We need to stand together

20% of renters are unable to currently pay rent as of Dec.  The already estimated $70 billion owed to landlords will never be able to be paid back. By the time this is over, the amount owed will be much, much higher. Homeowners are hanging by a thread with forbearance programs.

They take away our jobs, give us a government solution lifeline, and then some in Congress have the gall to propose that perhaps only those who are vaccinated should receive $1,400 stimulus checks.

I’m not in favor of any stimulus checks…I’m in favor of resuming normal activities where we earn our own living. But, they are shaming or prosecuting anyone who tries to stand up to do so.

Those who are vaccinated were ‘given’ free tickets to the Super Bowl.  Only those who are masked can shop, fly, and get government services in federal buildings.

For a long time everyone was placing all their eggs in one basket – President Trump. Even if he was the most noble man on Earth, it is hard for one man to stand alone. As we have seen, we cannot wait for any one person to save the situation, or save us. We need to unify and change the course of events. We have to stand up, together. But how can we unify?

What will happen to all the homeowners who are not able to pay? They are going to lose their homes. 

In a new executive order, the president promised to “protect” 30% of U.S. land and 30% of U.S. oceans by 2030. In the National Geographic article, they propose pulling various levers to make this happen.

Let us be very mindful. Nothing in this life is free, except God’s abundance in creation and nature. Be very mindful of what they are taking away, and what they are promising. Who are ‘they’? …the people who are currently controlling the currency, the flow of that money, and those who accept large sums of money in government positions. …the people who are controlling our speech (big tech), our “thoughts” (mainstream media and even alternative news such as, yes, OAN or Newsmax), and people who have other routes of influence where they have no business – those like Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates and whomever is handling him.

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