Trump raised incandescents from the dead

“The President did away with a ridiculous Obama-era rule that would have banned the incandescent lightbulb, restoring freedom for Americans to choose how they light their homes.

I never bought into the CFL, or the LED. A few years after not buying into them, I obtained the knowledge that justified my suspicions about both CFLs and LEDs (excellent Mercola article). LED light bulbs cause dirty electricity in the 62 KHz range in your home, macular degeneration, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and suppress melatonin which causes all manner of maladies. CFLs cause all the same things, but have the additional problem of containing hazardous waste (mercury gas).

I was having trouble finding incandescent light bulbs in stores for a few years – store owners told me that incandescent light bulbs had been phased out and it was against the law to manufacture them….that I was buying the last of ‘old stock’. I truly lamented, and wondered: what will I do when the last incandescent bulb had been sold? …use candles? I’d like to, but it’s not practical, at least not right now. I was depressed, but with all of the things needing advocacy in the world, light bulbs are pretty far down on the list.

Suddenly, I began to find the incandescent bulbs at the store once again! I did not know the reason, but I felt very happy!

Today I stumbled across the reason that my fav light bulb came back from the dead….Trump!

Promoting the Rule of Law Through Transparency and Fairness in Civil Administrative Enforcement and Adjudication – executive order, October 9, 2019

“…we’re also going to solve incandescent bulbs.  And people are so happy about it.  It’s really been pretty amazing.  (Applause.)  People don’t tell you why.  All they do is say, “Oh, he’s getting rid of an energy-efficient bulb.”  Well, they don’t tell you about the dangers of the bulb [CFL], and they don’t tell you about the cost of that bulb.

….I don’t know if you know this — they have warnings.  If it breaks…when the bulb is out and no good…it’s literally considered a hazardous waste site, because of all the gasses inside.  And [to dispose of it], you’re supposed to bring it to a certain location.  And I say, “Who does that?”  Nobody.  Nobody does.  It’s very dangerous.

…we’re allowing people to choose.  They can buy a much less expensive bulb that looks better, or they can spend a lot more money on what they were doing, and that’s fine, too.  They might like it.  It might last longer, and that’s okay.  But it is still a hazardous situation when you have to dispose of these things, whereas in the old system, you don’t have [that].  So we’re bringing the incandescent bulb back for those that want it.  We’re going to have both…We like to have alternatives.

-September 13, 2019:

I’m just tickled pink that Trump did this for us. Thank you President Trump. I may have to look at a screen for hours each day for work, but at least I can get some relief when I turn the laptop off but need to wash some dishes at night with my safe incandescent light bulb.

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