Homemade fermented vegetables – mold guide.

Do you ferment vegetables at home, Sandor Katz style? Homemade fermented vegetables are the most superior probiotic ‘supplements’ available to us, and they are extremely cheap and easy to make! However, some of us end up throwing away these nutrition-packed science experiments due to…mold. Becky Plotner of Nourishing Plot has written an EXCELLENT guide on how to determine what is suitable for consumption.

If your ferments ever grow mold, or a lot of mold — like in the pictures below, don’t throw it away without reading Becky’s blog post first! https://www.nourishingplot.com/2020/10/27/how-do-you-know-when-to-throw-out-fermented-vegetables-that-are-moldy-youre-probably-wasting-your-money/

Happy fermenting!

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