Ways to get things done, avoiding evil tech companies

As we know from The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, book written with the same name by Harvard professor Shashana Zuboff, and insights from Catherine Fitts, tech companies are mining US to make a profit…everything from our emotions, to our movement. Do you want to exit this serfdom?

Let us not complain about our monarchs, but make them pointless, by building our own networks and ways of doing things.

First, we’ve got to get out of the corrupt operating system trap. There is a new group who is teaching everyone how to install Linux operating system from scratch. Check out their community here.

Discussion: https://t.me/joinchat/VgWTFJodBz7vDtuE

Really good list: https://degoogle.jmoore.dev and https://github.com/KevinColemanInc/awesome-privacy, and https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/email.html, https://www.epik.com/about/labs/

Some selections I’ve looked at thus far:


  • Mailfence. A secure and private email provider much like Protonmail and Tutanota. There are no google analytics nor hidden cookies. There are options to pay anonymously via cryptocurrency. It features a wide array of collaboration tools, such as groups, calendar, contacts, documents with editing space. Offers free, paid, and freemium plans. Can pay with cryptocurrency and has a warrant canary. Thanks @resto1231
  • ProtonMail. They have end-to-end encryption and thus far have not capitulated to any government pressures or demands (that we know of!)


  • Install a VPN on your computers while surfing the internet: if you purchase service from ProtonMail, you can bundle VPN with that.

Web browser that doesn’t track you

  • Brave.com, but leaking dns queries from ipfs. Brave forces KYC on anyone wanting to withdraw tokens (thus defeating one of the main points of crypto) and they block ads from everyone else, then tell site owners to take their own ads! This is not good

Collaborative documents & online “drive” document storage

Social media

  • Gab.com – the only truly independent social media – a wonderful company founded by Andrew Torba — built their own servers, payment processors, hosting, and everything else when they were rejected by Silicon Valley for not capitulating to facist demands. However, you can’t download it to your iphone or Android as Google and Apple have banned Gab from their app stores. MeWe is not truly free and they have already said that they will censor. Parler may be compromised – see below. Gab is very much like Facebook and Twitter combined, and you can create groups, just like we did on Facebook. There are NO ADVERTISEMENTS – users donate, and some buy their “Pro” service. Telegram Messenger is another to consider.

Messaging app (alternative to WhatsApp)

Signal and Threema may be good alternatives. https://protonmail.com/blog/whatsapp-alternatives/?utm_campaign=ww-en-2c-generic-coms_email-monthly_newsletter&utm_source=proton_users&utm_medium=link&utm_content=2021_-_march

Networking groups where you can find people to connect with in your local area

Website hosting & Payment processing


Decentralized methodoloy
Decentralized blockchain technology was first put into practice by a developer who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin in 2009. “The technology uses decentralized consensus to maintain the network, which means it is not centrally controlled by a bank, corporation, or government. In fact, the larger the network grows and becomes increasingly decentralized, the more secure it becomes.”  More and more people are utilizing this decentralized technology as censorship from the tech company oligarchs attempts to choke our freedom.

  • Blockchain decentralized INTERNET
    • Qortal – https://qortal.org – this is the foundation that will facilitate totally private chats, un-takedownable websites, and anything you can really imagine….join now! It gets back to the true spirit of bitcoin. Bitcoin unfortunately has been co-opted by industry, because the system allows whoever owns the most blockchain to be the biggest influencer. Qortal was built with entirely new, open-source code by volunteers, and they have created the system so that anyone can buy as much coin as they want, but they cannot exert the most influence. People who invest time and effort into hosting NODES are the ones who have the most influence. It will be the infrastructure of the internet of the future. For web hosting, the data will not be stored ON the blockchain; rather the nodes will run alongside the blockchain — similar to a DFS or anything else that was P2P (peer to peer). Only the hashes to verify the data will be on the blockchain. Learn more here.
  • and more: keep an eye on Dweb: https://dwebx.org/. There will be a suite of offerings related to Dweb, including social media, payment processing, website hosting, and a search engine!

Cell phone

  • Mudita Pure – no internet and the fact that they don’t support external apps makes using the phone more safe. The MuditaOS gets digitally signed updates to make sure no one can alter it, which is a unique feature for a classic phone. There is no camera and no Internet browser. The microphone and Bluetooth can be switched off.  It can contain 2 sims to facilitate traveling and wire transfers when needed. You can still listen to music and text and call.


The following news outlets are good, but they still are too scared to report the truth about vaccines and other topics. But it is much better than listening to the fake news from FOX, ABC, and CBS, who I thought were competitors before I saw this video, which proves three things to you and anyone else who listens: (1) you need to stop taking “news” seriously, and (2) it’s all orchestrated from a central source; and (3) these Anchormen and women can all read teleprompters. At the same time, in the same tone of voice, with the same inflection. 

  • Epoch Times – they offer a printed delivered newspaper that has nice sections beyond politics
  • OANN

Connect with your local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter, and find a farmer close to you from whom you can start buying food.

Unravel the programming and lies corporations have rammed down our throats for their own gain, and expand your life experience with these ideas

  • Worried about climate change? Stop worrying about carbon, and start worrying about water and trees. “of the heat dynamics on earth, only ~4-10% re regulated by carbon, 70-95% are regulated by water.” – Zach Weiss

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