D.C. bill asks schools/doctors to lie to parents & hide child’s vaccination

Of the hundreds of bills seeking to force vaccines upon children, B23-0171 is the most disturbing thus far, to go to final vote on November 10, 2020.

This bill gives authority to children (11+) to vaccinate without parent’s consent. BUT, the KICKER is that the bill compels insurance companies paying for the vaccine, doctors or nurses administering vaccine, and schools to CONCEAL the information of vaccination from the parent, and even falsify records!

For example: the insurance companies are not allowed to provide the policy-holder (the parents!) explanation of benefits to see what was paid for.

The bill compels doctors to leave the information blank where the vaccine was given, give the record to the school, and requires the school to keep the records confidential from any parents.

WOW. A bill asking institutions and professionals to falsify records to lie to parents.

::::::::: please pause.

Peer pressure not only from the children’s peers, but now also the teachers and administrators, telling the children ‘your parents are wrong’ and ‘they aren’t raising you right’ if the parents have concerns about vaccines. “Get your flu shot!” “Target will give you $5 for free!

Add school nurses, doctors, insurance companies, and money to made from people who will brow-beat your children until they give in. Destruction of the family…as children enter the stage of puberty where they are already rebellious and very vulnerable to programming.

In 2019 at the end of February and beginning of March…congressional hearings arose after measles outbreaks, talking about vaccine hesitancy. They prevented those who had knowledge of the law from participating, but brought in a teenager Ethan Lindenberger, who criticized his mom on social media about how she didn’t vaccinate him. It was planned ahead of time. After that set of hearings, there were media articles advancing this ill-conceived notion that Ethan (18 years of age) represents an 11-year old.

This bill had a hearing in June 2019. There was no movement on this bill until October 7, 2020, the Health Committee composed of four D.C. council members held a virtual hearing with non testimony (Zoom call) and unanimously voted the bill through and put it on the agenda immediately for a full council vote, where B23-0171 passed 12:1 at the October 20th first reading. The lone vote against came from Council Member Trayon White Sr., who has a 12-year old son, who will not get off the computer at night unless they as parents said something. The discussion of the bill starts at 5:36 in the archived video. These kids do not know that there are serous consequences to vaccination, and if the parents don’t know they are vaccinated, they can’t seek compensation from HHS if there is an injury or God-frobid, a death. This is a GREAT way to prevent anyone from ever reporting an injury or death to the self-reporting system or to HHS monkey court, again.

They’ve scheduled the final vote during a legislative meeting on November 10, 2020 at 10am. This is not like a state legislature, these are council members.

The chair of D.C. health committee was quoted in the Washington Post saying “the hope of an imminent corona­virus vaccine gave the bill new urgency.” The sponsor of the bill emphasized that corona virus vaccine was the main reason she wanted to get the parent ‘out of the way’. The sponsor’s comment in the archived video, amendments are discussed at the 8:44 mark and the sponsor’s comments begin at 9:48 time mark: 

A child can’t get their ears pierced without parental consent, but to pierce a child’s skin AND inject a substance….these council members think that’s AWESOME, and right.

As D.C. houses our nation’s capitol, there is additional oversight not existing in the states.

“If the bill passes second reading, it goes to the Mayor who has up to 10 days sign the bill, let it go into effect without a signature, or veto it.  If the mayor vetoes the bill, the Council can override the veto by a two-thirds vote. 

The final step before becoming law is the bill must be sent to the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate for a period of 30 days before becoming effective as law. During this period of Congressional review, the Congress may enact into law a joint resolution disapproving the Council’s Act. 

If, during the review period, the President of the United States approves the joint resolution, the Council’s Act is prevented from becoming law.  If, however, upon the expiration of the congressional review period, no joint resolution disapproving the Council’s Act has been approved by the President, the bill finally becomes a Law and is assigned a law number.” – NVICAdvocacy.org

This bill passed is so dangerous. Anyone you know in D.C. – send them this information and ask them to take action, NOW!

***UPDATE 11/20/2020***

Despite enormous protest, the D.C. Council passed this predatory bill by a vote of 10 to 3 on November 17, 2020.

Our only chance to stop B23-0171 is to ask the Mayor of D.C., Muriel Bowser, to VETOthe bill.  The Mayor has up to ten days from the passage to respond.

This bill conflicts with Supreme Court precedent affirming parental rights.  It puts children’s health and safety at risk for serious reactions and even possible death, and it exposes children to be victims of undocumented overvaccination. 


The bill passed and was enacted into law on December 23, 2020: https://www.billtrack50.com/BillDetail/1096783

TAKE ACTION if you live in DC:

Contact the Mayor Muriel Bowser and ash her to VETO B23-0171.  This action must be done immediately since she has only a few more days to veto the bill.


Phone: (202) 727-2643

While there is a sample script below to help you organize your thoughts, it is vital that you not simply read it on the call.  

Introduce yourself, and mention where you live (the mayor knows you’re a constituent).  Then share why this issue matters to YOU.  Has your child or a family member had a reaction to a vaccine?  Have you been pressured by medical providers or other people in authority?  Keep it short, but her understand why this issue is important.

Don’t live in DC?  You can still help!

Spread the word!  Share this alert with people you know in the region, so that more DC residents will call the Mayor’s office.


“Hi, my name is ____ and I live in ____.  I am calling to ask Mayor Bowser to VETO B23-0171.

I oppose any legislation that would allow minors to consent to vaccines without parental consent.

As recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court, vaccines are pharmaceutical products that carry risk of injury or death.  It is irresponsible to allow children to make medical decisions that may injure or kill them without the knowledge of their parents.

Unlike other procedures that are allowed without parental consent, such as contraception or mental health services, vaccines are not typically something a minor seeks out – but rather something that medical practitioners and school seek to push onto them.  The risk of pressuring a child into a medical procedure that they don’t actually want is all too real with vaccinations.

The U.S. Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has awarded over 4.4 billion dollars to vaccine victims. 

Minor children may not be aware of family medical histories, and even their own young childhood history of vaccine reactions, which would be relevant to deciding if a particular vaccine’s risks outweigh the benefits.

I urge Mayor Bowser to VETO this bill today.

Be sure to explain why this issue is important to you. You may wish to use a couple of the talking points below. Don’t copy all of them – just use them as ideas to help structure your own message.

TALKING POINTS for calls and emails:

  1. A child may not know their personal or family medical history, including vaccine reactions, allergies and autoimmune or neurological disorders, all of which contribute to the chances that they may have a serious reaction to a vaccine.
  • Children do not have the same kind of critical thinking skills or emotional maturity to make a vaccine benefit-risk decision as adults have.  Additionally, children and adolescents are vulnerable to authority-figure persuasion.
  • If a child consents to vaccination without their parent knowing and has a reaction, the parent may not recognize the reason for their child’s decline in health and this lack of knowledge could be life threatening for the child. 
  • Share a personal story, if you have relevant experience.  Do you have a vaccine-injured child, and you weren’t told about the risks before vaccinating or were pressured into vaccinating despite your concerns about the risks? Do you have family members with medical conditions that would be relevant to assessing the risks, and your child doesn’t know the details?
  • Vaccine makers and the healthcare providers who administer them bear zero liabilityfor vaccine injuries and deaths.  The vaccine manufactures reap all the profits from vaccines, without having to pay for any of the injuries or harm.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court recognizes vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe” and to cause injury and death in some recipients.  The US Government has paid out more that $4.4 billion to the victims of vaccine injury.  Hundreds of thousands have reported an adverse reaction to vaccination to VAERS. http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/ensuringsafety/monitoring/vaers/
  • By consenting to a vaccine, a child is also consenting a shortened statute of limitations for any claim of injury under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – presumably with little or no understanding of what that means.  It is also much less likely vaccine reactions will be recognized and connected to the vaccine by a child on their own and filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.


View text, status and history of the bill here: http://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B23-0171

Read this article: https://thevaccinereaction.org

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