Birthing mothers forcibly separated from newborns due to “Covid-19”

“doctors are making tough decisions to keep babies safe”

“imagine meeting your newborn over video….and we’re not talking about adoption”

“according to the CDC, babies who are to mothers with suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19, should be consider infected themselves, and both should be separated…”

Do you know a mother who has had their baby taken away from them after birth in the hospital?

We previously highlighted ABUSE perpetrated on birthing mothers, as doctors force mothers to wear masks during their birth.

Now we have a new abuse – doctors and hospitals taking newborns away from their mothers, and fathers, for 10+ days, saying that the baby, who just came out of the mother’s BODY needs to be kept away from the mother, if the mother has a positive Covid-19 test, even if the mother has no symptoms.

In the case of the new parent couple interviewed in the video below, there was additional abuse. The hospital administered antibiotics to the infant without the consent of the parents, and potentially, administered other potential medical interventions as well (giving vaccines to baby without the consent of parents has occurred frequently in USA hospitals).

Watch a heartbreaking interview with a couple who recently birthed their first child in this abusive hospital situation:

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