Can the government force you to go to a facility if you test positive?

Internment camps – we’ve had them before in the United States…now they’re coming back? New Zealand, Italy, Canada, and USA?

New Zealand a few months ago – Prime Minister says those testing positive will go to quarantine camps managed by military 
Anyone who refuses a test after being there for 14 days will be kept longer in the quarantine facility:

Canadian government posted a call for expressions of interest from contractors in September who want to supply and manage internment camps throughout every province: parliament October discussion in parliament:

This is the RFP the speaker was referring to, which i can no longer find on the website.  The contract said there are 9 sites currently, and they may expand to 11 more.  It leaves the definition open regarding who can be detained at these facilities. 

United States CDC published guidance for isolation in July, albeit for ‘humanitarian areas’: Refers to military terms “safe and green zones”. “Explanation: The shielding approach proposes that green zones be maintained until…[1 option] the COVID-19 epidemic affecting the population subsides”

British citizens held in quarantine facility in Italy for 61 days, because they could not produce negative covid tests:

Biden states that wearing a mask is our civic duty. The same has frequently been said about vaccines…from the measles vaccine to…other vaccines. Apparently, our civic duties continue to steadily expand….

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