Will You dance With truth? Watch if you dare

This documentary, free for a short time, reveals the true ugliness of what we consider commonplace.

It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN they will become sick.  The children in this documentary have deformities and genetic mutations that cause great pain and suffering, for the children, and those who care for them.

I find it striking that the fathers in the documentary recognize that THEIR exposure has caused genetic damage in THEIR sperm, contributing to the child’s mutations.  Often it is only the mothers who acknowledge that lifestyle has influenced their child’s outcome.  Because it is women who give birth, often men think that the way they live their life has no effect on the health outcomes of their children.  Damage can be caused prior to conception, on either the part of the father (sperm), or mother (egg), or both, in addition to damage being caused during pregnancy.

In many of the couples shown in this documentary, the men have direct exposure to toxic chemicals while they are working, but the women are also exposed indirectly, while washing their husband’s clothing.  But everyone is exposed – through their water supply, and the air.

One reason we don’t see similar horrific deformities and disease here in the United States is probably because we filter our water at the treatment plant in each town or city.  But the water is still polluted — all the water that doesn’t get filtered for the purposes of drinking.  The wall between us and the type of suffering shown in this documentary is thinner than we believe.  How can we have done this to the very water we need to sustain ourselves?  In the name of weed-free lawns, as well as weed-free crop fields.  If you have family members who still spray their lawn, ask them to watch this documentary.  Ask them to read the blog post revealing the suffering of Lee Johnson, and his epic win in court against Monsanto, and tell them that Monsanto has known since 1999 that their products damage us at the root – the DNA.

Like in the case of United States citizen Lee Johnson, with a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer rash covering his entire body from using glyphosate products as the groundskeeper of a school in Califronia, the consequences always come later…it is just a questions of when, and in what form.  Though Lee won his case and it was a historic victory, we must face the truth – that it is not just glyphosate that causes suffering and disease  – it is ALL of the agro-chemicals.  It just so happens that the only significant court case involved just one of these chemicals – glyphosate.

The way we all use chemicals, on our lawns, is killing us – polluting the water supply.  I talked with a man in rural Hudson, Wisconsin, who said in response to learning about the $250 million in punitive awarded to Lee Johnson who is dying of cancer... “I think everything is ok in moderation….”  He was spraying his lawn with chemicals.

Is everything ok in moderation?   Who decides how much is ‘moderate’ ?  Who should be allowed to spray any amount?  Who monitors how much someone actually uses?

Do you know that when you buy a bottle of RoundUp or insecticide or fungicide or any ‘cide’ to spray on your lawn, not only are you polluting the water, air and soil, but you are supporting the multinational chemical companies like Monsanto, Bayer, Nestle, Dow, etc that purposely take advantage of the people in countries like Argentina, polluting their water supply and raping their land.   Then, when the people ask the government for clean water, the government forces them to sign away their right to take their physical disease and malformations to court.  It is oppression of the worst kind.

I believe no one should use these chemicals.  There are safe alternatives, as shown by Alan Savory (Holistic Planned Grazing), Gabe Brown (holistic planned grazing beef cattle, combined with cropping), Joel Salatin, Geoff Lawton, Mark Shepard (Restoration Agriculture – permanent tree crops and soil-building wholesale vegetable production), Sepp Holzer, and many others.

The suffering of the children in the documentary is difficult to watch….I cried many times….but we SHOULD watch this.  In order that we find the reason to amend our ways.  We should feel this pain…so that it can bring about change.  These people are essentially slaves to the American company Phillip Morris, and are essentially forced to use the poisons on their crops.  Though this is one industry – tobacco, the same practices are used everywhere in this country and others — places American companies such as Monsanto sell genetically modified seeds to, and the accompanying chemicals, as well as places we buy our ‘food’ from – places that are using these chemicals — coerced by vile companies from the Western world, such as Monsanto (now Bayer), Nestle, Dow, etc.


I say ‘feed me truth or feed me nothing — I’d rather starve than eat anything other than the truth.”


Put a “Pesticide Free Zone” yard sign in your yard.  Talk to your neighbors.  Start a garden.  Start a small patch of pollinator friendly flowers, and expand it every year.  Buy organic food.  Buy your meat from grass-fed farms.  Learn about holistic planned grazing.  Start a dialogue with your grass fed farmer about it.  Ask them to watch the following two documentaries:

As them to watch carefully, and notice that these techniques are shown in a wide variety of climates, with a wide variety of rainfall.  It can work anywhere.


You can buy the documentary here: http://cinemalibrestudio.com/genetically-modified-children/dvd.html




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