Can we ‘opt-out’ or legally challenge vaccine required by school or employer?

Short answer: for vaccines with emergency-use approval only (like Covid-19 currently has) –> yes. For vaccines approved for regular use? –> TO BE DETERMINED.

Vaccines weren’t always ‘mandated’ or required for kids to go to school, or for nurses to work in the hospital. But, governments have had a tendency, for hundreds of years now, to try to FORCE intelligent people to inject themselves and their babies, many times against their will. One of these times of force goes back to the 1800s in Britain, which ironically, is exhibiting some of the worst behavior in regards to government dictatorship and tyranny, today during Covid-19. Police entered a U.K. woman’s home to arrest her after she legally walked through a hospital filming, documenting that the hospital was empty and asking ‘where is the ‘second wave’?’.

“In 1898, after forty-five years of enforcing mandatory infant smallpox vaccination, the British parliament passed an act to allow parents to “opt out” of the compulsory system. The 1898 Vaccination Act introduced a conscience clause that entitled parents who objected to the practice of vaccination to claim certificates of conscientious objection by applying to a magistrate for an exemption. This provided working- and lower-middle-class anti-vaccinationists a measure of relief from the repeated fines they had suffered for noncompliance with the law, and from the threat of imprisonment. By the end of 1898, over 200,000 certificates of conscientious objection had been issued. Many of these were granted in anti-vaccination strongholds where exemptions outnumbered vaccinations, but conscientious objection to vaccination was by no means limited to these regions. Once an amended conscience clause was passed in 1907, which made conscientious objector status much easier to attain, the national exemption rate grew to 25 percent of all births. [and this is when there was an illness that was ACTUALLY dangerous in terms of its fatality rate!]

“The vaccination conscience clauses were controversial. As most of the applicants who applied for these exemption certificates came from the working classes, and many were women, these acts generated a national debate over the classed and gendered nature of the conscience and the meanings of conscientious objection. The years between 1898 and 1907 thus mark a significant moment in the making of the modern subject and citizen. For, as the debate over conscientious objection to vaccination reveals, who exactly was entitled to make a claim to possess a conscience, with its concomitant rights, was itself a contested issue.”Class, Gender, and the Conscientious Objector to Vaccination, 1898–1907

It is so INTERESTING that women and mothers, who allegedly are so ‘equal’ today, are still denigrated by others who often identify as “liberal”, “democratic” and “progressive” and even “feminist”, when they don’t vaccinate. As you can see in the excerpt above, back in the 1800s Britain, women were so oppressed that they even questioned whether or not a woman was deserving or intelligent enough to have a conscience. Honestly, mothers who don’t vaccinate today are treated the same way. Seriously. Just think about it for a little while…women have a right to have an abortion and kill their child, but as soon as they don’t vaccinate their child, they are relegated to the ‘ignorant’ and even ‘irrational’ and even ‘crazy’ bin.

Dr. Meryl Nass, who began an excellent blog about anthrax vaccines, and has continued to blog since that time, published a concise timeline explaining how our culture transitioned from personalized care between doctor and patient, to forced medical procedures:

“The deaths of frail elderly after vaccination, and subsequent advice to Norwegian doctors to perform an assessment instead of issuing universal guidance on vaccinations for their patients, has reanimated an old medical concept: fitness for vaccination.

Vaccination used to be an individual decision, made jointly by patient and doctor, that the benefits of a vaccine for that patient exceeded the expected harms. Patients paid small sums to be vaccinated.

Payment systems changed, and the government or insurance companies took over paying for vaccinations. Then the Affordable Care Act in the US waived all copayments, allowing pharmacies and grocery stores to advertise “free” vaccinations while you shop. Pediatricians were given bonuses if they reached assigned target levels of “fully vaccinated” children, which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

Vaccine mandates were brought in, and became tighter over the ensuing years. Children who are not fully vaccinated cannot attend school in certain states, regardless of their religious or philosophical orientation.

Why were vaccine mandates brought in? Because the most powerful lobby in America, (pharma, which spends TWICE as much as oil and gas lobby), spent 45% of it’s multimillion dollar lobby budget at the state level to convince our legislators to do so. Follow the money, especially in California, which is the ‘testing ground’ for forced-by-legislation-vaccines.

To make the mandates work, the concept of “fitness for vaccination” was undermined, then deeply buried. All vaccines became “safe and effective.”

It is a tragedy that deaths and anaphylactic events have occurred following Covid vaccinations. But maybe some good will come of it, by focusing awareness on the fact that vaccines are drugs, whose use is never absolutely risk free. Let us hope that the idea of establishing fitness for vaccination has been permanently disinterred.”

Although Dr. Meryl Nass concludes by saying that she hopes the idea of ‘fitness for vaccination’, which is assessed individually between patient and doctor has been permanently disinterred (brought back to life), I’m afraid it has not yet been. I believe that this is more demonstrative of a cycle from balance and reason to scientific cultism and tyranny and then back to back again, that will continue until we transcend outdated scientific paradigms of the germ theory vs. the terrain reality.

Despite the call in Norway for doctors to ‘establish fitness’ as a means to determine if an individual should be exempt from vaccines, it seems that in remaining majority of the industrialized world, we are still under the science cult spell…

Legally, we already know that no employer or school can mandate a vaccine which has only  emergency authorization approval, but that hasn’t stopped some employers and schools from trying with the Covid-19 vaccine – a few court battles have already been waged and won this past month.

However, whether or not we will be able to maintain our freedom from vaccination AFTER the Covid-19 vaccine gains full approval, is not yet known. The full authorization is when the rubber will hit the road.  

  • Even more alarmingly, I’m seeing things like this published article from The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) in which the authors propose vaccination as a requirement in the workplace, or even as a requirement to receive service! …plane, rail, bus, restaurants, sports, movies, and even government services!  Even if states and federal governments don’t mandate a vaccine, by barring those like me from everything else, people like me would become second-class citizens.  As noted by JAMA authors, “If scientific and logistical challenges can be overcome, linking vaccinations as a condition of providing service could be an effective incentive for vaccination.” 
  • And finally, most alarmingly: according to updated guidance issued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission in December 2020,  employers can require a vaccine, because the administration of a Covid-19 vaccine to a worker by an employer doesn’t fit the definition of a ‘medical examination’
  • Even the New York State Bar Association has jumped in, saying in November 2020 that they recommend that the state make vaccinations mandatory.
  • On January 25th, Reuters reported: United Airlines may make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for employees, and other companies should do the same, United Chief Executive Officer Scott Kirby told workers at a meeting on Thursday, according to a transcript reviewed by Reuters.
  • A United spokeswoman confirmed that the company was “strongly considering” making vaccines compulsory, though it isn’t a policy yet.

I will remain extremely apprehensive until they make such a clarification regarding the vaccine when approved for regular use.

If you or anyone you know is being required by an employer or school to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, email ICAN at They are pleased to offer to support legal action on your behalf to challenge the requirement.  Provide a copy of the written notice from your school or employer stating that the COVID-19 vaccine is required.

You can also contact for information about how to deal with a vaccine that has no exemptions, or visit his website Here is an excerpt from Alan:

  • “Most hospitals create unlawful (overly restrictive) exemption policies. Most employees don’t realize this, so they may fail to request an exemption, believing they don’t qualify when perhaps they do.
  • Many employees don’t want a vaccine but will get one anyway to avoid making waves (fear of losing their job or other retaliation), or to avoid having to wear a face mask, not realizing that the face mask policies are illegal.
  • When professionally confronted, most hospital administrators made some, but not all, policy corrections needed to bring their policies fully into compliance with the law.
  • Hospital administrators know their employees are unlikely to sue them. So, some knowingly keep illegal policies, because they know they can get away with it (and they usually do).
  • Employees can complain to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) for free, if they believe their employer has unlawfully discriminated against them. The EEOC will usually correct common issues such as shooting down an employer’s illegal “clergy support” requirement for a vaccine religious exemption, but they support hospital administrator’s unlawful policies in many other regards—e.g., they endorse blatantly illegal face mask policies; and deny the application of Title VII to students doing clinical work, despite their own attorneys’ publicly stated contrary assertions on the matter.

Employers can lawfully deny a religious exemption request if they can show that doing so would cause them an “undue hardship.” This usually means “will cost a lot of money,” but is not necessarily limited to that. In practice, most hospitals ultimately allow religious exemptions for flu shots, but refuse religious exemptions for other routine vaccines such as TDaP and MMR. In recent years, hospitals have increasingly required childhood vaccines, instead of just flu shots, as a condition of employment.”

If exemptions are already being denied for routine vaccines, do you think employers are going to allow exemptions for Covid-19 vaccines?

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