Food supply in America – issues & updates

The Biden administration has launched a technocratic war on America’s food supply and accelerating a global collapse in food production. This is being done by paying farmers NOT to grow food, ordering the Department of Agriculture to pursue a zero-growth policy, and placing restrictions on grocery stores, restaurants, and meatpacking plants. On top of that, the US is reeling from a severe shortage of fertilizer, which will cause crop yields to decrease and prices to rise. The US is completely sold out of food to export and other countries have stopped exporting their surplus to protect their domestic supplies in the face of a looming global famine. Read more here.

Hear the story from a rancher, in response to being asked to kill his cows and chicken and cows, and dumping milk, and plowing vegetables under, for no reason, and what he thinks about Bill Gates saying that industrialized nations should completely transition from real meat to synthetic meat. – minute 57:03.

After watching the interview with Shad the rancher above, you might have more questions about what is going on with our laws regarding meat processing and sales. Even before the Covid-19 response muddled things up…in some areas of the country, farmers are being told that their USDA- or state-inspected slaughterhouse can’t fit them in until 2022 – two years from now!  These farmers must still feed and care for their animals all that time, without getting income from them; many will go out of business simply because they cannot get their animals processed, even while consumers are clamoring for their meat.

There is a solution: the PRIME Act. Read more here. And as Shad says, in addition to the PRIME Act, we must demand that country of origin labeling be applied to the meat industry, as soon as possible. There are a LOT of labelling laws that should be changed. We never got the GMO labelling act passed, and I’m not sure there is hope for this either, but it is good to stay abreast of the challenges which threaten farmers and our food supply.

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