critical parts, and are misrepresented. Often, if not always, when we think we have outsmarted nature, we find we have not outsmarted her, and in fact, harmed ourselves and the environment through our attempts.  Do we understand the immune system enough to play this game?

“When we hear about vaccines, we are often told a simple story of how they stimulate antibodies. The theory goes that the stimulation of antibodies creates a memory of a disease so the next time you encounter it, your body will quickly defeat the enemy. It’s a nice, simple, and easy-to-remember story.

Believing you understand the immune system because you hear the words “antibodies” and “protection” mentioned together is like thinking you know how a car really works because you see it has wheels. The immune system is a highly complex, still-poorly understood entity, composed of many different cell lines, each producing different chemicals that are released into the blood. These chemicals are used by the body and are affected by age, stress, nutritional status, environment, and a whole host of factors that are barely understood.”

We are learning more and yet realizing how little we know as science races forward.

In March 2017, EBioMedicine Journal published a study showing that mortality increased 10 times (if I understand that study abstract correctly?) when young children were given the DTP vaccine, when compared with non-vaccinated children in Guinea-Bissau in the early 1980s.  What did the children die of?  I guess they died of ‘non-specific effects.’  What does that mean?  I guess it means they died for reasons we don’t understand. 

I really wish our congressman would support H.R. 3615 to do a larger-scale study of total health outcomes in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations.  My congressman Jim Sensenbrenner had little interest in supporting this bill when I wrote him a letter about it.

How about sustained natural immunity vs. temporary artificial immunity obtained from vaccines?

“A very noteworthy study was published in 2013, looking at baboons, which are susceptible and manifest whooping cough like humans do. In the study by Warfel, baboons who were either vaccinated or not vaccinated were later exposed to pertussis bacteria, something that cannot be done experimentally in humans (due to ethical considerations), but which yields very important data. Expectedly, the baboons that had never been infected got the cough and remained colonized with bacteria for a maximum of 38 days. Baboons that were previously vaccinated and immune vaccine-style, became colonized upon later exposure for a longer time than the naïve baboons; 42 days. However unvaccinated baboons that recovered naturally and were later exposed to the bacteria did not become colonized at all – zero days.

So, who is providing better herd immunity in the face of bacterial exposure? Vaccinated individuals who presume they are immune, yet remain asymptomatically colonized for 42 days spreading bacteria? Unvaccinated kids who get infected and remain colonized for 38 days? Or the naturally convalesced who are not able to be colonized and therefore do not spread bacteria at all upon re-exposure? Better still: natural convalescence makes for decades longer, solid immunity than vaccination.” – Suzanne Humphries

Herd immunity.  Many claims are made about herd immunity.  The premise is that we protect ourselves through herd immunity when a high percentage of the population is protected through vaccination against a virus or bacteria, making it difficult for a disease to spread because there are so few susceptible people left to infect.

An argument is made that we need herd immunity to protect babies who are too young to receive vaccines, but babies receive all manner of vaccines – the HepB vaccine on Day 1 of being out of the womb, and all the other by 2 months. So who needs protecting?  Perhaps immune-compromised cancer patients?   

In the cancer ward, doctors are taught that children with cancer shouldn’t be around children who’ve been recently vaccinated, becuase recently vaccinated children can spread infection from their vaccinations.

Perhaps it is the elderly we protecting?  To see how the chicken pox vaccine has caused more elderly to contract shingles, read the chicken pox story toward the bottom of this post.

People often argue that unvaccinated children pose a risk to vaccinated children.  Why would unvaccinated children pose a risk?  If you’re vaccinated, aren’t you protected from infection?  Or do vaccines not work?

When we travel to some parts of the world, it is required or recommended that we receive certain vaccines, but often when we arrive at our destination, we find that none of the people living in that area have received those vaccinations.  The risk posed by the throngs of unvaccinated populations are never discussed as a threat to the success of the vaccine you preemptively received.

The true stories of vaccine ineffectiveness (i.e. measles vaccine) combined with the plethora of documented vaccine-related adverse health effects for all vaccines, is enough for ME to oppose vaccination.  But the story goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on….

“Children with a deficit in antibody production, called agamma-globulinemia, recover from measles just as well as normal antibody producers, and this has been known since the late 1960s when vaccines were being developed and advanced. But antibody response is really the only thing that is talked about and promoted when it comes to vaccines. Because this knowledge disturbed the simplistic antibody-protection paradigm, it was considered a “disconcerting” discovery in this 1968 medical paper.

One of the most disconcerting discoveries in clinical medicine was the finding that children with congenital agamma-globulinaemia, who could make no antibody and had only insignificant traces of immunoglobulin in circulation, contracted measles in normal fashion, showed the usual sequence of symptoms and signs, and were subsequently immune. [17]”

Bystrianyk and Suzanna Humphries and accompanying references


If you enjoy the endless facets of vaccines, disease, physiology and immunology, read on….

The Hygiene Hypothesis raises the idea that if we prevent our bodies from experiencing infections/obtaining natural immunity, we will experience more negative health outcomes later in life.

The Hygiene Hypothesis observes societies in which children are still experiencing typical infections (measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, roto virus infections) as babies and toddlers – and as adults, these individuals experience less autoimmune disease.  The Hypothesis recognizes that there is some important messaging happening during these childhood illnesses, between the bacteria/viruses/parasites and our immune cells.  The result of this communication may regulate a healthy immune response, so that later in life there is less automimmunity.  This is a very important hypothesis which is gaining a lot of traction.  It raises the questions – we are conducting an unintended experiment, by removing these infections, by using antibiotics – by using vaccines — we may be altering the maturation process of our immune cells, thus increasing the risk of autoimmunity.  It may be just a factor in addition to nutrient deficiencies and the toxins [from which we all suffer].” – Terry Wahls

Find below a “list of Hygiene Hypothesis references about the complex interaction between our bacterial, viral, parasitic, toxin, diet and other environmnetal exposures and future risk of autoimmunity.  The role of early infections in the maintenance of health is evolving.  More research is needed to understand the role of early bacterial, viral and helmenthic infections maturing our immune cells / immune system.” – Terry Wahls


When I’ve had conversations with people about the HepB vaccine and my adverse health effects, some cock their head a bit and say something like “I’ve had all my vaccines and I’m fine.  Do you really think your health issues could be related to the vaccine?”

Why do some people experience obvious injury, whereas other people are “just fine?”  The anwer lies in the fact that every body is different, and are functioning at different levels of health.

We know for a fact that children are killed by vaccines – it is reported on the federal government Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  We know others will have nuerological damage for life due to the known vaccine side effect of encephalopathy a.k.a. bran swelling.  We’ve never found a product you can inject into every person without some negative reactions – just like penacillin or anything else.  When we ask “how can we accept this?” Do we say “these are accepted casualties, sacrificed for herd immunity and our vaccine system”?  What IS the number of casualties – how many kids will die and how many will have neurological damage (like autism?) .  The internets gave me some data (disclaimer: I did not take the time to fact check these):

  • 1 in 6 is learning disabled
  • 1 in 9 has asthma
  • 1 in 50 has autism
  • 1 in 400 has diabetes

We don’t know how much of this is caused by vaccines, but we know vaccines are a factor in most, and as the affected parents describe, vaccines are a clear and undeniable causation for autism.  Personally, I’m sick of dismissing parents wisdom and experience and sacrificing all for the golden calf god we call science.  Science is a work in progress, and just because these parents aren’t scientists doesn’t mean they aren’t credible or capable of recognizing a cause and effect situation.  We are good at dismissing people, even those who who conduct science, like Dr. Sin Hang Lee, who was proving how and why the HPV vaccines was unsafe and unnecessary — while in the midst of conducting the science, his medical privileges to work at the hospital of which he was a director were revoked!  He explains in an interview I watched that when individuals send vaccine-damning studies to medical and science journal, that many editors nip those studies in the bud (censorship), and don’t send them to the next step  (experts/peer-reviewers).  Dr. Janet Levatin used to work at Boston Children’s Hospital, and was popular with parents who wanted an alternative vaccination schedule.  Once hospital management heard that she was offering an alternative to patients, the hospital said that she was no longer allowed to be on the list of affiliated doctors, which means she couldn’t work with the insurance networks anymore, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield.  These are just a few ways doctors who offer alternatives are marginalized.  If you look up “Andrew Wakefield” in Google, you’ll find an incredibly long wikipedia page about him, which is a list of lies.  If you read it and you’re not familiar with any of these vaccine issues nor Andrew Wakefield’s professional history, you might almost believe it, and miss the gross inconsistencies and not recognize the unprofessional tone with which it is written.  Don’t let yourself be deceived.

Although individuals describe their vaccine adverse health effect in their own words, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program/court, who ultimately legitimizes or delegitimizes these claims with dismissal or financial compensation, only uses words the court feels comfortable with…

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program will only compensate individuals for injuries or conditions that might appear or worsen following vaccination, and within a specific period of time, as listed on their chart specifically created for the compensation program.  The program might compensate an individual for a condition or injury following vaccination, but they would never say that a condition was caused  by the vaccination.  In at least two cases, the program compensated two children who became autistic post vaccination, but the program wouldn’t use the word autism becuase that word isn’t listed on their chart.  They used the word ‘encephalopathy’ instead.

Second, are we effectively capturing the data?

VAERS is the only system that captures assaults from vaccines.  The federal advisory agency, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) (which houses the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH), etc), states that the VAERS system only captures 1% of the total amount of injuries taking place!!!!!!!!!!   How could his occur?

  1. We know from several studies that only betwen 1 and 10% of injuries and deaths that occur from vaccine are actually reported.  A 2009 study showed that the majority of doctors who do report adverse events are reporting to the vaccine manufacturer, instead of to VAERS  Any reports the vaccine manufacturer forward to the government are such poor quality that the reports often can’t be used for post market surveillance reports.  
  2. Doctors aren’t given a list of vaccine reactions to look for besides fever.  How can doctors report adverse effects which they are not trained to recognize, in addition to being taught in medical school that vaccines can never possibly cause any adverse effects besides fever?
  3. Doctors and pediatricians don’t believe mothers who describe their child’s adverse effects, such as regression in language, social interaction and other skills, extreme pain/screaming that doesn’t cease.
  4. I’ve literally heard doctors say that they are taught that the mother knows best, except when mothers talk about vaccine adverse effects…..then, the mother is “crazy,” particuarly when the adverse health effect is in the category of developmental/brain issues, rather than an anaphylactic allergy reaction.


When I started learning more about vaccine injury, I was astounded to learn that many if not the majority of the vaccine-injured develop severe gastrointestinal issues.  In the few years prior to receiving the vaccine, my microbiome suffered a serious blow from a parasitic infection I experienced when traveling in South America, and from which I almost died due to dehydration.  After one suffers a parasitic infection like that, the microbiome is severely changed, and many suffer from IBS for several years afterward, if not perpetually.  The microbiome is simply the microbiological organisms that live in our gut – the balance of what we simplistically categorize as pathogenic bacteria, and beneficial bacteria!  But it is not simple – in fact, the way in which our bodies thrive DEPENDS on this balanced diversity.

Gut bacteria are vital for:

  • Host nutrition including synthesis of vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids
  • Immune function/signaling
  • Integrity of the gut barrier
  • Metabolism of foods including caloric absorption/retention
  • Hormone balancing
  • brain controlling functions/signaling

Gut microbes:

  • Vary with diet and environment
  • Of greater diversity are more adaptive

Our gut microbe populations are also responsible for response to vaccines and may predispose some to more vaccine injury.

The fact that I almost died from complications of a parasite infection means that my gut microbes were no longer balanced – it was pretty serious!  And as a healthy microbiome is critical for host nutrition, you can see one factor in my decline in general health after the parasitic infection – I was becoming more and more nutrient deficient.  When one is nutrient deficient and when the microbiome is not functioning optimally, the body absorbs and retains an incredibly higher amount of toxins, while a healthier person might absorb and retain much less.  There are so many factors that lead to vaccine injury, including but not limited to: microbiome balance/diversity >> immune function, nutrient deficiency, the body’s toxic burden, one’s neuromuscular health, natural immunity and adaptability obtained/or lacking from experiencing or not experiencing childhood infections.

Although I had what I now consider minor gut issues in the few years following my parasitic infection, these issues were NOTHING compared the the issues I began experiencing after I received my vaccine.  Now that I know that Andrew Wakefield was a gastrointestinal doctor, I now understand why the autistic vaccine-injured children’s mothers were beggin him to help – their children had IBS – major!


In my learning journey about vaccines, I focus on aluminum because the vaccine which injured me contains aluminum (Hepatitis B); however, there are numerous other toxic ingredients in the vaccine I received as well as every other vaccine, including but not limited to: mercury (a.k.a. thimerosal.  yes, this is still used – ask your doctor to read the vaccine insert, multi-dose  still contain this), formaldehyde, genetically-modified yeast, genetically modified soy….the list goes on.

While I work on a post specific to aluminum in vaccines, I can share that aluminum toxicity is associated with Alzheimer’s, autism, immune system damage, mitochondrial disorder (another link for mitochondria here), severe dandruff (which I have now – never had before!!) – due to metabolic dysfunction again (or body not absorbing fatty acids – aluminum wreaks havoc in absorption of all things), chronic fatigue, central nervous system and bone toxicity, anemia, impaired iron absorption — all of which I have (except Alzheimer’s), and all of which are associated with autoimmune disease.  The neurotoxicity reduces nervous system activity, inhibits enzymes in the brain, inhibits uptake of dopamine, serotonin, etc, which is related to ANY disease.

Why are these neurotoxic substances added to our vaccines and injected into our bloodstream?

Vaccines are most effective when a live infectious agent is used (a live amount of the illness-causing microorganism such as bacteria/virus, etc), but when live infectious agents are used, some individuals whose immune function is compromised in some way allows that live infectious agents injected into the bloodstream suddenly can kill or cause serious harm.  So, science, in the interest of not creating harm, created a ‘killed’ or dead infectious agent to inject instead, but our bodies know the agent is dead, and so we don’t mount much of an immune response to the infectious agent, thus making the vaccine completely ineffective.  Scientists decided we would add something to the killed infectious agent that is irritating to the immune system, to force the immune system to respond to the killed infectious agent.  These irritating compounds (called adjuvants) are toxic.  From the beginning of vaccine use in the 1930s we used toxic metals like aluminum as an adjuvant.  Why? Because our bodies hate it!  Therefore, it is REALLY effective in irritating the immune system.  If you’re wondering about mercury (thimerosal), and still considering getting vaccines, make sure you ask your doctor to see the vaccine insert – multi-dose vaccines still contain thimerosal, so that anything that may potentially get inside the bottle when the nurse pokes through the rubber diaphragm with the syringe, dies, as no life can exist in a solution of mercury.

NO studies have been conducted to determine how much, if any, adjuvent is safe for the body – in a single day,  nor over the course of a lifetime.  

“The tendency of a mass vaccination program is to herd people.  People are not cattle or sheep. They should not be herded. A mass vaccination program carries a built-in temptation to oversimplify the problem; to exaggerate the benefits; to minimize or completely ignore the hazards; to discourage or silence scholarly, thoughtful and cautious opposition; to create an urgency where none exists; to whip up an enthusiasm among citizens that can carry with it the seeds of impatience, if not intolerance; to extend the concept of the police power of the state in quarantine far beyond its proper limitation; to assume simplicity when there is actually great complexity; to continue to support a vaccine long after it has been discredited;… to ridicule honest and informed consent.” – Statement from Clinton R. Miller, Intensive Immunization Programs, May 15th and 16th, 1962. Hearings before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce House of Representatives, 87th congress, second session on H.R. 10541.


Each vaccine has a very unique composition, development, marketing approach, effectiveness, adverse health effects, statistics and impact on public health.  Consequently, each vaccine must be reviewed individually.  I’ll create a post for each vaccine’s story (the ones I am knowledgeable about – there are many vaccines out there right now!), but for now, I’ll post the first draft of the Chicken Pox vaccine story. 


Chicken Pox

Chickenpox is caused by the varicella zoster virus, which is a member of the herpesvirus family and is associated with herpes zoster (shingles) –

Approximately 100 people “died of the chicken pox” each year, before the chicken pox vaccine was created.  Half of these people were children, and half were adults.  However, all of these 100 people could have died from any infection, because they were already suffering from disease and immune dysfunction, on steroids or chemotherapy.  

Between March 1995 and July 1998, the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) received 6, 574 reports of health problems after chickenpox vaccination.  About four percent of cases (about 1 in 33,000 doses) were serious including shock, encephalitis, thrombocytopenia (blood disorder) and 14 deaths.  –

This equals about 88 serious health issues per year, which may have caused permanent life-long damage, and about 5 deaths per year in children considered to be healthy (it was standard protocol back then to not administer vaccines to a sick child).  Beyond this rudimentary comparison, or cost/benefit, you will see why the chicken pox vaccine is not only ineffective, but is causing more disease in our communities, and costing us incredibly more in health costs. Their marketing sounded good, but has been completely disproven by reality.

The chicken pox vaccine was actually not marketed as a life-saving vaccine.  It was marketed as a money-saver – the marketing campaign argued that if children were vaccinated, and continued to receive their chicken pox booster shots, that they would not contract chicken pox, and save parents and companies money, as the parents would not have to miss work to stay home caring for a sick child.  I find it very interesting that it was not marketed as a life-saving vaccine, don’t you?  First, that is because all people knew that chicken pox was not a fatal illness, so if they had attempted to market the vaccine as life-saving, it would have made no sense to the public and the chicken pox vaccine uptake would have been very low.  Working doctors used to laugh at the marketing campaign saying “this vaccine will never take off nor be mandated.”  So how did it become standard practice to vaccinate children for chicken pox?

Gary Goldman, is a research scientist, was employed in 1995 by the Los Angelos County Department of Health Services, for a cooperative project with the CDC.  He and his team surveyed the effects of the chicken pox vaccine in the Antelope Valley population of roughly 300,000 people.  This was one of a three ‘sites’ where the vaccine was being ‘trialed’ at that time.  

“We actively obtained reports of chicken pox from schools, hospitals, etc.  At first we were only monitoring chicken pox, but school nurses began saying that they were seeing cases of shingles in the schoolchildren.  Just before our grant was renewed in 2000 (5 yeras later) – we adjusted our proposal to add both shingles and chicken pox to the monitoring.  I found abnormal rates of shingles in children who weren’t vaccinated and adult reports of shingles were increasing significantly as well.  We should have been monitoring both diseases from the beginning.” – Gary Goldman

Shingles is a secondary disease.  A body can reactiveate the same virus as shingles, normally on one side of the body.  Normally, older adults get shingles many many years after their chicken pox they experienced as children.  Adults continue to be “boosted” year by year by cases of child chicken pox in their community/family and friends.  The booster, or exposure to the virus, reminds the body/immune system that the adult that they’ve had chicken pox and the body fortifies the immunity to chicken pox (and shingles) again.  When immunity in adults wanes – from decrease in exposure to chidlren with chicken pox, they may experience the secondary disease – shingles.  

As the vaccine became more widespread, and 50% of people younger than 10 years old had been vaccinated – the immune boosting/fortification resulting from natural chicken pox exposure from children in the community decreased becuase of the vaccination, so the children who’d had chicken pox were no longer receiving exogenous or outside exposures, so some were ‘reactivatin’g with the secondary disease – shingles.  Vaccinated children also reactivated with shingles, but less than those who didn’t receive the vaccine.  When one is vaccinated, they’ve received a recent boost/exposure, so they’re less likely to reactive with shingles.  Children who have received the chicken pox vaccine also sometimes contract chicken pox anyway, even when they received all of the booster shots!  The vaccine doesn’t work, as this mother describes (minute 11:00).   

When it came to shingles rates, the CDC and my local supervisors did not want me to investigate the shingles aspect, becuase it was considered a negative effect of vaccines.  I wanted to be an honest resaercher and look into all avenues, so i heard what they said, but i still kept an ative study of the data coming to try to explain why shingles was increasing, and i found a study from 1965 from Hope Simpson, where he sugggested that rates of shingles in different age groups were due to associations with children with chicken pox.  Adults with children had lower rates of shingles compared with adults who weren’t around children with chicken pox. ” – Gary Goldman

Shingles costs far more for medical costs of chicken pox, and when you eliminate natural chicken pox, you eliminate any cost benefit you set out achieve.  The vaccine manufacturer had analyzed the costs associated with parents staying at home to care for sick children at $63 million dollars per year.  But the increased costs to treat shingles exceeds these cost savings.  Additionally, the cost of the chicken pox cost was initially $35; it now costs $70, and remember…booster shots are needed to maintain the immunity – they are now developing a vaccine for shingles!!!!

The irony is that if one experiences natural chicken pox, they retain their immunity for life, as long as there are ‘reminders’ from exposure to children in their community circle.  And guess what?  This process is ALLLLLL FREE!!  The importance of recieving ‘reminders’ from children in the community circle makes another great case for not allowing the elderly to be isolated in nursing homes, but rather, visited frequently by children, or even, living with their children and grandchildren as they age.

Not only is natural immunity free, but if no vaccines are used, that prevents the 88 seriously injured children per year, and the 4 deaths per year resulting from the vaccine.  Finally, the vaccine may not be preventing the deaths of those 100 people per year we mentioned in the beginning, because if they’re not “dying from chicken pox” in their immune-compromised condition, they are most likely “dying of” a different infection.  Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are instructed to not even eat fruit, because there could be bacteria on the fruit that could cause an infection.

I am in no way meaning to decrease the significance of these 100 deaths per year.  These deaths are tragic, and their underlying diseases such as cancer are tragic.  However, let us look at all of the aspects of this story, and see with clarity which approach helps us, and which approach harms us.

At this particular time it would take a large effort to actually stop and reclaim the same protection/immunity naturally, and for free, from outstide boosting – going back to children with regular chicken pox.  No boosters would be needed, as chicken pox is a mild disease, and is a free booster to provide immunity from shingles in adults.  This freee immunity has now been largely lost.  Interestingly, it has been reported that indivuals that get fast growing brain tumours (gliamoa) – have never had chicken pox.  It is believed the virus has an outer structure similar to other viruses…so by getting the chicken pox virus, one actually protects against other viruses that appear similar in their antigens.” – Gary Goldman

Gary Goldman resigned from his position in Los Angelos in 2002 because he didn’t want to be a part of the research fraud taking place – his research analysis regarding chicken pox AND shingles was being suppressed, as the advocates for the chicken pox vaccine did not want to report anything that shed negative light on the vaccine.

“The paper I wrote for the department and CDC was published – accepted word for word, except the verbiage related to shingles and its incidence rate in Antelope Valley was deleted with no explanation.  

I wasn’t allowed to call 10 individuals who were reported as having shingles – TWICE! but we had called 20,000 people who ha had chicken pox.  All I wanted to know was if these 10 people had some pre-existing condition like cancer, or something that might have triggerd the second round of shingles.  

Without being able to conduct research in an objective way, I resigned.  For ethical purpose, I thought I would publish the entire story regarding the chicken pox vaccine, including the shingles aspect.  I prepared to submit the three papers which had been suppressed when I was employed.  I contacted the CDC and L.A. County Department of Health, telling them that I was purusing the publication, inviting them to claim author credit or to collaborate.  

After no response I proceeded to submit them to the Vaccine Journal in the U.K., and then a letter arrived from the L.A. County legal department…a very senior attorney demanded that I cease and desist on publication.  They told me that the papers and data were considered proprietary to the L.A. Department of Health.  I responded saying that through free access to public information, anyone can access this data.  I responded saying that it’s not uncommon for researchers to have differences in conclusion, and why not let the editors and peer reviewers of the journal decide?  I secured an attorney who wrote a letter on my behalf stating that I would pursue legal action based on federal false claims — and then, the legal cease and desist effort was simply dropped by the county.  

I feel that the CDC was behind this effort to suppress my publication, because I did a cost analysis of the chicken pox vaccine, taking into account the shingles aspect.  With one call from the CDC to Life Science Director who handled the vaccine journal publication, my papers were put on hold for a year.  It was not until I pursued legal action regarding the delay in publication that it was finally published.  I viewed this attempt to suppress as a stall tactic, to give the vaccine more exposure in communities before any negative data was published.  The CDC simply wanted to promote vaccination.

I know other projects – such as HIV/AIDS projects funded by CDC —- if the chiefs of the project didn’t cooperate with the CDC’s wishes, the chiefs or organizations could lose millions of dollars of fuding in other projects…some of the chiefs on our project were speakers for Merck, and received some outside compensation for supporting Merck’s agenda (Merck developed the chicken pox vaccine).”  



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