Mothers birthing forced to mask

French women in uproar as they’re forced to wear masks during LABOR leaving them vomiting and unable to breathe – as doctors threaten to leave them to give birth alone if they refuse

Giving birth is THE hardest, most physically demanding job in the world in my opinion. WAKE UP. Women being forced to wear masks are ending up getting C-sections because their bodies can’t cope.

Please spread this message. I am outraged by this, moreso than any other aspect of this tyranny. YOU DON’T STIFLE THE BREATH OF ATHLETES. YOU DON’T COVER THE FACES OF PARENTS UPON BIRTH. The baby needs to imprint the face of their parents.

Many people have questioned why people are allowed to take off their masks at fitness centres but women going through childbirth and still expected to in France. Pictured, one French women waiting to give birth while wearing a face mask

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