Know the law – these citizens hold their ground & reveal the truth

I will add to this list as I find these stories. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Know that the executive branch leader (including the governor or President) cannot compel YOU or a business to DO anything. The executive can compel ONLY departments/agencies they oversee to create rules/regulations that aid in the enforcement of laws ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. No, an “emergency” doesn’t change this fact. They are tricking you with words and hoping that you’ll buy into it.

California Italian restaurant owner stay open and doesn’t allow masks in his restaurant called Basilico’s.

The owner of Cronie’s Sports Grill, also in LA County, refused to shut down his business and lay off employees, and he has had his permits pulled by the Department of Health that has fined him $1,000 and $1,500 over two days, but is still open.

Most Sheriffs in Southern California Refuse to Enforce Governor Newsom’s New 10 PM Curfew

Huntington Beach, California people protested all night long during the first night of ‘curfew’ decreed by the tyrant governor, Gavin Newsom. Enjoy all of these amazing videos.

Two Sheriffs in Southern California Refuse to Enforce Governor Newsom’s Stay-at-Home Order

Mom and daughter thrown to ground by school district police for refusing to wear masks at school public meeting, stomped on daughter’s finger, hauled mother to cruiser. Mother resisted as she hadn’t broken any law, and therefore they charged her with battery and assault on the officer who were dragging her into the cruiser. They are fighting the case.

In East Grand Forks Jane Moss and her Boardwalk Bar & Grill opened back up in December. Jane is now being sued by Attorney General Keith Ellison, on behalf of Governor Walz’ small business hit squad, the MN Dept of Health. Her liquor license has been revoked, buyer card removed and she currently has a restraining order placed on her business. She’s facing massive fines and even jail time with her defiance. Please have Jane’s back by supporting the Jane Moss Legal Defense Fund 

Larvita is a single mom of four girls and trying to build a business in 2020. That’s Larvita’s story. She runs a gymnastics studio and restaurant in the small town of Lynd, MN. When Governor Walz unilaterally decreed that gyms and restaurants be shut down, she simply REFUSED to obey his illegal order. Larvita went to Facebook and posted a video about her struggles as a small business owner and how she must stay open in order to make ends meet. She publicly defied Governor Walz’ dictate. November 22, the sheriff department called her and threatened to arrest her per the Governor’s Executive Order that states violators could be thrown in jail for 90 days. Then, on Monday and Tuesday she has received multiple threats by Attorney General Keith Ellison who said she could face a year in prison. 

Minnesota representative Erik Mortenson defies the governor. The governor says you cannot gather with anyone who is not from your household, or you will be arrested and held in jail for 90 days. Representative Erik says “nope!”, and invites over 20 friends to his house, including the governor and the attorney general!

Both were sent letters from the MN attorney general. Watch representative Erik Mortenson talk about how his letter said no action would be taken, whereas Larvita’s letter threatened her with a year in jail and $25,000 for each ‘violation’ of the governor’s order.

New Jersey
Atilis Gym owners stay open, regardless of repeated harassment. Warning: the interview includes sexual language – not from the Atilis gym owners, but from the interviewer, whose business includes sexual counseling. NJ governor drained their business $165,000 bank account for staying open, without authority.

New York
Erie County Sheriffs Were Compelled to Abandon Their Attempt to Shutdown Meeting of Business Owners

Three more New York sheriffs say they won’t enforce Cuomo’s Thanksgiving limit


Doctor (and former airforce) and his staff never wore masks, treated 75 Covid-19 patients, now license suspended over his refusal to wear a mask

Rhode Island

A small town in Rhode Island, Burrillville, declared itself a “First Amendment Sanctuary Town” back in June, proclaiming that Governor Gina Raimondo’s executive orders for social distancing and limits on crowd size were unconstitutional, and would not be enforced.


The Campbell County Board of Supervisors declared themselves a “First Amendment Sanctuary” by a unanimous vote on Tuesday night, declaring that they will not be enforcing Governor Northam’s COVID-19 orders. The First Amendment Sanctuary Resolution calls Governor Northam’s executive orders unconstitutional and instructs the sheriff and county employees to refrain from enforcing the orders.

Canada – Toronto
Adamson Barbecue opened in defiance – and they had so many customer that they ran out of food!

Unfortunate abuses of tyrannical government and law enforcement….acting WITHOUT authority

This family was kicked off an airline because their young toddler kept taking off her mask. Unfortunately the family did not win this one :

Mother tased for not wearing a mask while sitting in uncrowded bleachers watching her son’s? football game in Ohio.

France: Accomplished Professor Thrown in Psych Hospital After Questioning Official COVID Narrative

Georgia college student sentenced to 4 months in prison for breaking Cayman Islands’ Covid-19 protocol

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