Freedom-supporting tech alert

 GabPay, a Paypal alternative. GabPay launched to US customers a few months back and has quickly become the go-to payments platform for thousands of Gabbers. Anyone can sign up to GabPay and send money to any phone number or email address instantly. It’s just like Paypal, only they don’t ban people that the ADL demands.

They recently added the ability for GabPay users to claim an @ username which will be used to link directly to their GabPay tip/donation portal in the coming weeks.  Sign up now

Gab Voice, a free speech video conference and streaming platform, is now in beta testing.

GabPRO members will be the first to know when it goes live and have access to host Gab Voice rooms.

Click here to register for the beta with your Gab account.

Background: – the only truly independent social media – founded by Andrew Torba — built their own servers, payment processors, hosting, and everything else when they were rejected by Silicon Valley for not capitulating to facist demands. However, you can’t download it to your iphone or Android as Google and Apple have banned Gab from their app stores. Gab is very much like Facebook and Twitter combined, and you can create groups, just like we did on Facebook. There are NO ADVERTISEMENTS – users donate, and some buy their “Pro” service. They will be integrating their social media and video platform later this year.

Other tech to take note of:

Familiarize yourself with alternative video streaming platforms, like,, and,

and familiarize yourself with alternative streaming websites like Theta.TV.

And of course, upload things you think will be censored to places like

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