Voter fraud – does it exist?

Prior to this week, I never really thought it was a big problem. I am very shocked to see these videos. This is only a very small sampling. There are hundreds of law suits being slung as we speak demanding legally-required video footage of ballot counting, drop-offs, ballot boxes, etc. There are lawsuits challenging votes in districts where there were more mail-in votes COUNTED than there were REQUESTED. What do you think?

Finding that one-third of mail-in ballots mailed back from residents were never recorded.

Press conference held by Trump’s lawyers – they made an opening statement in which they described voter fraud, including in the Dominion voting machine systems, and said they would prove their claims in court:

Chair of Federal Election Commission believes voter fraud has taken place in this election:

Attorney General William Barr Authorizes DOJ to Look into Voting Irregularities

#Developing: The #DominionVotingSystems that “glitched” in favor of Joe Biden (and was used in 29 states), partnered up with Clinton Global Initiative and had on staff former employees of both Clinton Growth Initiative and Clinton Cash Cow TENEO. Full report on @OANN,

Trump lawyers will bring hundreds of witnesses to court as evidence that they were not allowed to observe ballot counting:


Representatives wouldn’t certify votes, then agreed under harassment and duress if the state would conduct an audit of the vote. State agreed but then said they didn’t have to uphold their agreement to do an audit, so representatives rescinded their vote to certify:

Jessy Jacob affidavit claiming she was instructed to improperly pre-date absentee ballots and not to look at signatures:

Election Worker Assigned New Names To Voters When It Appeared Absentee Ballot Was From Person Who Already Voted
Sworn affidavit from a Republican poll challenger, Zachary Larsen, a former Assistant AG:

Man asking republican ballot count observers to be let in to observe and help count: The republican observers were forced to wait on the rooftop of the building, supposedly in the video by someone named Mr. Daniel Sims, who is blocking his face from the speaker’s phone camera and has a security badge around his neck.

People in the video on the rooftop are then joined by additional republican observers who were not allowed in. They are saying they can’t even see how many observers are in the room. Mr. Daniel Sims says that the republican observers are not allowed in due to “Covid capacity.” Mr. Sims then said he is not allowed to say who gave him his order nor is he allowed to give any more information. When asked what Covid rules prevents the observers in, Dr. Sims says “no comment.”

MI GOP Chair explains “software glitch” in numerous counties accidentally counted Republican votes as Democrat votes: She states that this “glitch” caused a 6,000 vote swing in just one county.

A Republican attorney gets kicked out by Democratic ballot-handlers just for asking “What’s the count?” (video has been removed by Twitter)

Detroit ballot counters says that they were ready to go home when suddenly a white van, a Chrysler, and a Ferrari, pulled up with over 130,000 additional ballots. In her own words, “Every single ballot, literally 100% of 130,000 ballots, were all Biden ballots that hadn’t been delivered to the precinct before the cut off time.


Pennsylvania judge blocks state from certifying election results in presidential and all other races.

Around midnight on November 3rd, as TGP reports:

In Pennsylvania Trump was ahead by nearly 700,000 votes.
In Michigan Trump was ahead by over 300,000 votes.
In Wisconsin Trump was ahead by 120,000 votes.

After we went to bed, in the early morning hours of Wednesday November 4th, the “deep state” went to work in their attempt to steal the election. Around 3:30 am, “magically” out of nowhere, Joe Biden’s Wisconsin tally jumped up almost 200,000 votes without a single vote for President Donald Trump.

Supreme Court rules mail-in ballots will count even if signatures don’t match – Washington Post, October 23, 2020

Registered Democrat (Brian McCaffery) filmed this brief video below from the Philadelphia Convention Center. In his own words, “This is a coup against the President of the USA … There is corruption at the highest level in the city of Philadelphia.”

Reporter Adam Housley is confirming many reports of voter fraud for the deceased:

Donald J. Trump for President Inc. v. Philadelphia County Board of Elections


Kraken lawsuit filed by Powell:

another Amistad Project (nonprofit) lawsuit by serious election lawyers based on evidence and law. The expert analysis of government data showing that the total number of illegal votes counted and legal votes not counted is greater than 200,000 — vastly exceeding the 12,670-vote margin in the presidential election contest.

While Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) did not reveal the nature of the issue with the ballots, he did announce late Saturday that investigators were headed to State Farm Arena in Fulton County to “secure the vote and protect all legal votes.”

Georgia Counties Using Same Software as Michigan Counties Also Encounter ‘Glitch’:


Find updated news on twitter from @mschlapp & @AdamLaxalt

Trump wins big court case – hearing scheduled for December 3rd in which Trump lawyers will show the fraud evidence:

Native Americans being compensated with gift cards and prizes for their vote:

An affidavit from a Nevada whistleblower has claimed that election supervisors Clark County counted mail-in ballots despite personally witnessing disregard of signature verification. This affidavit has been sent to the DOJ

Former Attorney General of #Nevada@AdamLaxalt: No humans verified any machine signature matches in Nevada

Over 600,000 mail-in ballots were cast in Nevada and GOP observers have yet to lay eyes on a single voter roll signature or envelope signature for those ballots.

According to Matt Schlapp, at least 9,000 non-Nevadans voted in Nevada.

Adam Paul Lexalt joined Tucker Carlson on his show to discuss how Nevada’s new election system denies us the right to challenge mail-in ballots or even have meaningful oversight. Watch to learn more about how NV Dems passed this defective system just 90 Days from Election Day.


Find updated news on voter fraud cases on twitter from @Reince & @SeanDuffyWI

More Information

Past criminal convictions (this list is not exhaustive) across the country

Voter fraud operative explains some methods of voter fraud

List of some criminal convictions in general – our politicians are not innocent in just 4 years

A tutorial on mail-in ballot fraud

 “I hope the news media learns from this. It’s been you, carrying a false narrative of these false polls coming from these liberal universities. You and these pollsters have done more to interfere with this election than Russia and China combined.”
Well said my friend.

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