Justice for all?

I want freedom, and safety, and justice for all. However, it appears that justice is being applied wickedly, and in a discriminatory fashion, more and more each day.

First, I’ll share some shocking information related to this question, and at the end of the post, you will find information about how to combat this in your own community.

People who have burned buildings and actually destroyed property and harmed others, are being set free, whereas protestors who entered the Capitol building, with no guns or explosives of any kind, are being held without bail.

During the Senate confirmation of Biden’s attorney general nominee Merrick Garland, Merrick indicated that he believes the protests against the 2020 elections are domestic terrorism, but Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacks on federal courthouses are not domestic terrorism, because, in his words, the latter attacks “happened at night.” Read more here.

200 people have been arrested for “storming the Capitol” during an “armed insurrection,” yet, the only 2 people who are arrested for carrying a gun in violation of D.C.’s strict gun laws, weren’t even at that capitol. House speaker Pelosi and Merrick – the man nominated by Biden to be our new attorney general – repeated the lie that it was an ‘armed insurrection,’ by ‘white supremacists’. There is no evidence for either claim.

Another claim, that a Trump supporter killed a police officer with a fire extinguisher has been retracted by the New York Times. Read on…

“Journalist Julie Kelly examined the arrests of pro-Trump supporters at the Capitol on January 6 and found that none of them were charged with possessing or using a gun inside the Capitol. Further, no one else has been identified as carrying a gun inside the building except law enforcement and security guards. At least 100,000 people attended President Trump’s speech that day, fewer than 1,000 “stormed” the Capitol. Around 200 people were arrested, and only 14 face weapons charges. Those “deadly and dangerous” weapons include two baseball bats, a can of pepper spray, a stun gun walking stick, an axe, a few fire extinguishers (one in question), a helmet, a riot shield, and a collapsible baton. And at no time did this random weaponry pose a lethal threat to lawmakers inside the Capitol. [Furthermore, the violence was perpetrated, not by genuine Trump supporters, but by Antifa types who were bused to the event and who were seen putting on MAGA hats and T-shirts in the parking lot…”

Read the full story here.

In our own communities, it is imperative that we connect with our privatized police force, as well as the sheriff, and ask them to commit to not arresting people for victimless crimes, such as not wearing a mask, not social distancing, not following any other executive orders that don’t apply to people or business over which the governor has no authority to mandate. Visit The Thick Red Line to learn about this program and purchase Thick Red Line materials to give to your police and sheriff.

The shirt pocket size State Sovereignty books are another great tool to use when connecting with your Sheriff in particular. This book explains to the Sheriff that he does not answer to anyone except the people who elect him. He doesn’t answer to the governor, the mayor, or the federal government. This is solidified in the supreme court case Printz vs. U.S.

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