Our government broke the law – the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act

In October 2017 the I Can Decide organization sent a 37-page notice to the HHS, asking them to provide information.  What information?  In the 1986 Injury Act, it was established that the HHS is required to meet with Congress every two years to review ongoing safety studies regarding vaccines, and develop strategies to stop vaccine injuries and deaths.

ICAN requested that they share the reports resulting from these meetings between HHS and Congress, to see the work that they have done.

The HHS didn’t respond to the notice, so ICAN then filed an administrative appeal. The HHS still did not respond, nor did any other agency, so I Can then filed a lawsuit regarding the lack of response, demanding that their questions be addressed.

As a result of the lawsuit, HHS did respond, saying that they had never had ONE SINGLE MEETING with Congress, since the Act was established in 1986.  That means that from 1986 to 2018, they have not EVER fulfilled their legal obligation as established by the Vaccine Injury Act law.

Due to this, the HHS signed a ‘stipulation’ saying that this is true, and that they did not meet their legal obligation.   This stipulation can be found here: icandecide.org.

This stipulation was recently used in West Virginia.  As soon as West Virginian officials received this information and stipulation, they removed some of their vaccine recommendations, previously advertised as mandatory, from their government websites.  This occurred, literally, over night.

The stipulation is also being used by some individuals in court as they battle for custody and vaccine rights for the children. They are winning their cases with the stipulation, because it proves that the safety of vaccines is not existent.


The 1986 Injury Act mandated that a SEPARATE group have regular meetings — a task force comprised of the director of the NIH, the commissioner of the FDA, and the director of the CDC.  This task force was tasked with initiating safety studies regarding vaccines, which the HHS would then use for discussion when meeting with the Congress every two years (which we now has never happened).  We now know that that this task force met only one time, in 1998, which was four years after the Vaccine Injury Act mandated that they begin meeting.  And guess what?  The task force was disbanded immediately thereafter!

Senator Kennedy reviews some of these agencies, what they’re supposed to be doing, and what has NOT been done, in this video.

Additional FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests are being pursued by ICAN.  Additional lawsuits and legal actions are in process.


To give additional context, the HHS oversees the NIH, CDC, FDA, and HRSA.  The HRSA oversees the legal claims related to the vaccine courts.  The FDA is supposed to approve vaccines and regulate and ensure their safety.  The CDC is supposed to check on vaccine safety as well, and monitor how the vaccine program is going, and the NIH?  i don’t even know at this point.

Isn’t it amazing that although we have so many agencies working on this, that the only vaccine ingredient that has ever been properly studied has been mercury (thimerosal), which has now been pulled from almost every vaccine (except some of the flu vaccines)?

Isn’t it interesting that there is a CDC whistleblower (William Thompson) case on the primary study the CDC touts on its website as disproving any link between the MMR vaccine and autism?  The chairman (Jason Chaffetz) of the Oversight & Government Oversight Committee did depose William Thompson privately, but the current chairman, Trey Gowdy, has still not deposed William Thompson in a public hearing, in which lawyers such as Senator Kennedy could question in properly for all to hear.

And isn’t it interesting that no further studies have been initiated by our government agencies regarding a link between any other vaccine and autism?

Isn’t it interesting that no studies have been initiated to uncover the causes of what the government currently describes as ‘non-specific effects’ of vaccines?  Only a few specific effects out of the thousands of non-specific effects have been studied.

Isn’t it interesting that the people who develop, patent and profit from the sale of their developed vaccines are on the ACIP committee which decides which vaccines are added to the CDC vaccination schedule?  ex. Paul Offit and the retrovirus vaccine.  Should there be a rule requiring developers to recuse themselves from the vote?

Isn’t it mind-blowing that study after study is coming out in which scientists themselves are admitting that the scientific community has no idea how the immune system works or how vaccines need to work or how they affect our bodies?

Isn’t it INSANE that scientists are saying that vaccines like the DTaP has NEVER prevented any infection or provided ANY immunity to anyone?

Isn’t it amazing that children who have been vaccinated no longer have a healthy autonomic nervous system response / heart rate variability, when measured in various situations with various triggers, such as anesthesia / breathing tubes inserted into the airway?   And that unvaccinated children still retain their healthy response?  This is nervous system destruction we’re talking about!!

Isn’t it amazing that the only studies which have looked at epigenetic negative changes (modulations) caused by vaccines, have come from other countries like Africa and Sweden, in which their vaccine programs are skittles compared to our robust program?  Maybe they have so many fewer vaccines on their schedule, because they are HEEDING the science that does exist.

I could go on and on….

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