Surprising sources of magnetic EMFs that harm your body

In the USA we have an electrical code book — mine is thicker than my bible!   While electricians say they follow the code correctly, the reality is that they don’t.  Every home has 2 – 3+ wiring errors, typically.  These wiring errors create intense, harmful magnetic fields, that can be even stronger than the magnetic fields you find under high voltage power lines.   If there are wiring errors in the home, then data wires such as ethernet, hard-wires security systems, phone lines, etc, typically cause additional problems, and other EMF issues can be exacerbated.

Even appliances that are engineered improperly can generate ridiculously high magnetic fields, causing leukemia and brain tumors.  For example, if an adult sleeps next to a clock radio that is radiating a magnetic field at 14 milliGuass for 30 years, their chances of getting a brain tumor is incredibly high.  I’m not saying that all clock radios are dangerous, but unfortunately, we don’t know which appliances are the offenders unless we have our own meter with which to measure each appliance.

Children are especially vulnerable to all EMFs, including magnetic fields.  Childhood leukemia is not a stroke of unlucky fate…many times, leukemia is caused by EMFs.

One of the most common wiring errors

Error: 2 branch circuits feeding one electrical junction box behind two switches — neutrals mixed together.  Electricians will swear that they would never do this, as it is a code violation, yet it occurs ALL. THE. TIME.  And they don’t check their work.  Everything in the circuit will ‘work’ (dishwasher, etc).   Inspectors aren’t trained to look for this code violation.  The error creates stray current, and you no longer have a balanced load.  It creates a strong magnetic field that harms your body.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.06.13 AM

More Errors

If one wants to wire a building properly, they need to follow electrician Karl Riley’s practices, as he has laid them out in his book “Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding

His book includes diagrams like the one below, which electricians will understand the purpose of if you talk about stray current and amperage….but if you talk about magnetic fields, they will have no idea what you’re talking about.

Similarly to the situation above, electricians will tell you that they would never make the mistakes that Karl Riley talks about regarding this diagram, but there are always one or ten! errors, even when electricians are told that they need to adhere to the concepts outlined in Karl’s book.  Diganostics done after the job, (pulling neutrals off the neutral bus, one by one, will show the numerous errors).  One should never attempt such a diagnostic test unless they have advanced training, like electricians do.  The bus is dangerous and needs to be handled by a professional.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.17.44 AM.png

If errors are made here, they will increase point source magnetic fields in your building or home.

Hire the Appropriate Help

If you are building or remodeling a home, hire a professional to assess the electrical, and mechanical layout of your home and to be a watchdog for the electrical work.  Alex Stadtner of is a great resource.  Hiring a consultant will avoid dirty electricity errors and general biologically harmful choices that could easily be avoided.   You don’t ever want to put sleeping areas next to ‘point sources’ such as refrigerators, electrical ovens, etc.  In the case where sleeping areas can’t be away from point sources, magnetic shielding can be installed.

Stray Current / Magnetic Fields

Water, power, sewer, data, gas are the mainlines coming into your home.  If there are wiring errors in your neighborhood, any of these utilities can become a conduit to carry stray current into your home.  The best practice is to have all of these things coming into the building all in the same area, and they should all be grounded.  There are code requirements that require all of the groundings of these things to be visible.  You can use a magnetic field meter to see if there are stray currents.

If there is stray current, you can use a clamp-on amp meter to measure around the line or pipe, and send a picture of the reading to the utility.  Utility companies don’t like when gas lines, for example are carrying stray current.  You may have to fight more for phone lines or water pipes, but sometimes water utilities are aggressive in fixing this issue, due to the hazard of stray current to plumbers.

Appliances Emit Magnetic Fields

Every time you have a hot and neutral wire that come apart, as they need to do, in order to connect to both sides of a receptacle, or both sides of a light switch, a magnetic field results.  The same applies to any electrical appliance or item.  Make sure you choose appliances that have electrical components that are located at the farthest distance from your body.

This is an appliance to AVOID.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 2.02.09 AM.png

Choose an oven where the display is at the BACK.

Household Appliances that Draw Large Currents

Appliances such as hairdryers and electric razors that draw large currents have extremely high magnetic fields…higher than standing underneath some high voltage power lines.  You don’t sleep with or use hairdryers all day or night long, but some people DO sleep all night long with electric blankets.  All of these things and others that draw large currents should be avoided at all costs.

Induction for Cooking

Nicolas Pineault reviews these in his book The Non-Tin Foil Guide to EMFs, which you can purchase on Amazon.  Avoid induction!

Be Empowered

You can measure your own home, inside and outside with a magnetic field meter.  Contact Safe Living Technologies to purchase one.

I have the UHS2 3-axis magnetic field meter, which is $299.00.  There may be other meters that you can buy that are cheaper – see below.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.21.45 PM.png

You can buy a meter which measures THREE types of EMFs

  1. Radio Frequency (wireless)
  2. magnetic fields
  3. electric fields  .

The best combination meter of this type is the new Cornet ED88TPlus, but it can be confusing to use.  So, if you want the EASIEST meter to us, check out the alternative option below.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 10.43.08 PM

Combination meters are not as sensitive in many cases as meters that only measure one type of EMF, but for many cases, this will be enough to know if there’s a problem for which you need to bring in a professional.

After you Empower Yourself, Hire a Professional if You Find Concerning Levels with Your Meter

Hire a certified building biologist.

The cheapest combination meter, as explained by Nick Pineault:

The RD10 is extremely small (a real pocket-sized meter, finally!), extremely simple to use, and looks at 3 types of EMFs:

  • RF: Radiofrequency (also called “microwave radiation”) from cell phones, cell towers, Bluetooth, wifi, etc.

  • MF: Magnetic fields — emitted near power lines, or near big motors such as the ones you can find at the back of a fridge

  • EF: Electric fields — emitted by standard household wiring and anything that can be plugged into a wall

At $140, it’s also the cheapest EMF meter for beginners, a more expensive option is the CEMprotec 34.

Here’s what the RD10 is NOT though — and it’s an important key I think I failed to stress enough in my latest videos:

  • It is NOT a professional grade meter

  • It will NOT give you very precise numbers

  • It will NOT tell you for sure that the EMF levels in your home are “safe”

  • It will NOT detect all sources of EMFs — some types of pulsating signals coming off certain types of wifi technologies or cell towers might be missed

The goal of you having an RD10 is NOT to replace a professional assessment by a certified Building Biologist or Geovital consultant. These guys have extremely precise scientific-level equipment that is essential to assess whether your EMF environment at home is low enough for YOUR current level of sensitivity or current state of health.

The RD10 is what we could call a “sweeping” meter. It should be used to:

  • RF: Verify whether a wireless device is currently emitting EMFs or not — like I did in THIS video where I identified that my rental car’s Bluetooth was on, and emitting needlessly. I turned the option off and could verify that no more EMFs were emitted.

  • RF: Have a loose ideas of where the EMF “hotspots” in your home are. You need to move the meter in all directions as this is a “single axis” meter.

  • MF: Figure out if there is an extremely high source of magnetic fields (such as the back of your neighbor’s fridge on the other side of your bedroom wall) near your pillow.

  • EF: See if a device is a source of Electrical Fields. As a general rule, anything that is plugged into the wall automatically becomes an important source of EF. This is why I recommend unplugging everything from the walls near your bedside at night, or turning off the circuit breaker to your bedroom altogether.

  • Help your friends, spouse or any family member realize that this EMF stuff is real — it makes an invisible thing finally visible.

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