Immune system 98.7% effective in preventing Covid-19, vaccine only 94.5% as advertised

At this point we only have heresay regarding the Moderna vaccine “effectiveness”, i.e. press releases from Moderna. Moderna will not release the actual data from Phase 3 trial until the FDA approves their vaccine. Phase 1 data has been obtained via FOIA.

The pharmaceutical companies, including Moderna, are lying to America and the world, as usual, by telling us that this ‘trial’ included 30,000 people! That is not true. They may have signed up 30,000 people initially, but the final statistic (94.5% effectiveness) is based on ONLY 196 people who developed symptoms.

15,000 people received a placebo, and 15,000 people received the vaccine.

Although we base our entire approach and public health policy on positive PCR tests, they did not test all 30,000 people with PCR. No, they only tested the people who developed symptoms on day 42 and beyond of the study. On day 42 and beyond, 196 people developed symptoms and tested positive for Covid-19 with a PCR test.

Of those 196 people who developed symptoms, 11 were in the vaccine group, and 185 were in the placebo group. The remaining 29,894 people were never tested for Covid-19 because they did not develop symptoms on day 42 until the end of the study period…

Based on this, Moderna says that the vaccine is 94.5% effective COMPARED to the placebo group.

However, if you take the 14,815 people in the placebo group who did not develop symptoms, and weren’t tested for Covid-19, you will see that the immune system of the people in the placebo group is 98.7% effective in preventing Covid-19!

Ask yourself: if “asymptomatic carriers” exist (defined as individuals who don’t have ANY symptoms, but test positive upon a Covid-19 PCR test), why wouldn’t they test everyone in both the placebo and vaccine groups? Why would they only test those who developed symptoms? That goes against the metric we are using in real life. In real life, people who have zero symptoms are tested every day and are included in the “case numbers.”

The PCR test is not designed to detect live infection, or infection of any sort. The inventor (Kerry Mullis) stated many times that the PCR should NEVER be used to diagnose —- it is not at all suited for that purpose and the test is absolutely NOT binary! There is no standard for the number of cycles (Ct) used in each laboratory, and nothing above 25 cycles should even be considered legitimate, yet most laboratories are completing the tests with 40 – 45 cycles! Hell, even Dr. Fauci said on a recent zoom call that any test using more than 35 cycles would yield false positives! :::::THE CORRUPTION OF IT ALL MAKES ME SICK::::

As a side note?, are you aware that the ENDPOINT of both the Moderna and Pfizer ‘trials’ were to prevent only MILD symptoms? Yes. There were no endpoints that anyone actually cares about, such as preventing hospitalizations, or preventing deaths. There was no endpoint of even preventing transmission.


Ok, now onto the most important aspect of any vaccine conversation….risk vs. benefit….also known as SAFETY!

At this point in the vaccine development and testing processes, we can approach the topic of safety from a very interesting angle…why does this vaccine require refrigeration at -70 degrees Celsius?

No drug, vaccine or laboratory sample has ever required refrigeration at that temperature, so why would this vaccine require this unbelievably cold temperature?

To answer that question, you have to ask: what is in this vaccine?

The partial answer: lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) coated with toxic synthetic chemicals called polyehthylene glycol (PEG).

They inject this mRNA vaccine into your muscle tissue. RNA strands coated or protected by these LNPs coated with PEG distribute into your blood, causing massive hyperinflammation. PEG-coated LNPs are adjuvants, and adjuvants provoke inflammation in the body. 100% of Moderna’s human guinea pigs/trial participants in the high dose group had side effects, and 80% of the trial participants had side effects in the low dose group. It is easy to guess why…it is a result of the adjuvant: PEG-coated LNPs.

This structure allows the substance of the vaccine (the mRNA strands) to penetrate cell walls and hijack the mitochondria and other components of the cell, to get the cell to start making and emitting protein sequences that Moderna wants your body to make. In essence, your cells are being mutated to turn your cells/your body into a protein synthesis factory, churning out non-human proteins that your body was never supposed to generate.

How is this achieved? These mRNA strands are designed to invade and take over the ribosomes of your cells, which are responsible for protein sequencing. Cell ribosomes soak up instructions in the form of strands (RNA) and they use those instructions to make protein structures inside the cell. Moderna tells us that these protein structures are then supposed to pass through the cell walls again to exit the cell. However, no one in ‘science’ can explain how this permeability is happening.

5G frequencies causes a phenomenon called electroporosis, also known as permeability. The cell wall is supposed to be a protective barrier to only allow things in and out that are SUPPOSED to come in and out. Your cell is not supposed to allow random non-human mRNA strands in. Our body was designed to prevent the mutation of our DNA.

These mRNA vaccines, which is a completely new technology, hijack our body’s design and safety mechanisms….non-human programming instructions to make non-human proteins. This mutation that is caused by these mRNA vaccines is permanent.

What else in the vaccine might require -70 degree Celsius refrigeration?

Dr. Carrie Medej theorizes that aerogels in these new vaccines are the primary ingredient requiring these extreme temps. To turn certain gases, such as liquid nitrogen, into a liquid, you have to use very low temperatures. When these very frozen liquids are warmed up, the frozen liquid will again turn from a liquid into a gas. So, what is an aerogel? Scientists heavily funded by Bill Gates and his foundation, have been developing nanotechnology for a while now, and that nanotechnology can now be delivered into the body via aerogel. I don’t know what’s in the aerogel, but I’m sure it isn’t anything that I want in my body…

If you take a 5ml vaccine vial out of a -70 degree C freezer, the temperature of the vial contents will increase, just from the heat of your hand, even if you are wearing a glove.

When you plunge a needle into that vaccine vial, and pull out some of the liquid, the temperature of the liquid further increases from the plastic and the air in the syringe. By this time the vaccine liquid is probably 0 degrees C.

When the vaccine liquid is injected into an arm, what is happening? …the nanoparticles that they are trying to protect break down. 90% of the mRNA strands may fracture, and the remaining 10% intact strands invade your cells and do their ‘work’ telling your cells to create non-human proteins. What happens to the shattered mRNA strands, when those enter the cells and your cells start churning out mirrored ‘shattered’ (partial) proteins from those?

Everything I’ve described can cause diseases of all types, including autoimmune and cancer, as well as interfere with hormone receptor sites affecting the reproductive system, things that control your mood, nervous system, as well as things that control insulin and blood sugar, cardiovascular system, and an endless list of other things.

Know what you’re putting inside your body, and appreciate the gift of your design and the power of your body to live and survive in this world without the corrupt drugs and vaccines from convicted felons (pharmaceutical companies). Do not reject God by rejecting the gift and power of your original design.

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